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2023-08-09 09:57:18

How to Clean White Shoes _ Fashion How To _ POPSUGAR Fashion

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OK , love wearing white kicks , but always scared they're gonna get really dirty .

Well , fear no more because fashion reporter Alison mcnamara is gonna show us how to keep our white shoes white and that is kind of impossible .

A lot of people are so scared to wear their white shoes for fear of they're getting dirty .

But here's the thing .

You already bought the white shoes , so you might as well wear them , right ?

Yeah , I just threw out a pair .

So I wish I had done this segment .

Could have cleaned them here .

We could have .

All right .

So what are your tips to get the dirt and grime off the white show ?

My first thing is this Mr Clean Magic eraser .

You guys .

This thing is seriously genius .

It takes literally stains off of absolutely anything .

I keep them at my desk all the time .

I think you have a case of that .

I do .

I clean my desk with them .

I clean the walls , but you can also clean your shoes .

They're great for canvas , leather and rubber soles and really there's some miracle work .

You get a little damp , rub them directly onto the stain or whatever you've got going on on your shoe and it comes off another easy way to get these stains off .

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This one is a dishwashing soap and water to two things you probably have at home , right ?

You just mix them together , use a firm toothbrush like this one you got lying around the house , rub it in the solution and then apply it directly to the stain and just repeat this until you , you see that stain coming out , especially if it's something like a canvas shoe .

I actually think that this solution works the best on canvas shoes overall .

And the big thing that people make is they actually throw their canvas shoes into the washer or the dryer .

So , is that good ?

No , you don't want to do that .

You want to do this instead because unfortunately , when you put that in the washing machine and the dryer , putting lots of different solutions in there , a lot of heat and it'll break down the fibers in your shoe .

Oh , I know a lot of people that have done that .

I know spread the word .

Don't wash your shoes in the washing big .

No , no .

But there's something that you can wash in the washing machine .

What is that ?

The laces , the laces so the laces can get dirty and the easy way to , to clean those is just take them out , put them in the washer and dryer with your regular white laundry and you're good .

To go .

That's good .

And I guess you could always buy another pair .

Yeah , you could , they are pretty cheap .

Ok .

Now , what about the leather shoe ?

What do you do in that ?

Well , for the leather shoe ?

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Well , first let's talk about the baking soda .

So baking soda actually made its way into the tips and tricks .

Right .

You do always find a way to put it on the table .

It's always here and the reason why is because this thing is seriously a miracle worker and you do the same thing .

When you use it , you put it with the water , you use that firm toothbrush , you kind of mix it around that solution like so and then apply it directly to the stain and this is also really good for scuffs .

So , you know , this has a little bit more texture , almost like an exfoliate as we talked about earlier and it kind of like helps remove that scuff a little bit too .

OK .

And now like you , we were talking about just a minute ago , the leather , what do you do in that ?

So you can actually use any of these solutions and methods for your leather shoes as well .

But once you do all those , I suggest getting , you know , a shoe cleaner and a shoe polish to really make it look nice and smooth .

OK .

Is that a white shoe ?

Yeah , it's a white shoe polish .

Oh yeah , they made they do there .

You go .

All right , thanks a lot .

Now everyone can have some nice white kicks .

No excuses , no excuses for summer .


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