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2023-08-06 16:06:54

6 Body Language Signs a Woman wants to KISS YOU! (99.9% Accurate)

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It's time for an embarrassing alpha M story .

So it may come as a surprise to you that I was not always this incredible picture of awesomeness .

There was a time not too long ago .

Actually , when I was single , I was single , I was dating , I was internet dating .

I was having decent luck with women but not the best .

And so when my friend offered to set me up with this super like amazing woman , I was like , yeah , that sounds great .

And so I met her for sushi .

We get there .

She's super pretty and we're enjoying ourselves , eating some unagi some saki dinner is over .

We walk to the car hanging out , kind of talking and that's when it happened .

I go in for the kiss .

Um Thanks for dinner .

It was a pleasure .

It was nice .

Thank you .

I totally misread the signs .

I thought that she was into it .

I thought she wanted to kiss me .

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But apparently I was wrong and the worst part about it , she went and told our mutual friend what happened .

And so today I'm not gonna let that happen to you .

I'm going over six signs that she wants to kiss you .

All right .

So if you look online to find other information about how to know what are the signs , what's the body language ?

You're gonna see things like pupils , dilate nostrils flare .

I'm already nervous and I'm supposed to distinguish between a nostril flare and her just breathing .

Exactly .

It's ridiculous .

But what's not ridiculous is there are some definite body language signs that lets you know game on .

But here's one thing you need to make sure that you do a little pre kissing prep .

What's this gonna mean ?

It's not too complicated .

You got to make sure that your lips are Kisi soft ale , in my opinion , this is the best stuff .

And the other cool thing is that if you put it on prior to the date , it pretty much keeps your lips hydrated , moisturized and , and kiss soft .

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Next up is your breath , your mouth , your oral hygiene .

Nobody wants to kiss somebody who smells like they just ate a burger for dinner .

Nobody wants to make out kiss or actually even talk to somebody who's got dragon breath .

And one of the biggest issues and why people have dragon breath is because their oral hygiene game is weak .

Annual toothbrushes are for peasants , man .

There's been incredible advancements in brushing technology case in point .

The are a clean system which is the best toothbrush I've ever used and today's video sponsor , this toothbrush is not only beautiful , it has actually won awards for the best Sonic toothbrush on the market .

Two different speeds .

Oh yeah , that's some Sonic action , 40,000 strokes per minute .

The other incredible thing is that it's got a two minute timer so that you know when you're doing it , you're moving around when it beeps , you're like , yo , I'm done .

Your bathroom is the dirtiest , most filthy bacteria written in place in the house .

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And your toothbrush is home to 10 million different types of bacteria , which is disgusting .

And that is where the a clean system goes to work to make sure that your brush is actually clean and you're not brushing around a lot of filthy bacteria making your breath stink .

When you place that toothbrush back in the holster , it activates UV technology that will actually kill 99.9% of the bacteria .

There's also a silent heater that dries the brush as well .

These things are sold in stores like Barney's of New York Neiman Marcus like super high end .

But for you for a limited time , supplies are limited .

So grab it while they're hot .

65 .

Do your mouth a solid hit that link down below and go grab yourself in our clean system today .

There's a discount code clean that will also give you a discount on replacement heads along with another product that they sell the R clean orbital face and body brush .

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This thing also ridiculous when you charge it , it actually has that UV light that sanitizes because these things can get filthy because they're constantly wet .

The reason this one isn't is because it's got that drying agent side as well .

Guys , the code will work on this as well .

So your lips are soft , your breath is fresh .

Now it's time to figure out whether or not she wants to kiss you or not .

Now , tip number one or the first sign you should look for is all about body language .

What is her posture ?

Her body language signifying and saying to you ?

Is it open or is it closed ?

Are her arms down to her side ?

Is she leaning in ?

Is she facing you ?

Are her feet pointed towards the second sign that she definitely wants you to plant one on her ?

She starts moving a little closer .

How close or far away is she standing or sitting ?

If she's like all up in your business , like , like like touching and you're sitting next to her and maybe she start .

Yeah .

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You know , it's game time , but if she maintains a distance or doesn't get too close , it's probably a good indicator that she's not necessarily ready for the action .

Number three , she's , it's a bad playful touching .

Oh my God .

If she starts engaging and can't keep those little paws off you .

Chances are she's ready if you wanna test it , touch her a little bit , maybe on the arm , see if she pulls away if she's like , yo , Brian don't touch me there .

Chances are she doesn't wanna kiss number four when you're talking , she keeps glancing at your lips , your mouth as you're talking .

Now , if she's deaf and she's actually reading lips , then I this tip doesn't apply .

It's not hard of hearing and it's not too loud in the room .

Then she is just checking it out .

She's getting ready .

She's giving you a subliminal sign that those lips right there .

What's there ?

Is that weird ?

Sorry number five ?

Sure fire .

Like like like get ready .

It's time .

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Hope your breath is fresh and that is she starts messing with her lips .

Maybe she bites it playfully , maybe a little lick .

Maybe she applies chapstick .

She applies some type of lip gloss or whatever .

She's getting this all ready for that number six .

She starts preening , messing with her hair .

This is something that is an absolute like , like if she starts messing with her hair , this such good news man .

And last but certainly not least the seventh sign that she wants you to kiss her , she tells you kiss me , Brian to kiss or not to kiss .

This is the million dollar question that millions of men face on a daily , weekly , monthly , annual basis .

They meet somebody that they think is absolutely spectacular .

Maybe it's a bar , maybe it's a club , maybe it's a blind date and you start talking , you start laughing , everything is going well and there comes a point where it kind of gets like , like there's that moment .

Right .

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Well , hopefully this video helped and if you can identify any of the seven signs that we went over , then , you know , you're good to go in for the kiss .

So here's one more thing I want to tell you don't go in with tongue first , right , close mouth first .

Little bit of maybe a little bit , but tongue comes later .

Don't go in with the tongue first time .

That's a deal breaker , dude .


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