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2023-08-08 12:47:45

How to Tie a Perfect Bow

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I just hold it in my hand and begins to rinse it under the cold water .

I always start rinsing my shirt with the white area first and I make sure that white area is up .

So any of the runoff from the water does not run on to the white area .

I rinse my shirt really well , in this cold water , just continue to rinse until I'm pretty sure that I have most .

If not all of the soda ash out , then I will gradually warm up my water while continuing to hold the shirt in my hands .

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After a while , I'm just gonna go ahead and remove the rubber bands and continue rinsing the shirt every now and then I'll just continue to increase the hot water a little bit more .

Sometimes I go ahead and soak my shirt in hot water to get out some of the excess dye before I throw it in the washing machine .

I'm going to do that this time .

So to do that , what I'm gonna do is just add hot water to my sink and add a little bit of blue Dawn dish soap .

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Ok .

So now it's time to throw it in the washing machine .

I put it in the washing machine by itself .

Add a little bit of Darma textile detergent and wash it in hot water .

I generally wash it a couple of times by itself .

Then I just throw it in the dryer and here's how it turns out .

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