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Hi guys , welcome back to man's kitchen .

In today's video .

I'll be showing you real quick and easy to make one of my favorite Jamaican all time um dinner and it's going to be curry chicken and just follow me along step by step as we cook .

All right .

So in this pan , I have chicken that is caught in medium size pieces .

As you guys can see , medium pieces and it's already cleaned .

Ok ?

So in this pan , I'm going to go ahead and throw all my ingredients in here .

So for me along , so you guys don't miss a step .

OK ?

The first thing I'm gonna put in is my Jamaican hot pepper .

And what is cooking Jamaican food without hot pepper ?

Nothing at all .

Trust me .

Then I'm gonna add thyme .

I'm gonna add onions .

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I'm gonna add garlic , assorted sweet peppers , potato charts a little salt .

Just a little bit .

The reason why I'm just adding a little bit is because I've been adding the Jamaican all purpose um jerk seasoning and the Jamaican jerk seasoning is a mixture of a lot of different seasonings combined .

So you have to be very um careful when you're using it because it has everything salt , you name it , it have it .

That's why I'm just adding a little salt .

So the little salt that I'm adding is just bringing up the , the flavor and the taste of everything else that I put in here .

So I add that and now for the main ingredients of it all , which is going to give it the butter .

This I'm adding the better pack um curry powder .

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And I love using better pack curry powder because for me , better pack is just the best curry I've ever used so far .

And trust me , I've used many curry , Indian curry , all different kind of curry .

But the better part just stick with me .

It just everything .

So now I'm going to mix this up real good Yardy style and then , and you don't want to add too much curry powder when you're doing your curry because curry have a tendency to make your to make the powder don't dissolve too much depends on the curry that you're using .

So you just want to use a moderate amount of curry and that's the reason why I stick to beta pack because better pack curry is just the best curry .

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So there goes my curry added .

Now I'm gonna move over to my pot and what is cooking curry without using a dirty girl ?

So I'm using my dutch pot , which you can use any pot you wish .

So my pot is hot and I'm going to go ahead and throw some vegetable oil in there .

Not too much .

There we go .

And then I am going to go ahead and throw all my mixture into this pot making a mess .

I know I ain't gonna waste it .

Ok .

Now that everything is in our spot that looks really good .

I'm just gonna mix it along just a little bit .

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Now , listen carefully for this spark , what I'm gonna do at this very moment , I'm not gonna add no liquid at all .

I'm gonna go ahead and firmly close my pot and let it stay there and spring its own water until we decide what is gonna be the next step .

So right now , you're going to check on your pot like every 10 minutes or so , just gradually check on your pot and mix it just to make sure that your chicken is not sticking about 10 minutes .

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We're gonna see what's inside of our pot looks like you can see that spring its own liquid .

So now it's a perfect time for us to add our own liquid to it .

So in the same pan that we seasoned the chicken in earlier , we're gonna cut some water in it .

Not , not too much water , just that this amount like a half of a coffee because you want to make sure that your curry cooks properly .

So there it goes , we throw the water on , just mix that up perfectly and everything will finish up cooking all on its own .

All right , we're gonna close this back .

Give it some time to cook after about 25 minutes .

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Oh , that's what our fried chicken is looking like .

It's leaking .

It's gravy right now .

It's getting thick by itself .

However I want it to be thick faster because I want to turn it off .

So I made a little bit of corn starch just a little as you can see in the pan just a little and I'm gonna throw it in here gently .

Alright .

If , if it's anything you guys know about us Caribbean peps , especially Jamaicans , we love gravy .

So when I cook especially curry , I must have a lot of gravy .

So I'm just gonna cover this back and let it simmer for about three minutes and then we're done .

Isn't that looking so good ?

OK .

You guys here go .

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Yes , three minutes later .

And our curry chicken is ready .

And as you guys can see my carrot and my potato have crushed out .

Everything is still in tapped .

I hate to cook and my food is just mashing out and this right here is perfect cooking curry chicken and you can have this with just about any starch that you want .

You can have it with rice .

It , Americans best have curry with rice or boiled dumplings so they can have this with white rice , boiled dumplings , um sweet potato , mashed potato , you name it whatever starch vegetables , steamed veggies .

Whatever starch you decide to have , you can have it .

So there you go .

If you enjoy this video , give it a thumbs up .

Comment down below .

Subscribe if you are new , catch up and keep up with Mel's kitchen and I'll see you guys in my next video .


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