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2023-08-07 14:32:00

Easy Milk Popcorn on a Stove Top _ Popcorn Recipe

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I'll be sharing with you on how to make milk popcorn on its stovetop .

If you want to know how I came up with this yummy popcorn , continue watching as I share with you guys .

So I've put um vegetable oil in the pot and I'm making it go round like go around the pots and um I've added sugar as you guys can see on a low heat .

So we'll be stirring the sugar until it dissolves completely and eventually turns brown .

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As you guys can see , the sugar is turning brown was turn brown .

And the next step is as you guys can see , I I the popcorn can um um as well like I said , this should be done on a very , very heat .

So after that , I'll be covering the pots and I'll be shaking the pots at closed intervals .

When I shake the pot , I leave it to pop and I repeat the same process so slow , the corn is fully popped .

Now , for the popcorn , you can get the popcorn from those that sells grains , right ?

And remember pop , the popcorn can is different from the normal usual corn .

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You see , um , the popcorn canal is usually smaller in size than the normal corn and it's usually yellow .

All right .

So you can get it from people that sells grain like rice beans , corn and the rest of them .

And this is easy to make .

Like as you guys can see , I'm doing this with a pot and on its stoop .

So without having a popcorn machine , you can come up with this yummy snack and you know , enjoy , you know , popcorn is enjoyed by both adults and Children .

So just come up with this in your kitchen and enjoy .

And like I said , this is a milk popcorn .

You're going to love this milk popcorn .

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So like I said , you shake the pod at intervals and for the recipe measurements , I'll be leaving the recipe measurement in the description .

So make sure you check it out .

You can as well use vegetable .

Um sorry , you can as well use melted marine in piece of vegetable oil .

All right , you can use melted Marri in place of vegetable oil .

So as you guys can see , it's done , it's fully popped .

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So when you no longer hear the popping sound .

It's an indication that it's fully popped and is ready .

As you guys can see , um sprinkling powdered on because you're making e milk popcorn .

We're making milk popcorn .

Yes .

So we're going to be mixing and incorporating the milk uh in the popcorn like I'm mixing it right away .

So guys , it's a simple recipe to make , it's simple and yummy like guys , it was so mm you know , so delicious and I know you're going to love this popcorn recipe .

So like I said , I said , I'll be leaving the uh recipe measurements in the description .

So make sure you check it out .

Guys .

Is in the coe like is in the CEO E .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Please make sure you try it out .

Make sure you try this recipe out and you're going to love it .

Hope you enjoyed this video .

Thanks for watching .

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See you my next one .

Have a lovely day .

Bye bye .


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