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2023-08-06 16:20:41

Bubble Gum Popcorn _ How to Make Candy Popcorn

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Hey guys , it's James from Fun Foods .

And today we'll show you how to make this bubble gum popcorn .

Why just have regular popcorn when you can have bubble gum popcorn ?

Now , keep watching and I'll show you step by step how to make this .

So I have this fresh popcorn .

I just popped .

The first thing I wanna do is put it onto a baking sheet and spread it out .

So you're gonna need about four cups worth of popcorn that's popped already and just spread it out .

Nice and thin on your baking sheet .

This is a large bacon sheet .

So to hold about four cups worth and I'm just gonna take this and stick it in the oven .

It's only 200 °F .

Um , just to keep them warm until I'm ready for them .

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Now , on a medium pot , you just wanna add two cups of sugar , two tablespoons of butter , half a cup of water and half a cup of late corn syrup .

Then you just want to take this over to the stove and heat it up over medium heat , stir until it comes to a boil .

When it starts to boil , stop stirring and let it boil for another five minutes .

After five minutes turn off the heat and when the boiling reduces , add pink food color , then add 1 g of bubble gum flavoring .

OK ?

Now I'm just gonna pull my popcorn out of the oven where it's been heating up , just staying warm pretty much .

I'm gonna put it into a large bowl which I have right here .

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I'm just going to put it all in there and I'm just gonna put this aside because I'm gonna use it shortly .

So now what I'm gonna do is take my wet ingredients , which is the bubble gum flavoring for the candy .

And I'm gonna pour it over top of all the popcorn and kind of mix it in .

Now , I just mix this in really good so that it , it gets all that popcorn .

OK ?

So I have my uh bacon sheet right here and I have it with wax paper .

And what I'm gonna do is as I'm mixing this and I get the ones that are really covered .

I'm gonna take those and pour it out onto my wax paper real thin layers .

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And I'm gonna do that as I go and you kind of have to work , work quickly here because they harden up really quick when most of the popcorn has been placed on a baking sheet , it's now easy to stir the rest in the bowl .

OK ?

And now you can just pour the rest of it right on out and spread it nice and thin on your baking sheets .

Ok .

So now just take this place it in the oven and you want the oven to be 250 °F .

And you wanna bake it for about five minutes or so , just to harden it up a bit and that's it .

So after I've taken them out of the oven , they've been in there for about eight minutes and now they are nice and hard .

Now while they're still warm , if you want to boil them into clusters , you can do that .

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Um Or if you just want to put them in a bowl or a bag , whatever you wanna do , however you uh wanna serve them , it's up to you .

So I'm gonna put some into this little popcorn bag and I'm gonna use this because they're still a little warm right now .

So you just wanna break them up while they're warm , just scoop them out .

Put them in a little bag now to taste it out and see how good of a job I did .

Mm You can really taste the bubble gum in this .

It , the flavor is packed throughout .

I , I just have one little kernel right there and it tasted so flavorful .

You , you really have to try this .

It's really , really good .

Well , thanks everyone for watching to see how to make this bubble gum popcorn .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

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Be sure to check out some of the videos I have all to the side .

I think you may enjoy those as well .

And if you decide to make this for yourself , please share it with me .

You can share it with me on all my social media , whether it's Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest , wherever all the links are in the description below and tell me in the comments , write and tell me what your favorite flavor is of popcorn .

And until then guys , I will see you next week .


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