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2023-08-09 10:10:45

Vietnamese Chicken Curry Recipe - CÀ RI GÀ _ Helen's Recipes

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Hi , everyone .

It's Helen here today .

I will be making Vietnamese chicken curry or if you've been wondering what makes Vietnamese curry different from high or Indian curry , then keep on watching and I will show you how .

So let's begin here .

I have around 1 kg of chicken chopped into big chunks .

We're gonna marinate the chicken with salt , sugar and chicken stock around a teaspoon edge .

We also need curry powder around one large tablespoon .

I'm using this curry powder from a Vietnamese brand , but you can use others as well .

Also add in about half a teaspoon of ground pepper mix well and let marinate for at least 30 minutes or overnight in the fridge for vegetables .

You will need taro or yum .

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You can buy fresh one or use frozen one like this .

We also need about three stocks of lemon grass , some potatoes and sweet potatoes , ginger garlic and shallot around tablespoon each and one cup of coconut milk .

Prepare a large bowl filled with water and a teaspoon of salt .

Then peel the potatoes and cut into half length white , then cut into by side pieces around one inch thick .

I'm using a wave now to cut so that it looks a little bit nicer .

Then soak them immediately into the salted water to prevent them from turning dark .

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Do the same with potatoes and taro try to cut them into even size so that they can be cooked evenly , then drain really well and use a paper towel to remove all the excess water .

We're gonna deep fry the potatoes and therefore you don't want any water inside , Otherwise it's gonna blast when you put it in the hot oil , then in the sauce pan , add in a lot of vegetable oil and we're gonna deep fry the potatoes and taro .

The reason why we have to deep fry before cooking is that we want the potatoes and taro to stay in their shape rather than break and become mushy in the curry later , we're gonna deep fry on high heat just to get the outside to go brown .

It doesn't matter whether the inside is cooked or not because we're gonna cook them later in the curry together with the chicken .

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Then take out and place on the paper towel to remove the excess oil .

Next , cut up the tip and slightly bruise the lemon grass with a pet .

Then tie them up .

Mince ginger shallot and garlic finely .

Now in your last sauce pan or a walk , add in about one tablespoon of vegetable oil and saute the mince ginger garlic and shallots for about 30 seconds or until fragrant you can add in some chilies for more heat , then add in the chicken and stir .

Well , you want to turn on high heat and see the chicken both sides .

I think it would be better to use a large pen rather than this walk .

Anyway , when the chicken are nicely seared on both sides , you can pour it into a large pot , then add in the bruised lemon grass and coconut milk .

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These are the two items that my Vietnamese curry taste different from other kinds .

For some reason , my coconut milk had thickened into like coconut cream , but that's ok .

Also add in around 4 to 6 cups of water .

You can also use coconut juice or chicken broth to make it even better .

Then bring to a buyer and skim up the form .

Also add in the fried potatoes and taros even though I'm not a fan of deep frying .

But I really recommend you to do that for the potatoes for this dish because that not only help the potatoes to stay in their shape , but also make them taste better .

Now have a taste and decide whether you want to add in more salt and chicken stock for six cups of water .

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Here I added in two more teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of chicken stock then just continue to cook for around 30 more minutes until the chicken is tender and the potatoes are soft and we are done .

So transfer to a soup bowl or soup plate and garnish with some coriander .

You can sell this with rice or a freshly baked bucket .

Mm .

Yummy .

The curry is rich and flavorful .

You can smell the lemongrass ginger garlic , the potatoes and taros are soft and the chicken is tender .

What more to wish for ?

If you're looking for more chicken recipes , you can check out my chicken playlist .

Click on the picture to learn more .

Vietnamese way to cook chicken .

I hope you like them .

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Thank you for watching .

Bye bye .


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