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2023-08-08 12:47:55

Yeast Waffles Recipe Demonstration -

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Hi , I'm Patrick Novotney .

This is my youtube channel and I'm doing how to videos on every single neck time not known to man and I'm bringing them to you .

So if that's the kind of thing that you're looking for , then please subscribe this time .

I'm gonna be doing the amazing looking Trinity knot .

You pretty much can't go wrong with this knot .

It's good for all Asians and without getting into a really complicated looking knot , but you want one that looks really good .

I recommend , I highly recommend the Trinity knot .

Let's get started .

I'm gonna show you how to do it .

All right .

Step one .

Let's drape it over your neck .

We're gonna have the little end is gonna be the long end .

We're gonna be tying it with this end .

Uh The big end you want about where your belly button is .

I usually tie it fairly close to my neck .

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So I'm adding three tablespoons , 40 g of granulated white sugar .

If you want your waffles to be a little more savory , then you could cut back on that sugar .

And then I'm adding a half a teaspoon , 2 g of salt and then of course , we need yeast .

I'm adding 1.5 teaspoons , which is 5 g .

I'm using esaf red instant yeast .

I like the instant yeast .

It gives a good rise but plus with this type of yeast , you don't need to proof it , you just put it right in with your dry ingredients .

But if you can't find it or you don't have it , you could use an equal amount of the active dry yeast .

But what you will have to do is activate that in a little bit .

We're using some milk .

So what you will want to do is take a little of that milk , heat it to lukewarm and then activate your yeast .

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And now I have , now , I just have to tighten up this part by pulling on the bottom of here .

Now , this guy , we want it to finish nicely .

So we don't want any dimples or lines coming through .

So it looks like an amazing knot when you're done .

I wanna take the little end .

It's gonna , it's gonna get tucked in under the collar , but I'm gonna pull it down this way .

It just seems like when I tie it that way , I end up pulling this end in the right direction where I don't really get dimples when I'm done .

So once I'm done , tuck this under your collar , holding on to the knot with one hand , the other hand , you're gonna pull down on the big end and that's gonna tighten that up to your neck with a little bit of adjustment .

We're gonna have an amazing looking Trinity now and of course , pull your color down .

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I'm going to add one and three quarter cups , which is 420 mL of milk and I just have my milk at room temperature .

Now , you can use whole milk , I mean , or you could use , say a 2% .

If you have whole milk , of course , your waffles will have a richer flavor than , you know , if you use a reduced fat .

I'm just gonna pour that in there and then I'm adding just a quarter of a teaspoon 1 g of pure vanilla extract .

I like the flavor of that .

Now , if you were going to like serve your waffles maybe with bacon or something like that or , and you didn't want the vanilla , the sweetness of that , you can just leave that out .

And then our last ingredient is a half a cup , 113 g of butter that I've melted and then I let it cool down a little .

It's gonna add a nice rich flavor to our waffles .

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So that's how you tie the Amazing Trinity knot .

It's one of my favorite knots .

I hope you like it .

My name is Patrick Novotney .

This is my youtube channel and I'm doing how to videos on every single neckie not known to man and I'm bringing them to you .

So if that's the kind of thing that you like , then please subscribe .

Thank you so much for watching

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So you , if you were say having guests or something or just , you don't feel like doing it in the morning , you can just make this and then , and then I'm just going to , uh , put that there , then you just cover it and put it into the refrigerator like that's it .

And what happens overnight it will rise .

You'll get like a slow rise if you've ever made like no knee bread where you just kind of mix everything together and then just let your , let it sit .

So you'll get a slow rise .

And then what's also good is that develops the nice yeast flavor because if you let it sit , you know , it's going to uh do that .

You can actually refrigerate this for two , maybe three days .

So you can kind of bake your waffles on demand .

Now , if you wanted to like you kind of go .

No , I don't want to do it overnight .

What you can do is just let this batter sit at room temperature for about an hour .

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It will rise and get kind of bubbly on the top .

So you could do it that way .

But I'm going to put it in the fridge overnight and then when we come back , we will bake our uh waffles .

