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2023-08-07 14:21:47

Kiss Express Color _ How to apply Color On Your Hair (Semi Permanent Hair Color)

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Hi , I am Celebrity hair stylist , Janelle Seeley Smith , and today I'm working with Kiss Express colors .

Today .

I wanna show you a few quick steps on how to color your client's hair , vibrant hair .

First .

You should part the hair section it off .

What I'm gonna do is part her into three sections .

Now , I'm gonna apply a little bit of conditioner on the scalp .

You could also use petroleum jelly or any base product that will be able to block the color from entering her scalp .

Next , I'm gonna apply my gloves today .

I'm gonna be using nutmeg from Kiss Express colors , applying color , using your tinting bowl and your tinting brush will help you to apply the color evenly .

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Now that I've applied the nutmeg , I'm going to take a large tooth comb and I'm just gonna comb through this section .

You can start from the ends and work up to the root .

Now , remember I told you about these eggs .

What you gonna need to accomplish ?

This part is one sheet of Foil Council .

You're gonna apply the ends there .

I'm gonna be using red hot from Kiss Express colors .

You can use your brush .

Oh do you see how vibrant these colors are ?

Now that it's applied , you can fold up like this and let it hang for a second .

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Now , the process that I did right here on the right side , you can go ahead and apply to the back section and then afterwards you could take this whole one , split it into two and do the same application until you're completely done .

Place the plastic cap and let it sit for about 25 30 minutes .


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