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2023-08-07 14:34:58

Classic-Style Popcorn Maker Demo (CPM-28)

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This is a queer kettle popcorn maker .

It's fun to use .

It can make , um , 10 cups of light and fluffy popcorn really quickly and easily the um , door opens just by pulling it aside .

It's also removable for easy cleaning .

You just line up the two pins and put it back in place .

This is your nonstick kettle has a magnetized top .

The other thing I want to just show you is , um , you can also release the kettle by pulling on the lever on the side , pushing it down and releasing it .

That's your stirring arm .

The nice thing about this too is you can release the kettle from the outside of the popcorn maker .

So at the very end , when you know it's hot inside , you don't have to touch it or anything .

This kettle is also removable for easy cleaning in the front .

Here , you have this that tips forward and that makes it really easy to serve your corn , your popped corn .

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This is your um , little kernel tray .

So if you have little kernels that don't happen to get popped , which will be very few of those , this collects it in the bottom and it's easy to remove and dispose of the un unpopped kernels .

So let's go ahead and make some corn to turn it on .

Gonna lift the magnet lid .

We're gonna put two tablespoons of peanut oil in there .

Just , I happened to just , um , have one premeasured out .

So two scoops that happens to be a , one tablespoon measure comes with your unit .

And then what you're gonna do now is you're going to put two scoops in which happens to be a quarter cup each .

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So one , two and the stirring arm makes sure that the kernels are evenly dispersed , evenly coated with oil and then it's gonna help them move around the kettle so that it pops efficiently .

So what we're gonna do now is just gonna close this up and close the door and we're just gonna wait for it to start popping .

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So when you get towards the end , you'll notice that the popping slows down significantly .

So you can just release the cattle .

I'm gonna put this back up and turn it off .

And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna serve our corn .

So we give you a little scoop with the popcorn maker .

You can pull this forward if you like , just serve up your corn .

Nice thing to do too is have lots of different types of fixings whether it's um , butter or chocolate powder or even , I like to use Parmesan cheese myself today .

What we're gonna do is we're gonna use a little bit of salt and pepper .

Put the scoop back in there just close this for a second and we're just gonna garnish with a little bit of , uh , crushed black pepper and salt , which makes it really nice and flavorful .

It's so much fun to make popcorn at home .

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Using a kettle popcorn maker by Cuz and art , use it for a movie night or birthday parties .

It's a lot of fun to use .

It's fast and efficient and you get 10 cups of popcorn really quick and easy .


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