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2023-08-08 07:09:32

How to clean the white AF1 with just soap and washing machine (no name brands)

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Welcome back to another new video .

Um , I hope you guys are doing good today .

And , um , what's it called today ?

We have some trashed air forces .

Well , not trash but I mean , they're not looking too good .

Uh , I slept in my while I was playing soccer but I mean , uh , on the , on this side it's kind of like , I don't know , it looks worse in person .

I'm gonna tell you that and then like inside these crevices we got a lot to do .

Uh , so let's get started .

So here we go .

Uh , now the inside because the inside is really nasty .

So let's check out everything that's inside .

Oh , my goodness .

Ok .

So there's still more hold up .

Ok .

Chain cheez .

This thing is pretty long .

Ok .

We got , uh , we got batteries .

Ok .

You know , are they max ?

They're maxes ?

That's cool .

They're not air maxes .

But I mean , what , let's do it again .

We have , oh , we got a rock .

Ok .

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That was loud .

Um , let's see .

Uh , I think that's it besides we have this thing .

So these things , uh , they make it pretty much unreachable even though they don't really work .

They got a lot of creases on them and it starts getting right here .

But um , yeah , now we gotta wash it off .

So let's get started on that .

Ok .

Uh Now that the laces are off , um what's it called ?

Uh let's start shaking out the inside .

Ok .

So we have these uh three brushes that we're gonna use .

Uh one's a toothbrush , one's a uh Bristol like uh and then one's like a soft brush that's for like cleaning the dirt off or like just extra little detail .

So uh we're gonna skip uh with using the toothbrush first .

So um the power editing , I'm gonna be honest , that didn't really do anything like it probably got it right here but , but like right here it didn't do nothing right here .

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Nothing right there .

Nothing at all .

I'm telling you this thing looks so much watching camera like I see maybe like a 5% like increase other .

Other than that , we're gonna have to uh start with the soap .

And the reason why you wanna start with soap and not water is because water when it , when it's wet , what is it called ?

It starts seeping in and then it gets into like the cloth and why you wanna start using soap with this thing first uh is that you , is that it doesn't seep in and it starts making like starts turning yellow like that .

Oh And we're gonna take out the insult because like ew , that's nasty .

But um , yeah , I , I'm not gonna make this video long .

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We're just gonna jump from before and I think when you are cleaning these , I suggest you get like a nail or something in there just because like dirt really falls in there and you gotta do these things individually because with the brush you could get it , but then it's gonna like start turning into mud and it's gonna get messier like from here and it there , you know .

So just get , try to get all as much dirt , dry dirt out first before you start like using water for the bottom .

But uh mm I can't do no editing right now .

So uh yeah , here we go .

OK .

So are you basically gonna need just to clean air force with mud and everything like um all you need , this is just water , plain , water , plain and simple and this , so that's like all legit I'm using and I'm gonna show you how easy it is .

You need brushes and all that stuff .

That's it .

I only use two brushes just the basic stuff .

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But anyways , that's all you'll need to watch .

I'm gonna show you uh let's get started already looking whiter like just look at them .

OK ?

And now we're gonna get to this .

Here we go and just like that .

I'm telling you just with the toothbrush too like just basically I haven't even used it , not wet or anything .

Look at this and um , the only reason why you would wanna use this is like for these things , these mud or dirt piles , like , so that way it just gets them right out and , um , we're gonna just do it before and , uh , you know what ?

And that look at that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm telling you , look just with , just with the toothpaste .

And I'm telling you these are the same shoes , these are the same shoes I didn't buy any .

Just get them a little look at it .

It's the same shoe and um oh I got all the mud out just with the toothbrush .

This brush you don't need to buy brands .

You don't need to buy brands like at the mall .

Dude .

They be , they be ripping off people .

I'm telling you dude , you don't need to buy brands especially for leather shoes and the reason why is because leather yeah could fade .

Yeah , I could do all that but they can't fix that .

The only thing that can fix this is the iron and a red rag and with this they can't even fix this yellow .

No matter how hard you try to look , you might not be able to see it , but this thing is like tiny yellow and the only way to fix that is like with salon care or something like that .

And um do you , you wanna use this brush for the what is it ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The and then I use the toothbrush on the leather because it's out there and it's not gonna tear it up or anything , even this thing , it's much wider , much wider .

And then I clean the tongue and yeah , just like that .

And now before and after with this one , OK , before .

Mm OK .

I like it , it says , OK , that's what the tag looks like .

See it came before , hey , uh , you know what , before and after .

Look at that , look at that same shoe too .

Look at that same show and everything do you think ?

And then right here , this is all muddy and stuff .

I'm telling you just re look at that , all that , all that and um what I did use is a rag .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So like what you wanna do whenever you clean one of these , you wanna use a rag because then the mud like seeps in and you can start seeping down and dripping down and it creates lines .

So you wanna absorb that quickly and then um all this tray , you can burn it out .

But first up uh like all this part right here like it's all brown and everything .

I wanna get that back to its white shades .

So what you wanna do is you wanna take it to your shoes , put like stuffing in them .

So that way they don't crease even more or anywhere else .

And um what's it called ?

You wash them with white clothes that you can bleach and that bleach is gonna get right into these threads .

No , cleaning .

So , uh , before .

Ok , so what you wanna do is you wanna put the shoes in the net and tie up the net with the rubber band and then put them in the washer and I'll show you this up here now .

Ok .

So you wanna take your white clothes , all of that , all this here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

See you wanna take all the white clothes that you can bleach , throw them right in there and then put them on bright weights and then make sure it's hot .

So that way it steams all that dirt out of there .

Uh put all of that in , you know , and then yeah , you'll be on your way .

Just got them out of the washer .

I'm telling you washing them with white clothes like it doesn't remove it .

But I'm telling you , it goes back to like a normal white .

And I'm telling you the way , the way they , they clean this yellow , I'm telling you , it looks yellow .

Um You wanna use Salon Care 40 which I don't have at the moment .

But with um , well , washing these shoes , I'm telling you , you'll get way better results like these , the stitching .

I'm telling you , it goes back , it can , it can clean it up for sure because like it bleaches the stitching and when you use hot water , it's gonna steam it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And why I don't suggest using hot water for a little is because like then it like flaps itself .

So uh we put these little , uh , um , you just throw them in there , see that like that and then just like that we , uh , we're done , I'm gonna show you be , actually , I can't show you before because I , I just cleaned both of them .

So , um , yeah , I'll show you the finished product .

Hope you guys enjoyed today's video .

Um , you , the reason why I did air forces because like they're basic shoot , not , not that they're like they are basic but I mean , everybody's got them .

You like , you won't , you can't go outside and not see a pair of air forces in one day , you know .

But um yeah , I mean , like go buy some air forces , like , because they're like real , they last , I'm telling you they last as long as you don't skate , like just tear them or wear them now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But um hope you guys enjoyed take care a new video probably in about two days .

Peace up .


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