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2023-08-07 14:08:51

How to Tie a Cross Knot _ Men's Fashion

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Hello , I'm Charles from and I'm gonna teach you how to do the Christensen nak the cross knot .

Uh In this note was made popular by um Amanda Christensen who used to be a tie maker and who really made this not popular .

So it's still pretty rare and I would say fairly difficult to tie , but I'm sure with a little bit of practice , you'll get a hold of it .

So this is how you proceed .

You wanna have the white , uh the white end on the right hand side , the narrow end on the left hand side like usual , except this time you wanna have the wide end a little bit uh like much longer than the , the narrow end , probably about 20 inches depending on the width of uh and the length of your tie .

This is how you proceed .

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The wide end goes over the narrow end , it goes underneath , you pull it up and slide it inside between the neck and the nut and you pull it on the left hand side .

So this is what you should have .

And now the tricky part just put your fingers so that you , you still keep enough room to slide it in after you went twice over and under , underneath , like , and then it's the regular , uh the regular way to finish the nut .

You just once , you went twice over , over the narrow end with your fingers , you don't want to pull it too , too tight .

Otherwise it's gonna be hard to slide it in .

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But this is the result you want to obtain , you adjust the knot , you have this like cross shape .

And that's uh the particularity about the Christensen .

Not , I think it's a , a really elegant look uh with any tie even though it's uh it works great with the skinny tiles .

Uh So this is how you tie the cross knot or also called the Cristen and .


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