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2023-08-08 06:59:26

Chicken Biryani Recipe [Mauritius Style] - Laila's Home Cooking - Episode 35

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What ?

Hi guys .

Welcome back to Lea's home cooking .

You may have noticed on this episode , I have changed my cooking channel name from Leila's home cooking and spices to Lea's home cooking , which is a little bit shorter and easy for um everyone to find my cooking channel on youtube .

Well , today's video is all about your request .

It is chicken Biyani .

My favorite tea and your favorite tea .

Let's go through the ingredients and we're gonna get started .

We're gonna need some potatoes which I have uh fried .

I add a little bit of salt and um yellow food color .

Same as my beef Biyani , some fried onion for the chicken .

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I'm using one whole chicken cut to big pieces , some roughly chopped onion , plain yogurt salt .

I'm using my own brand of Biyani masala style ginger garlic paste .

This is uh one stick of cinnamon , some cardamom , some cumin seeds and here some fresh cilantro , fresh mint and green pepper .

I wanna mention that my rice is soaking back there for about an hour now .

And here my pot I have my water is boiling for my rice and then I just drop this into it and some salt and let it boil and then , uh , I'm gonna , we're gonna come back here too .

OK .

Right to my blender .

I'm gonna add my roughly chopped onion along with my fried onions .

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Now , the fried onion I'm gonna add is , um , three quarter from , uh , whatever I have here .

Now , uh , for the food and recipe , you know where to go , just click on the link down below and uh , you , you will be uh good to go .

So I'm just gonna add a little bit of water and make this to a paste .

And I'm gonna save this a little bit of this to garnish on top for later .

OK ?

So now that I have everything ready , all the preparation has been done has been done .

So this is the pot that I am going to cook and to the pot goes my chicken which I have already washed and cleaned .

I'm using uh in uh my uh brand of uh merchant style Brian , add your salt a little bit more .

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I'm gonna add my yogurt .

Yeah .

Ginger first fresh coriander , leaf mint and green chilies and then my paste , my raw onion and my fried onion and brush all of this out to my blender .

I add a little bit of water and I'm gonna add this to it .

Now , there is difference between uh meat Biyani and chicken biryani .

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It's because of meat Biyani .

You're gonna add a little bit extra water .

You're gonna add a little bit extra ginger and uh the chicken , you're not gonna add that much water and you're not gonna add that much amount of ginger if you already saw the video for the meat Biyani .

So there and there is no honey in it , there is some kind of differences between the meat Brian and chicken biryani .

So uh just give us a good mix , just gives us a good mix .

I'm not gonna add any more water to it or anything else .

Everything is , is perfect .

It looks perfect .

Drop the potatoes .

Now the potatoes was fried for about five minutes .

I'm not adding any saffron because I don't have any on hand .

So I'm just gonna use uh yellow food color and I'm not gonna add any because to my potatoes .

Uh I already had my yellow food color in it .

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So I think this is enough .

So I'm not adding anything .

All I'm gonna do is just taste the salt .

If I need salt , I'm gonna add my salt .

Ok .

So now let me uh explain you a little bit for the oil .

This is the oil that I have fried my onion and also my potatoes .

So this is oil and it's about two cup of oil and uh about like one tablespoon of vegetable .

This is the same oil that I'm gonna add to it , but not all of them just a little bit .

So uh one more thing that is different between the meat and the chicken , the chicken gonna have less oil uh water for the rice is also boiling .

So I'm gonna go ahead and put the rice right now .

So I just drop the rice to boil .

It's only one minute since I add the rice .

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Now , um pay attention when I'm gonna add the rice , it's gonna be uh almost right now .

But first I wanna make sure that my potatoes and my chicken is is spreading uh equally everywhere .

I don't want to see just potatoes one side and then chicken on one side , you wanna have everything everywhere .

Alright .

So chicken gonna leave a little bit of water as well .

So this is done here and now I'm gonna start adding my rice .

My first layer gonna be same as my beef .

It's gonna be almost raw .

So it's been three minutes .

So since the rice is inside the water , I have this on high heat right now .

Try to avoid the cardamom and the cinnamon stick .

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If you do have one , just um remove it and throw it because we don't wanna have any big chunk , big chunk of anything in a Brian .

So let's put one layer which is just raw .

All right .

It's been around three more minutes and now I'm gonna add my second layer .

Now if you can come close , you will see the differences between the one I just drop and the one from before there is um differences .

So you can see .

So I'm gonna add this layer as it is right now .

And then the last one will be uh about 90 to 95% cook .

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So this is going to be my last step , which is about 90% cook .

Now , I'm gonna go , go ahead and dr this completely and then come back here and add it to it .

All right , spreads the rice .

Now , uh please keep that in mind .

It is very , very important to use the best rice you can ever have to make Biyani because you don't wanna get a mushy um rice uh when you're eating .

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So uh please keep that in mind and then the oil that I still have leftover , I'm gonna just a little bit on top , add the fried onion and then uh this is yellow food color , dissolve with water .

You can use saffron if you have one hand and then this is going to , to cover and then uh on high heat for five minutes .

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After five minutes , you're gonna reduce the heat to medium low and let this Biyani cook for about 45 minutes to an hour .

It's been 40 minutes .

Exactly .

Let's check the Biryani .

Use my back of my spoon just to touch them inside to see if uh they are touching the bottom and then let's see .

Come close .

I'm gonna pull out the rice .

So I can see because we are not gonna make mess over here .

We're just gonna put the rice as ease .

And then uh the way of serving this is layers is removing two layers .

I can still hear the noise because I just turned the the heat off .

So you can see this is oil .

There is no water at all .

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The Biyani has been cooked perfectly .

Look at the chicken .

Look at the chicken .

Now let's get a potato like you know , nobody can live without potato .

When you're eating Biyani , we have to have the potatoes and this is the leg pieces .

The first one was a Thai and then the potato .

Ok .

All right .

My Biyani has been ready and it is perfect uh to eat and we are here right now ready for dinner .

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I'm gonna go ahead and serve this with uh chili pickle , homemade chili pickle , of course .

And uh some uh salad which uh , cucumber and carrots , which is completely traditional and this is how we all wanna eat our bii bii .

And also , um not to forget that tomatoes slice salad .

That is another uh treat another things that we all need with Saban .

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So you can get all the notifications any time I post any new video about any recipe from my choice from your choice from your , your request from my own request .

I will see you next time with a great recipe .

Bye for now .


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