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2023-08-06 15:53:01

How to Make Liege Waffles

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Today on the stay at home chef , I'm showing you how to make homemade lige waffles .

If you haven't already tried a lige waffle , then you are in for a treat .

This is a must make a le waffle is a risen dough that has little things of pearl sugar in it which melt in the waffle and create a caramelized crust .

And let me tell you they are delicious to start .

You'll need two cups of all purpose flour and I'm going to make mine in a stand mixer .

But you can also do this by hand or with a hand mixer .

You'll also need 1.5 tablespoons of brown sugar , two teaspoons of instant or active dry yeast , half a teaspoon of salt .

And then I'm just gonna give this a quick stir to combine .

And then while it's mixing , you'll want to slowly pour in one third of a cup of lukewarm water to get that yeast activated .

Then you'll add in three eggs and one teaspoon of vanilla extract .

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Next , you'll need one cup of melted butter and you'll just wanna slowly pour that in to mix it in with your dough .

You should end up with a super wet and sticky dough .

Then we'll slide the dough into an ungreased bowl .

No need to add any more grease to this .

And we'll cover it with a towel and let it rise for 90 minutes .

After 90 minutes of rising , it'll be time to add in our pearl sugar .

Now , I found mine in my regular grocery store but you can also find it in specialty baking stores or just order it online super easy .

So we'll remove the towel , add in one cup of Belgian pearl sugar and then you'll just gently stir this into your thick batter .

Once that's pretty evenly mixed in , we'll let it rise for another 15 minutes .

During this last rise .

You'll want to get a Belgian waffle iron preheating .

You can use round or square , just make sure it's Belgian style .

So it's a nice thick waffle .

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Either brush your waffle iron with butter or spray it with nonstick cooking spray .

Then I'll grab a third cup measuring cup and scoop out some of the batter and then plop it into the center of our waffle iron and get it .

Cooking .

Lige waffles are meant to be smaller .

They're so rich .

So you don't want to try and fill up the entire waffle iron .

After a few minutes , it'll be golden brown on both sides .

Then just use a fork to remove it from the waffle iron and transfer it to a plate .

Then scoop in more batter and keep on cooking until you've used up all of your batter .

You can see some of the pearl sugar melts in the waffle iron and it creates this caramelized crust to it .

That's just so good .

These shiny parts are the best you should end up with between seven and eight waffles .

Just take a look at this beautiful stack of lige waffles .

They are so good .

You can eat them plain .

You can serve them up with strawberries and cream .

I like to put a little nutella on there .

Maybe some cookie butter .

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Anyway , you float it .

This is gonna be good .

Thanks for watching .

You can find the full written recipe in the video description .

Be sure to subscribe , like and follow and check out the rest of my videos where you can find hundreds of restaurant quality recipes you can easily make at home .

See you later .


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