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2023-08-07 14:45:58

Chicken Curry Recipe Video – Murgi Ka Korma_Salan – Easy and Quick Hyderabadi Royal Recipe (English)

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Hello , welcome back to Hyderabad Wala dot com .

Yes , are here and today I'm going to show you how to make famous feather by the moa or chicken curry from Maa Yasmin's recipes .

Ok .

Let's get started .

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The ingredients required to make this moa homa are chicken medium size pieces , one kg curd , 1.5 cup , sliced dry coconut , one cup , peanuts , one cup chopped onion , medium size three ginger garlic paste , 1.5 savings spoonful salt , two teaspoonful red chili powder , four teaspoonful turmeric powder , one teaspoonful spices , one teaspoon full chopped coriander , one bunch mint leaves , one bunch green chilies , five cooking oil , four tablespoonful in a frying pan , add slices of dry coconut and roast till they turn brown .

Now at peanuts and roast , add 1/4 teaspoon of oil and so two chopped onions .

Please note that we are taking only two chopped onions for saucing .

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Now we are ready with roasted coconut , peanuts and salted onions , mix them and grind into a very fine paste .

Now in a cooking sauce , pan add oil and when it is hot , add one chopped onion which we kept aside for cooking this curry stir till it turns brown .

Now add ginger garlic paste when it turns brown .

Let me tell you that ginger garlic paste should be cooked well to avoid the raw smell .

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Now , a turmeric powder and salt and then add the masala paste of coconut peanuts and onions .

Masala and the curd are the main ingredients required in this Murga homa .

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We need to keep stirring as this past has the tendency to stick to the container or getting burned if left , even for five minutes , a good close the lid and then keep stirring until it gets dry .

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Now , we are going to add red chili powder and straw Bell .

We did not add red chili powder initially to preserve its freshness , add chicken and mixed thoroughly .

This is eaten and cooked along with and served at small get togethers .

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This is one of the royal dishes of Habad .

Now , after mixing the chicken , close the lid , let it cook for 10 to 15 minutes but do not forget to keep stirring in between .

Let it cook till it leaves the oil .

You can see it is leaving the oil .

Let's clean this masala by spreading the water .

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We will add five cups of water , mix it well and now add mint leaves .

I said previously require one bunch coriander chopped again , one munch , add whole green chilies .

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It will make the curry spicy , add spices to give aroma , makes them well , close the lid and let it cook in high flame for 10 minutes and then simmer for 20 minutes .

This is ready now .

Take out and serve .

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