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2023-08-09 09:51:30

How To Tie Arabic Scarf Emirati Gulf Style Headgear, Shemagh.

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What's up people ?

A Mubarak to you all .

Um , this is a really quick short tutorial video because I've been asked a bunch from you guys about how to tie one of these headscarfs .

This is a , or a mama .

It depends where you are in the Middle East or where you are in the world or what they call it .

So , really simple , you can tell I've had one on for most of the day for a a so my hair is settled down .

But what you need is you need one of these .

Ok , you can go to any kind of like Middle Eastern kind of shop .

Uh Islamic shop where you can buy it from like the army stores as well .

Now I've just got a plain white one .

Now , what you do is it will come in , um , a square shape .

You need to turn it into a triangle first like this .

What I've done here just line up the two edges , put them together once you've done that .

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Um , what you do is you fold in slightly here .

I mean , this was all ironed and everything .

But what I've done is I've kind of folded it in like that .

OK .

Now , what that does is it acts like a base that will sit on your head and then you basically wrap around that .

Now there's various styles of doing it .

And this , I learned in Russell and the UAE and various areas like in Abu Dhabi , they have a different style and Russell they have different style .

All these different places will have different styles and it gets easier um based on the amount of times that you do , I do it practically in a almost like daily now .

So I , I can put it on uh easier , but it's still a bit of a challenge .

So be patient .

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So what you need to do once you've done that , once you've put it in a triangle shape , once you've moved it up , moved a certain part up , I would move like maybe , maybe a hand more than a hand kind of thing , just fold it over .

OK ?

Put that on top of your head like this and you use the mirror to line it up and because we've got no like skull cap underneath , you've got to kind of push down your hair or whatever to one side .

So the thing is is that the style , the Emirati style is it's very close to the eyebrows .

So you do this , OK ?

Move one side across like that .

And what you want to start doing is you want to start folding this and what you do is you fold it in this format .

So what you should end up with are like like a square shape there .

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Once you do that and use the mirror , move it down like this , turn it around like that and you simply wrap and just put it into one of the corners over here .

Now you can see it's a bit sort of puffy at the top .

So what you do is the loose end over here just gently pull that down so that it kind of contours around your head .

Now , this side over here , this is kind of like my style .

Um And somebody showed me this in Russell and this style over here .

What you do is you pull this now from the back to the front and you start doing the fold here as well now because this is the sign that everybody will see .

You've got to kind of make sure that this fold is a bit more neater .

I just prefer to have it that way .

Like I said in Abu Dhabi , they're not so obsessed about getting it as neat .

Now , what I do look at the back over here .

If you do it like this , you're gonna end up with this side , which is that , that's a bit messy for my liking , but you can do it that way .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But what I do is I fold it up like this and then I kind of have another fold at the back perhaps tuck that in over there and then I bring this round to the front over here .

Ok ?

And then with this end over here , you just tuck it in to that side over there .

Now , I like this style because one end is kind of like this covering the ear and then this side looks kind of rolled up just a bit more easy if you want to talk on the phone , like it's not covered up ear wise .

So that's it .

It's as simple as that .

And then this is what you should end up with .

If you want to meet it up , just pull that slightly .

You can see that they're tucked in from the side .

You can put that to one side , you can let it hang at the back .

That's how you tie tie a based on the Russell style , the Emirati style with a slight twist .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I hope that helps and uh leave a comment down below and share this with other people because there's a bunch of people who want to tie this for eid other special days .

This is how you do it .

Nice and simple and easy .


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