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2023-08-09 10:09:27

AMAZING 20 Minute Curry Chicken _

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What's up is your boy crazy at Caribbean pod dot com .

Vibes it up in the kitchen as usual .

Uh Always a pleasure to have you guys here with me after posting a picture of this curry chicken on Instagram .

The thing received about 1500 likes uh about 20 or 30 comments , Chris share a recipe .

Now , I have shared curry chicken recipes with you guys before .

This one is a little bit different because I call this one my 20 minute curry chicken .

It could be less time depending on how big you cut the chicken and stuff like that .

But anyways , we're doing a quick curry chicken .

Hey , you're gonna like this one man vibes it up in my bowl here .

I have about £2.5 .

I started off with £3 but after I move the bones and the skin and the fat and stuff like that , I'm guessing it's about £2.5 of chicken thighs .

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Um If you're looking for a video on how to remove the bones from the chicken thighs , I have something on food fa Q if you remain near the end of the um the video .

There will be a link for that in there .

I just went in with some salt and this is gonna be a basic marinade because like I said , this is gonna be quick .

We don't need to , to marinate this for a long time or anything like that .

One tablespoon of Caribbean green seasoning .

I'm gonna go in with some fresh drawn black pepper and here I have one tomato and a lot of you are gonna see .

Well , tomato in curry chicken , this will help to thicken up the gravy near the end .

And the sort of acid in the tomato will trust me , it will add a new level of flavor to everything .

It will help balance all things so that tomato in there .

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And I'm just going to stir that up now and get ready to make .

And this 20 minutes curry chicken , I've got my little iron pot here on a high heat .

I'm gonna go in with some vegetable oil and if you want to cut back on the amount of oil that you use , you can certainly use a nonstick pan just gonna turn my heat down because the pan is nice and hot already .

I'm gonna go in with one small onion that I diced up and about four large cloves of garlic .

I just smashed with the side of my knife .

Give that a quick stir .

And I want that heat on low because I want to sweat this down just a little bit to bring out all those flavors without burning the garlic for a heat element .

I've got two of these birds like chili or bird pepper as we call it in the Caribbean .

And I've got a third one which I'm gonna break because I want to release the heat .

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The first two I put them in like that because we're gonna get the flavor from it .

But without that raw heat and try your best not to break them while we're cooking .

Next up , I'm gonna go in with some cumin seeds and we call that Jira in the Southern Caribbean .

Give that a quick stir heat still on low and right away that cumin is gonna start boy smelling nice .

Next up your favorite curry powder .

I'm using a Madras blend out of the Caribbean and all the ingredients I use here today will be listed down in the description down below heat is still on low .

We want this curry powder to , to sort of toast all the spices which makes up that curry powder .

The curry powder will go darker , it will go grainy , will start clumping together actually .

And that's exactly what we want .

It's been going on for about 3.5 minutes .

It's nice and toasted .

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Your kitchen should have that lovely aroma of curry .

Turn my heat up to now and this is where we're gonna start adding the seasoned pieces of chicken to the pot .

And as you add it , stir it to pick up all that curry goodness on the bottom here .

Really ?

Trying to pick up all that color and niceness from the bottom of the pot .

I was talking about lid , no lid pot uncovered .

And we wanna cook this for about four minutes .

I turn my heat down to medium because I don't want it to burn after a couple of minutes .

You'll notice it will start springing up its own juices that is natural .

Don't fret .

The whole idea here now is to burn off all that liquid and to infuse the pieces of chicken with that curry flavor that we're looking for .

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So I'm gonna turn up my heat and burn off any of that liquid .

So we're thinking maybe two or three minutes on high heat to burn off all that liquid .

Meanwhile , and the same bowl that I marinated the chicken in , I have a cup and a half of water with one scallion that I chopped up in there .

We tend to go in to help finish off and create that gravy that we need .

All of that liquid is burnt off .

Now , so here is where we're gonna go in with that water with the scallion .

Bring that up to a boil and you want to cook this to make sure the chicken is cooked all the way through and nice and tender .

So it'll take another 5 to 7 minutes or so .

But remember we tried to keep this under 20 minutes .

It's been going on that vigorous boil now for about five minutes .

I just want this gravy to thicken up this a little bit more .

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So , so far we are under 15 minutes of cooking .

So we started off saying 20 minutes , but in reality , cooked time will probably be sort of 16 minutes or so .

Taste it for salt at this point .

And the final thing , my gravy is nice and thick .

Now it took an extra minute on that high setting , that high heat .

So in under 16 minutes of cook time , we have this wicked curry chicken to just yam down just like going in with some chopped cilantro .

If you have shadow Benny , you can certainly use that .

But Chris Caribbean pod dot com , I hope they satisfy all my on Instagram curry chicken under 20 minutes .

I just waiting for that rice to done boiling and then , hm , it's all kind of nice what I doing with this ?


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