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2023-08-08 07:13:30

How To Clean Suede New Balance Joe Freshgoods With Reshoevn8r

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How's it going on youtube mystery Shoven back with another cleaning episode for Shoe Care Academy .

Today we will be cleaning this pair of New Balance , Joe Fresh Goods .

I recently learned about Joe Fresh from our videographer Fran in Chicago .

Joe Fresh Goods is the creative director and designer from the west side of Chicago .

New balance are on the come up .

If you guys are rocking new balance , if you like new balance , let me know what your favorite new balance is below in the comments section .

If you haven't subscribed to our channel , please subscribe .

Now we got new videos every Monday and Thursday and working on some new stuff for you as well .

So without further ado , let's get started .

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The products we'll be using today are gonna be our essential kit .

Don't mind that our , our essential kit that comes with three brushes , four ounce bottle cleaning solution and a towel and our dry suede kit .

So our dry sued kit comes with the suede brush and the sued eraser that's going to be good for the leather trim and the suede trim on these shoes .

I've never cleaned these before .

Sometimes new balances can be challenging to clean .

So really , we're just going to go for it and see what happens and you guys will see just like us how well these clean up for before and after purposes , we will take this shoe , set it aside .

I'll be cleaning the right shoe today .

So the first thing I'm gonna do is take these laces out .

I'm just gonna set these aside right here .

Let me know in the comment section below .

If you actually own a pair of new balance .

If you've ever even worn a pair , new balance are very , very comfortable .

Typically .

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Um I highly recommend at least owning one or two pairs of new balance if you're into sneakers .

So really what we're going to do now is we're going to take the shoe tree , adjust the size .

I think Fran in an 11 and 11.5 , 11 , 11.5 .

So we'll just put it right there , put this into the shoe .

Now , we can apply pressure on the toe box for a better cleaning .

Now , let's get into it .

First thing we're going to do is probably brush off some of this excess dirt .

Fran likes to explore abandoned buildings .

So maybe we'll pop some of that in the video .

Shout out his youtube channel for him .

So the brush that I'm gonna be using to knock off some of this excess dirt is the medium bristle and we're just gonna go ahead and see if we can get this dirt off .

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So I don't create a muddy muss , a a tty muss , a muddy mess , red leather , yellow leather , say that 10 times fast red leather , yellow leather , I needed to do that before because we don't wanna make messy muddies .

Ok .

After brushing the dirt off of these , what I'm going to attempt to do is do kind of a strategic clean on these .

I'm going to attempt to just clean the suede with the sued eraser .

I'm going to try to not get the suede wet only because different suedes just reacts different to water .

So I'm not sure because I've never cleaned this .

If it's going to ruin the suede material or if it's going to be fine .

So I'm going to attempt to clean it with just this first and then use the brush to clean the mid soles and then some of this mesh netting .

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If it doesn't work , then I'm just going to go back to the drawing board and I'll just clean the entire shoe with our brushes and solutions .

So first step in this process , let's try the eraser , see if this works and then we'll move on to the next .

Ok .

So after going over this shoe with the sued eraser , I actually asked Johnny Bubbles to go to Mini Worlds um our sneaker store here just to grab a new pair of these so we could compare .

So he went grabbed it .

I realized that the color is just so off because they're so dirty , they're way more dirty than I thought they were that .

You see , this is just a totally different color in general .

This is a much more vibrant brown .

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This is more of a peach color and this is just super dirty .

So I am just going to go for it .

I'm just going to use the cleaning solution and brushes to get that dirt from out behind this material and then we'll see how it goes from there .

So we'll hold on to this .

We can compare the clean version to the new one as well when we're done .

So I'll set this aside .

All right , we're gonna start the cleaning process with our solution and water .

We have our drying rack with bowl combo suggests you go pick one of those up .

It's a great way to store your products and your brushes so they don't get damaged or anything .

And then you have a bowl that's always handy .

A couple of squirts .

It's new .

Ok .

Good to go there .

So now I've already committed .

I have to clean the entire shoe evenly .

You definitely , any time you're cleaning , suede , want to clean the entire shoe evenly , so you don't leave water marks .

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So I just finished cleaning the entire shoe with the soft bristle brush .

It looks pretty good , but I'm gonna move on to the medium bristle brush .

Now I'm gonna clean the mid soles and I'm gonna hit some of this toe box that still have some dark staining on the suede again until they dry .

We won't know exactly how they're gonna look , but I'm hopeful that these things are gonna look great .

So without further ado , let's go to the next step .

So I just finished with the medium brush , cleaning the unders soes in the mid sole .

I'm going to go ahead and move on to the stiff bristle brush while this water is dirty , do the same thing , then I'll get new water and we'll be good to go .

So we clean the mid soles and unders .

So with the stiff bristle brush , I'm going to go ahead and go back over the uppers .

But before I do that , I need new water .

So let's get some new water .

Here we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , going to go ahead and use the medium bristle brush again .

But this time I'm going to go over the suede just more gently with this one and really on the spots that I see a lot of dirt .

These shoes were way dirtier than I originally thought after looking at the new ones suede .

Unfortunately , you just never know how it's going to react with water and the cleaning solution .

New balance typically though uses good materials in their , in their products .

So I'm hopeful that these will turn out great .

Ok .

Now we're just gonna pat it dry just to look at the shoe again to see if there's anything else that I need to touch up before putting it on the dryer , letting it dry it completely .

I do see that this color looks pretty good but the toe , the actual toe is still dark , so I'm not sure how that's gonna look , but we'll find out the final step is going to be cleaning these laces .

I did clean the entire upper .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I cleaned the entire shoe .

We're going to go ahead and let these dry right after I clean these laces and then we'll show you the results in a few minutes .

How's it going ?

Guys ?

We're back .

These are dry , they're clean .

They look awesome .

I'm actually really , really , really happy with how they turned out one thing to note though , I did use our new Mink oil that would be coming out soon after cleaning these with the solution and the brush this material here .

This section got pretty light .

So we had to kind of re re set the nap and then bring some color back with the mink oil .

But overall , they look really good .

Let me show you these here .

Um Also if you want to buy these shoes , we are going to sell them in many worlds where you can click the link below .

We're going to sell them at a discount since they are used and they have been clean for a video .

So first come first serve there , but check it out .

Overall , they look really good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um , the material is slightly different on some here .

It's not quite as buttery as it was .

Um , I might be able to do some dry brushing and get that a little bit better , but overall they look really , really awesome .

I was concerned at first , but that's really gonna be it .

Make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel .

We have new videos coming out every week , at least twice a week .

We're gonna have more , more coming for you .

Make sure you check out Big Almighty and Johnny Bubbles Peace .


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