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2023-08-07 14:19:52

The Bloom Knot _ How to tie a tie

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Hey , you guys Lynn , we're here and today I am going to show you how to do the Bloom knot .

So stay tuned and thumbs up if you like it .

And if you have not seen my last video , you can do so by clicking the eye in the top right corner here or you can click this photo here as you can see .

It is not a high tutorial .

You should totally check it out and be sure to share it if you like it .

Um Now before we get into this tutorial , there are a few things that you should know when I'm doing the tying portion of the tutorial , the image will be flipped .

So everything is mirrored for you .

You can follow along on the same side that you see it on .

So when I say right , it will be on your right side and vice versa .

The second thing that you should know is when I begin tying this , not for one thing when it's finished , it sits at my belt line and when I begin tying the tip of my blade will still be at my belt line .

So I'm not really doing much adjusting afterward .

Uh If uh you are having issues with that , you may be taller , you may have a larger neck than I am .

So I'm 5 ft seven , I have a 15 inch neck .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if you are somehow larger , you may actually need a longer tie to do these more intricate tie knots .

And if you do be sure to check the description box for links , I'll put an website down there .

I don't earn any money from them in any capacity , but they make some beautiful ties and they also make them in custom links .

Uh And I just think that they're fantastic .

It's the corbin collection dot com .

If you've been an avid watcher , you've seen them before .

Uh The third thing that you should know is this content I am not charging for .

I don't charge you anything for , it's completely free .

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I can be able to earn through youtube through ads sense with the ads that you see on there .

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And it helps me to offset the cost of some of the things like this lovely new camera that I'm filming on .

So you can have better quality .

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I greatly appreciate it more than you know , and it will help me to better produce better content for you each and every time .

So , thank you guys so much .

We're just gonna jump right into this tutorial in 32 and one .

Let's get it .

All right , you guys .

So I have my blade which is a large and on my right side and I have my tail on the left side .

Now , for those of you who are wondering , the tie is actually made by Stephen Land , it's a very old tie though .

So you probably won't be able to find this exact one and my shirt is actually made by Express .

I get a lot of questions like that .

Um So I'm actually going to start off with the tip of my blade sitting right at my belt line as I showed you before , I'm going to pinch off creating my power crease and pull it to the center from here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm just crossing the tail over the blade like so wrapping up and through the middle just like this and then I'm going to fold this tail in half .

And I'm going to bring it directly back to the left side over here from there .

I'll reach underneath my blade .

I'm gonna pull that tail all the way under and , and we're going to let me slide all the way down to the end .

I prefer to slide through the end with the tail at the very tip already folded .

It just helps me out .

So I'm gonna slide under this loop and just feed through there tucked down .

So basically what that does is it makes so I can make a fluid motion there and I can still easily manage what's going on .

So from here , I can just go ahead and ensure that it's still folded .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And as I pull , it just goes right into place like some , OK ?

So as you guys will see , this is essentially going to be like a Trinity knot .

So now that it's passed around and through there , I'm actually going to keep it folded .

So it all the way down to the end and place the tip just underneath this loop on the right side .

We're gonna go ahead and do that and I'm just gonna feed it up this time .

Keeping it folded down here is gonna slowly pull right on through here just like that .

Ok ?

Which by the way , if you like these tie knots , please don't forget to subscribe .

And uh that way you'll be able to be updated anytime I post new content right now .

From here , I'm actually just going to snug everything up just a little bit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't wanna get it super tight , but I do want to make sure I have enough room left as I'm finishing .

So from here , I'm going to actually bring this to the opposite side here .

We , we're coming back to the left and I'm going to essentially repeat the same steps .

So I'm coming underneath the blade wrapping around through the back folding and we're going to insert right on underneath that top loop , push that baby down and we'll just get up a little bit just like some right now , I've got detail of this and you can see there's not much left and this is why I was telling you earlier , if you're a taller gentleman , you might want to start investing in longer ties if you plan on doing intricate knots on a regular basis , because it's gonna make a huge difference in how your knots turn out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And uh the Corman collection , it's not just do the bland ugly ties that you see on a lot of the long tie websites .

So I'm actually gonna go ahead and feed through here and we're gonna come up under this loop like , so we're just gonna tighten up just a little bit .

I don't want it to be too , too snug .

Now , a lot of people would just want to leave this loose and it's kind of tacky it will come a loose on you if you do so see this loop right here .

This is a great place .

Let me just kind of pull it out just a little bit .

It's a great place to take the tail in and tuck it up through .

What it's going to do is add an extra bit of security .

I'm gonna tuck up through there and pull it up this way and it helps to ensure that these babies uh on the outside are not sliding in and kind of covering the inner uh trinity type shape of this bloom knot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So here I'm just gonna pull my collar right on down , make sure we're positioned in the middle and yes , we are .

So , of course , as always , let me know what you think in the comment section below .

Thank you guys so much for watching and let me know what other type of content you may like to see down there .

Also uh question of the day , what is your favorite favorite tie knot ?

And it , what is your least favorite tie knot ?

Because I know I've come out with some , some dos either and so have some others .

So I'm interested to know your comments in the comment section below because I love to interact with you guys .

Of course , till next time you guys take care and God bless your fancy now .

Bye bye .

I had to like specially make that bed just so that way it would not look a hot mess back there .

And as you guys can see , I suck at making beds like I do not make beds .

I was raised in a military family .

It is my way of rebellion .

So you're welcome for not having a super sloppy background .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's because I love you guys .

Bye .


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