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2023-08-06 16:00:39

How to tie a basic chest harness with Twisted Monk

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Hi , I'm Monk with twisted monk dot com .

And in this web video , I'm going to teach you a basic chest harness .

But before we begin , remember when playing with rope , always be sure to have a set of EMT shears on hand just in case you need to cut the rope .

Now , for this tie , I'm going to be using a 30 ft piece of Twisted Monk six millimeter rope .

First thing I'm going to do is I'm going to find my ends .

I'm going to feel the rope till I find the middle of the rope , the middle of the rope is called the bite .

Next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to find a lovely person to tie up like my wife holding her hands at roughly chest height .

I'm going to run the rope over the top of her breasts until the bite is sitting right in the middle of her back .

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I take the rest of the rope and I run that through the bite and I cinch going the opposite direction .

I now go underneath the breasts until they come back to my back piece .

Here running through the middle .

I run through and go in the opposite direction .

I now go another pass over the top of the breasts .

What's important here is that I'm running the lines in parallel and not twisting them over themselves or over the previous pass .

What happens is this creates a nice flat even surface of pressure by twisting the ropes up .

It's going to become uncomfortable .

I returned back to my middle .

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I come underneath and reverse directions over the shoulder at this point , she can drop her hands and I come around to the front of the harness .

I come underneath .

Now as you pass underneath , watch out for your end .

So you don't whip your partner in the eye , come underneath the bottom line .

Give it a slight tongue .

I'm gonna come back and grab my line .

Now the whole time I'm keeping a nice even tension .

I'm not tugging too much .

I'm not letting it go slack .

We go over the other shoulder back to the middle .

At this point .

I finish it off with an overhand knot , depending on the size of the person you're tying .

You may have a little bit of rope or a lot of rope left over .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What you do with that is a matter of style .

In this case , I'm going to finish with another overhand knot and let the rest hang .

This tie is a very comfortable tie that can be worn by itself or as part of a larger , more complex piece of bondage , like the kind you will find in any one of the books that we carry on our site , Twisted monk dot com .

Remember when playing with rope , always play safe sane , consensually and above all else have fun .


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