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2023-08-08 06:55:25

Crispy Fried Onions - Biryani Fry Onion Recipe - Birista _ CookingShooking

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Food is welcome to cooking , cooking .

Today , we are going to make a very quick and easy recipe .

Not a recipe that you would enjoy eating as it is , but a perfect add-on to any , any gravy or any biryani .

Today , we are going to make perfect fried onions .

It is basically known as barista .

So let's begin , the only two ingredients that you need is onion and oil .

So let's begin .

The first step for making barista or fried onions is to slice the onions .

Here , I'm using red onions .

I will slice it and then separate them .

Please try to slice the onions in one size only .

You can also use a machine if you want to .

I like to cut onions by hand .

I know that sounds crazy .

But totally , yes .

Today I'm making barista using one kg onion .

After slicing the onions here , you can see how I'm separating them .

Looks good .

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I have prepared one kg onions and now it's time to make the barista to make the barista here .

I have a pan in this pan .

I'm going to add the onions along with the onions .

I'm going to add oil here .

I'm using about 100 ml of oil .

I like to use 10% of the original quantity .

What I mean is here , I'm using one kg onions and 100 ml .

Oil making is very easy guys .

Just that it takes a lot of time .

So you can just make it any day while making lunch or dinner .

Here .

I'm placing it in high heat and then we will give it a good mix to ensure all the onion pieces are well coated with oil .

After that , we will cover this pan and cook it for about 10 minutes .

What this step will do is it will ensure the onions get cooked very fast without a lid .

It will take much longer .

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Please make sure you come back to the spot every two or three minutes to give it a stir .

Otherwise your onions will get brown from the bottom and raw from top .

This is the most difficult step of the recipe .

What I'm talking about is stirring the pot every now and then .

Here you can see the onions have started leaving a lot of moisture .

It's been about 10 minutes or so .

Only right now the flame is high itself .

We will let it stay as it is and cook the onions until they start clamping .

What I mean is they will start gathering together .

Here .

You can see the onions have started gathering together and the color is also slightly brown .

Now , we will lower the flame a little bit and then keep stirring it to ensure they separate .

The onions are mostly cooked .

Now it's time to brown them .

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Here , you can see some onions are already golden and some are not .

This is why we have kept the flame low so that all the onion pieces get golden together .

This is the step where magic happens after about five minutes of continuously stirring it .

Here , you can see the onions have started separating and most of the onion pieces are also golden .

Now , our barista is almost ready .

Why I'm saying almost ready ?

That is because the barista will also cook after we take it out of the gas .

That's right .

All the onion pieces are golden .

Now we will take them out .

So turn off the heat , take a slotted spoon and then strain the onion .

Here , you can see how I'm using a second spoon to press it down , which will ensure all that excess oil is out from the onions .

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Similarly , I will take out all the onions after taking out all the onions in a lot of kitchen towel , we will separate them using a fork .

This step is also very important .

If you don't separate them , then they will be as it is and it will be very difficult to use them .

So separate them using a fork .

And after that , let them stay as it is for at least one hour .

What will happen in that one hour , the excess oil will drain out and they will get very crunchy and crispy and of course they will get cooked as well with the remaining heat in the onions .

That's what I'm talking about .

So after one hour , the barista is ready .

Doesn't that look great ?

A perfect addition to your comas Biryani and your imaginations .

Also , please do not throw away the oil that we cook .

The onions in .

It is very flavorful .

You can use it in Biryani and K I do it as well .

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I add it to the boiling water of rice .

When I'm making Biryani , our barista is ready .

You can make it with five kg , 10 kg , 15 kg , 20 kg and keep it in your freezer .

This will last easily for a year if you would like to see more recipes using barista .

Do let me know .

Thank you so much for watching this video .

I hope to see you in my next video until next time .

Make sure to click the subscribe button and ring the bell icon beside it so that your phone rings every time I upload a new video .

Bye .

Take care .


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