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2023-08-07 14:31:33

3 Ways to Flavor Homemade Popcorn

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Snack time .

Just got awesome .

So today we're talking about how to flavor your own homemade popcorn .

Now , if you missed my last video , I showed you three ways to make popcorn at home .

It's a little something for everyone over there .

So if you don't know how to make your own popcorn and you miss that video , then make sure that you check that out as well .

So you'll know how to make the popcorn to start off with .

Ok , so once you have your popcorn , then we're gonna be flavoring it ourselves .

So I've got three little bowls here , single serving bowls with some popcorn in them .

And the reason that I decided to do it this way is because a lot of times we think about , um , you know , flavoring like a big bowl of popcorn all the same , but honestly , everyone might not want the same flavors .

Uh , they might be feeling a little something different .

So I think it's kind of a cool idea to almost like a little popcorn bar .

You can have , everyone can have their own bowl , but you can have like little stations or just everything out there where people can get creative and make it their own .

So think about that , it could be a fun option .

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So today we're just doing like a single portion .

First one we're gonna start off with is just your traditional traditional butter and salt .

Now , this is one that , I mean , is pretty self-explanatory , but I had to include it because it's the traditional , right ?

So I just got some melted butter here real simple .

I'm just gonna drizzle some over the top .

And the thing is you have to have this little bit of oil in here because that's what is gonna help make the salt stick .

So I'm gonna go with my little salt piggy pig here , Sprinkle some salt over top and there really aren't any exact measurements with this because it depends on how much popcorn you're doing and also how much you like .

So once you've got your flavoring on there , you can just kind of mix it up .

You can taste as you go and see if that's right for you .

If you like a little more .

And I mean , I always say be more on the cautious side because you can always add more , but you can't take it out once you put it in there , I guess you could add more popcorn , but that might get a little complicated .

So that's just the butter and salt .

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Super yummy tastes just like movie theater popcorn except 100 times better because it's made with real ingredients .

And it doesn't have that like stale , been there forever kind of vibe going on .

OK .

So now that I've got butter on my hands , let's just keep going .

The next one we're gonna do is kind of a spicy , kind of , I guess like almost the Mexican Tex Mex kind of inspired one .

So for this one , we're gonna use the butter again because again , you need some sort of like oil to bind everything .

So just drizzling a little bit of butter on there .

And then I selected three spices that I think are great flavors that most people like .

So first is chili powder .

So we're gonna use the most of this so be kind of liberal with it .

Um Put some chili powder in there next up I have is garlic powder .

Now you wanna be careful with this because you can do too much and it will be super garlicky , which I mean you might like that but other people might not be your biggest fan .

And then the last which you need to even go lighter on is cayenne this stuff you really don't need much at all .

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Do a little dash and then the same thing just mix that all up and same with before , you know , you can always add more later .

So taste as you go and you know , it's kind of a little messy but that's also kind of what makes it fun .

And this would be great for kids as long as you give them a little guidance , you don't want , you know , your four year old to put like the whole thing in Cayenne and then burn their mouth up or anything like that .

But , you know , if you give them some guidance to kind of help them measure things out , um and taste as they go , then I think this would be a really fun thing for kids as well .

So that's pretty good .

So that is the kind of , I guess I should have a name for this , but we'll just call it the Chipotle one .

How about that chili powder ?

I don't know , it doesn't really have Chipotle peppers in it , but it seem to be the name that goes along with stuff like that .

Ok .

So next up , I'm gonna use my other hand .

So we don't get this one messed up .

Now this one is gonna be a sweet option .

So I'm gonna use butter again .

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But you could also use coconut oil here would be really great because that kind of coconut flavor goes really great with sweet things .

So we've got our butter and the next thing we're gonna add is a little drizzle of honey for sweetness .

So you're just gonna drizzle this on and try to get as thin of a like little line or stream of honey as possible because you don't want it to get too gloopy because you could get like big chunks of honey in one spot .

So then you've got that and then the spice we're gonna use is some cinnamon .

I love cinnamon .

Um It's great for you and it tastes delicious .

So we're gonna Sprinkle a little bit of that on .

Get that cinnamon in there .

And then again , I use the wrong hand and we're gonna mix it up .

OK ?

So we're mixing , we're mixing , we're mixing and this one also gets a little sticky .

So that can be fun or messy .

Depends on how you want to think about it and we'll do our little taste test .

Oh , that's great .

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Cinnamon and honey looks like the best thing ever .

I think this one's my favorite just because I tend to have a little bit more of a sweet tooth and I thought my mouth full because I'm really rude .

They're all great options .

It just depends on what you like and I'm sure there's someone in your home who would like each of these .

So make sure that you try them out and if you have any requests for flavor combos or any ideas that you think might be really good .

Definitely share those in the comments below so we can all see those .

And if you're new and you want more real food tips and tricks just like this one , then make sure that you subscribe to my channel .

Eating a real foods diet is so important for your health , but it's not always easy , especially if you're just beginning .

But I know that if you have the tools and the information and the resources that you need , that you can totally do it .

And that's why I make these videos because I wanna make living a real food lifestyle as easy for you as possible .

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your real foods journey .

I hope you're having a great day and I'll talk to you next time .


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