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2023-08-09 10:27:30

Air Fried Lemon Pepper Wings Recipe _ Better Than Wingstop

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One question .

Wing .

Stop who these are ?

Homemade ?

Delicious , lemon pepper , air fry wings , super crispy , super delicious .

If you wanna know how to make this stay tuned guys .

I got you right guys .

Let's get started .

I have a list of all the ingredients that I will be using today for this recipe .

We're just gonna give these dry seasonings a mix and then we're gonna toss them into this bowl of chicken and get this , get , get these chickens tossed up in that season and get them well coated .

Like I say like I know and we're gonna make , they make sure these chicken wings are very , very flavorful .

Make sure they're absolutely delicious .

Ain't no bland chicken over here .

We're gonna make sure we season up these bad boys , right ?

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Make sure they season up nice and correct and let me know in the comments .

Is it drums or flats ?

Last video ?

It seems like it was overwhelmingly flat .

Let me know .

Let me know .

Now we're gonna move on to our little flour mix .

I'm just tossing a little bit of salt and pepper into this half a cup of flour .

Give that a little bit of a toss as well .

And when we coat our chicken in this flour , they're doing a very , very , very light coat , not a heavy coat .

We're not looking for that , that deep fried chicken look .

It's just a light crunch that we're looking for .

So , as you can see , I'm gonna dust off a lot of that excess flour .

We want that to be a very , very thin light coat of flour on our chicken wings , guys , just like soap .

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And guys , believe me , when I tell you , you're gonna love this recipe , you're not gonna see the inside of a wing stop ever again after you try this because what's the point ?

Because let me tell you , you can make , I don't even like let me be completely honest with you guys .

I don't even eat out no more .

What's the point of eating out guys when you can make food at home ?

That tastes 10 times better .

What you're gonna get 10 times higher in quality ?

10 times better in taste at your house .

You guys can do it .

I believe in all you guys .

It's super , super easy .

All of these dishes , man .

What's the point ?

And your pockets are gonna feel a lot more heavier because you ain't gonna be wasting no more money eating out all the time .

Now we're gonna move on to the air fryer .

If you're interested in this one , it's a pretty good one .

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I'll leave a link in the description where you could copy it off of Amazon and I'm just gonna load my chicken into the air fryer and a quick tip about air frying chicken .

You don't wanna over pack your air fryer .

I kinda did and I ended up taking back half the chicken out of the air fryer because you kind of , you don't want to stack them on to each other just the way the air fryer works .

If you want your chicken to cook really nicely , you wanna just have a single layer of chicken in there .

You don't wanna overlap the chicken just , just a tip guys cause like I said , I ended up taking some chicken out just because I ain't like how it was going .

But regardless dish came out perfect came out delicious .

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You guys are going to see and as far as the temperature , I'm gonna be using the preset for chicken on this air fryer , which is 380 degrees for 25 minutes and halfway through the cooking process , you wanna make sure to give these bad boys a flip and this is how they look when they're done .

My goodness .

Let me tell you how tempting it is to just forget about that lemon pepper seasoning and just dive into these bad boys right here cause man , when I took them things out , they smelled so good .

They were so crispy , so juicy .

Oh my goodness .

I ain't gonna lie .

I couldn't help it .

I had to snack on one while I was making a video because they , they were looking that good and let me tell you just like the way they are like they're delicious like you could add it another sauce or you could just eat them plain like that .

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But guys resisting temptation , we gotta get that lemon pepper seasoning on these things .

Resist guys try , try your best .

I know it's hard .

So let's move on to the lemon pepper .

So you see on the screen , the list of ingredients that I'm gonna be using .

I got my melted butter .

I'm gonna toss these dry ingredients in there .

Give it a nice little mix and once I have all that mixed up , my favorite part .

This is absolutely my favorite part .

I get to dump this lemon pepper butter on top of this crispy chicken wings and give it a nice beautiful toss man .

Look how good this looks .

Oh my God .

I wish you guys could taste this .

Matter of fact , you guys can taste this .

You guys are going to try this at home and you guys are going to love it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Give it a nice little toss .

Nice and easy .

Oh Look at that slow .

I had to slow it down a little bit for you guys because it was looking so good guys .

Look at that looks beautiful .

Presentation is amazing .

Yo , you're gonna really impress your family with this one .

You're gonna impress your significant other .

You gonna impress everybody with this one here because like I said , you ain't gonna be going to wing stop no more after trying this , I tell you that now and I promise you that now .

Super delicious , super easy .

I know you guys are gonna love it .

Hope you guys enjoyed the video .

Make sure to leave a like down below .

Subscribe if you new write that notification bell .

I'll see you guys on the next video .

It's your boy , whip it up with Jay and I'm out .


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