So waffles have that wonderful honeycomb design and that comes from cooking our waffles in a waffle machine or also called a Waffle Iron .

They come , you know , there's all kinds of brands they come in different sizes , shapes .

This one here I'm using has two square ones .

I've seen round ones , hard shape ones .

So lots of choices there .

But what I like with the yeast waffle is to use a waffle iron that has these , the grids are quite deep .

I find that gives you really brings out the flavor and the texture of a yeast waffle .

These machines are often called a Belgian waffle machine .

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So just keep that in mind and temperature .

That's the big thing when you're cooking waffles .

If you have your temperature too high , what happens is your waffles will kind of brown too fast and then the inside will be under not cooked or conversely , if you have it too low , then your waffles won't get that nice crisp outside crust .

So , uh I mean , mine does not have a temperature gauge .

So , you know , read your manual when you're doing something like this and , you know , you may have , you're probably gonna have to play around with it .

But what I did is I experimented a bit and then I have this infrared thermometer .

So what I did is kind of got my perfect temperature and then I measured the heat and it was at 3 75 °F , which is 100 and 90 °C .

So that's for my waffle iron .

So you can kind of use that as a gauge .

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And then , so what we're gonna do is I really want to heat that up because we want it nice and hot when we put our batter and that's what I'm gonna do .

And then when we come back , we will cook our waffles .

So we're now ready to cook our waffles , you can see it's kind of bubbly on top .

So now read your manufacturers instructions of how much batter you should put on each uh for each waffle .

For mine , it is like a scant , half a cup , 100 and 20 mL .

But again , depending on your waffle machine may difference amounts .

So there , oh , see , it's , it kind of looks like a bread dough .

And then now mine waffle iron , the surface is really been used a lot .

So it's well seasoned .

Depending on whether you're using a non stick or not .

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You may have to spray your butter , spray your oil , your grids .

So check your manual and then I'm just gonna put that in there .

I need that and then shut it .

So now how long to cook it again ?

It depends for my machine .

Five , about five minutes .

So that's a rough amount .

So you're just gonna have to experiment , do one and see how it works .

So , five for me , five minutes .

So it's been five minutes .

So let's check .

Oh , don't they look wonderful .

I did overfill just a little .

That's ok .

So let's take them out .

Oh , wonderful .

Now , close your waffle iron .

If you want to make more , I like to let my waffle iron heat up for a few minutes before I put another batch .

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So there we have our waffle .

They are really good .

Just like this .

Now I'm gonna say , do you like your waffles for breakfast ?

Or do you like them for dessert ?

I'm gonna show you both .

I don't find they need any butter because we did put quite a bit of butter in the batter .

Maple syrup .

Always a favorite .

They're good with jam as well .

And the maple syrup , you got all those little grids which are just perfect for holding their syrup .

If you prefer like more of a dessert , you could put some fresh , I'm gonna put some fresh strawberries , any kind of fruit berries , you know , on there with a little bit of whipped cream , use some cream , fresh or yogurt or something like that and then finish that off .

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Powdered sugar .

Which one to eat ?

I have a real weakness for the maple syrup .

Must be that Canadian background .

Oh , inside they're like soft bread like with now with the overnight rise in the refrigerator , they have a slight yeast flavor .

Not really strong .

I don't like it really strong .

Just a nice um flavor to that .

Now , like I said , you can keep the batter in the fridge for a couple days or what you could do is bake them all off and then you can refrigerate .

Once the waffles have cooled down , you could refrigerate them for a day or two or you can even freeze them to cook them or to reheat them .

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Some people like to put their waffles back in the waffle iron for , you know , just a , a like maybe a minute or so to heat them back up .

Some people like to put them into about a 350 °F or 100 and 80 °C Celsius oven until they crisp up or what ?

I always just throw them in my toaster and , but you will find that you do them say in the toaster , the outside , they will become a little more crispy on the outside than say when you use a waffle iron .

So lots of choices there , but you have to try .

These people will love them .

So until next time , I'm Stephanie Jaworski of Joy baking dot com .


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