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2023-08-07 14:21:20

Do This & She'll Kiss YOU In Under 5 Minutes

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I don't know , a single woman who doesn't crave some good old sexual tension .

The simple anticipation of something exciting happening is just plain hot .

But how do you create the sexual tension that every woman fantasizes about ?

Well , in today's video , that's exactly what I'm going to show you how to do .

I'm going to tell you the two things needed to take a good conversation or interaction with a woman and escalate it to create a smoking hot sexual tension situation .

So keep watching .

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Once you're done watching this video .

All right , let's get started .

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I can't handle the anticipation before I dive in .

I want to first explain what sexual tension is and why it's so good to women .

You've heard that women love foreplay .

Well , sexual tension is foreplay .

It's when two individuals interact and one or both feels sexual desire , but the consummation is postponed or never happens .

And sexual tension does not have anything to do with the actual act of sex , but it's everything leading up to it .

Honestly , sometimes the sexual tension before the actual sex is way better than the actual sex .

That feeling of a longing and being unsure if the other person wants you back is just simply titillating and incredibly enjoyable .

And the more you can create sexual tension with the women you want the better .

Again , it's ridiculously hot and we women love it .

That's the main thing that you need to know .

So what can you do or say to create this sexual tension that we women love so much .

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It's not like pulling teeth when you're talking to this girl for whatever reason into your look , whatever it is and maybe you're going up to her and you just have a lot of confidence and you've done a lot of warm up approaches and it just feels really good for her .

So you can tell that she's interested and attracted .

What I want you to do is once you can get that well , either way , whether this is happening in two minutes or 20 minutes , once you get that feeling , what I want you to do is I want you to take her to a new location .

Ok .

This psychologically makes it feel like you guys have been talking and hanging out for a longer than you actually have , which deepens the connection and deepens the investment .

So what I want you to do is say to her , hey , let's go over here real quick and sometimes they give you for no reason at all .

But if you need a reason , you can say , hey , let's go outside , let's get some fresh air .

Hey , it's kind of loud over here .

Let's move over here .

Hey , I wanted to go get some water at the bar .

I wanted to get a drink at the bar , come with me .

OK ?

So get her to move with you and isolate her and get her into a situation where just you two and I want you to grab her hand , ok ?

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Well , I just did this great Facebook live recently for my members only group with the unbelievable Caitlin V who gave us all a tutorial on exactly how to excite women and create sexual tension .

And I'm going to tell you everything that she shared .

She said in order to create good sexual tension with a woman , you need two things , you need to provide safety and a little bit of danger all at the same time , even just hearing her say those words gave me this rush because it's exactly what I crave on a daily basis from men .

Yes .

Daily .

I know that hearing these words may leave you confused and thinking , wait , how the heck can I make a woman feel safe and danger all at the same time .

Well , that's what I'm about to tell you .

But first I want to explain what making a woman feel safe in danger all at the same time shows a woman about you .

It shows her the kind of man you are behind the exterior who you would be in the bedroom .

Perhaps .

It also shows a woman you're not just a nice guy she can connect with , but one that can make her feel things she's never felt before .

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Caitlin told me and my group that there is a balance of safety and danger .

You must strike to really cement in a woman's mind that you are a great lover and that cool , great kind of man .

You don't even need to sleep with her to show her this , you can just kiss her the right way and she'll be like , wow , this guy knows what he's doing , what all women need in order to have a great sexual experience , whether it's simply a first kiss or first time sleeping with another or even the 1000 times sleeping with one another is to feel safe .

And this comes down to basic science .

If a woman does not feel safe with you , she will never be able to have an enjoyable experience because her entire nervous system will be in flight or fight mode , which means she can't relax and enjoy her sexual experience and will tie those feelings to you A K A label you as a bad lover or simply say having sex with you is and that's not good .

You don't want that .

So providing safety with a woman is a must but not too much safety .

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So here's the thing , if you have too much safety , it leads to flat , lackluster , boring friend zone like interactions , you have to create a foundation of safety so that the woman feels safe with you .

But then add in the danger to balance it out so that the experience can still be exciting and sexual and fun .

And when I say danger , I don't mean to make a woman feel fearful for her life or that you're gonna hurt her .

Anyway , safety comes first .

You have to first establish safety with the women before exposing her to any danger .

A K A build trust first and you can build safety through your communication .

For example , your words , your tone and your body language .

Caitlin gave a few ways you can build safety with women .

So this is going to help it become more clear to you .

What you have to do .

The first example would be when you're with a girl , hug her and hold her for a good five seconds .

When you do that , your body is bigger than hers most of the time .

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And by wrapping your body around her body , you're actually giving her nervous system a signal that she is safe .

So hold for five seconds or longer .

Another way to provide safety is with your words , with your words , you show her , you are emotionally safe by not judging her .

And yet another way to show her you are safe is with your physicality by not lunging at her or making aggressive moves .

For most guys .

That part is really easy providing the safety because most guys who get labeled as nice are actually nice guys that create safety for women .

And the reason they stay as just nice guys is because they forget the most important piece , they forget to balance out the safe with a little bit of danger .

Now , you may be thinking I'm not a dangerous guy .

I would never want to make a woman feel like they are in danger when they're with me , which I totally get and I want you to stick with that , but I'm not talking about making a woman feel threatened or like her life or body is in danger .


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