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2023-08-08 07:09:27

Restoration Part 3 - Spray n Wash the Tongue (AJ1 1994 Retro)

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Hey guys .

So we're back with the Air Jordan one restore project .

In the previous video , I cleaned the tongues .

But as you can see , there are still some stains .

So what I'm going to be using is spray wash .

But before you , you use spray and wash , you want to get a folded piece of paper towel and you're going to place it like .

So this is to prevent the red leather from bleeding into the tongue .

Also , you wanna make sure you don't spray , spraying , wash on the tongue tap .

It may also cause it to bleed .

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So now I'm going to get the spray wash and spray it like so try to get closer so that you don't get the tongue tab wet may also want to use a toothbrush to spread the spray and wash earth all over the toe .

Anything that you get on the leather , make sure you just wipe it off with a towel or a paper towel .

So now I'm going to leave the tongue soaked and spray and washed for about 20 minutes .

So we'll be back then .

So it's been about 20 minutes .

Now it's time to wash the spray and wash out of the tub .

So I'm going to take the paper towel out .

I'm going to use hot water to rinse the spray and wash out of the top .

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So flip it over just like the previous video soak the tongue in the hot water .

Yeah .

And then squeeze the spray .

Wash out .

Keep doing this until all of the spray wash soap is gone .

You may want to use gloves since the water gets really hot .

Great .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So as you're getting the suds out , you'll want to pat dry with the dry tunnel until you get the moisture out as best as you can from the tone .

And just like the previous video , you'll want to set up an electric fan that's blowing air into the shoe to help dry the tongue .

So in the next video , we'll be covering insoles and cleaning that and we'll also show you the results after the tongues are dried .

So stay tuned for that video .


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