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2023-08-08 07:07:32

Surgical Knot Tying - One-handed, Righty

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Hey guys , doctor here today , I'm gonna be teaching you how to tie the one handed surgical knot with your right hand .

The reason I like this tie is because it's fast .

Uh It's easier to tie with an instrument or needle still attached to your thread and it makes you look good in the or so let's get started .

Um As always , we have the incision oriented away from us and the needle attached to our purple thread , we're gonna grab our needle with the needle driver and throw a stitch from right to left .

So we've got the needle and probably an instrument attached to the purple string .

I like to call this the post .

Essentially , you're going to hold on tight and not really do too much with your left hand , maybe some positioning , but that's about it .

So let's start tying some nuts to start .

I like to have the thread um dripping across my palm .

In this first move .

I call the karate chop .

You're gonna pinch the string between your thumb and your pointer finger .

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Open your hand in karate chop the string , dripping it over your three fingers .

You're gonna take the post and drip it over in the opposite direction .

With your middle finger , you're gonna go over the purple under the white and extend .

You can see that you form a cross with your middle finger and your ring finger .

You're gonna pinch the white string and pull it through the loop you created .

And you can see that we've tied an overhand knot , pull tight .

First knot's done .

The second one starts the same way and essentially securing the string with your lower three fingers .

You're gonna extend your pointer finger and with your thumb to help position it , you can see that we form the shape of a claw .

I like to call this move the claw .

You're gonna take your post and wrap it over your pointer finger in the opposite direction .

Now the next move is the exact same as before .

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But this time with your pointer finger , you're gonna go over the purple under the white again , using your thumb to help position it and extend .

Now , we only have one finger so we can't grab the string .

Instead , we're gonna rotate it backwards through this loop and pull our free end through .

We pull a tape , we've got our first square knot .

So to tie a square knot with the one handed technique first , you do a karate chop , then you do a claw .

You get a square knot , let's tie a second square knot .

And this time around we're going to pay attention to which direction we're pulling the strings .

So with our post secured , we're gonna karate chop the string , drape it over , go over under , pinch it and pull it through .

Now , the direction to pull , this depends on the orientation of the string .

When we do the karate chop , you can see that the free end already is pointing away from us .

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So with the karate chop , we pull the free end in the direction it already wants to go .

We pull it away from us .

Let's tie the second knot .

Start with the claw , drape it over , go over under and rotate it through .

Now with the claw , its free end is already pointing towards us .

So we pull the free end towards us and we do that .

You can see again that we've got another square knot .

Let's do one more knot .

Um With the one handed technique , this is a little more difficult than the two handed .

So repetition is key .

Just keep practicing this .

So the first knot again , the karate chop , let me drape it over , over under and pull it through and to tighten it , we pull the free end away from us .

The claw over under , rotate it through .

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We pull the free end towards us .

It gives us our third square knot .

So we're gonna tie a few more knots .

And uh while we're doing this , I'm going to share our camel fun fact of the day you can see I brought my friend here .

My favorite pair of lacrosse shorts .

Um , contrary to popular belief , the Camel's hump is not made of water , but it is made of 100% fat .

And in the Middle East it's actually a delicacy .

Sounds pretty tasty .

Uh , maybe not for me .

Camels are like my favorite animal .

So , you know , I can't really eat them , but there you go .

Camel .

Fun fact for the day and , or fourth square knot we got some time .

So let's tie one more karate chop over , under , pulled away from you , the clock over , under , pull it towards you .

So there you go .

That is the one handed tie with your right hand .

Again , repetition is key .

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So feel free to watch this video as many times as you'd like and keep practicing this .

Eventually you're gonna get it .

Um The cool thing with the one handed technique is that it's , it allows for an easy way to tie a sliding knot , which I think is one of the more useful knots you can use in the or um check out my other videos for uh for the sliding knot technique .

Thanks for tuning in .

Good luck .


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