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2023-08-08 12:51:48

How To Tie a String Line. Great Tip! Owner Builder Series.

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G'day .

Knuckleheads .

Knuckle Naas .

Here , I just thought I'd quickly pop on by and share with you a very handy little tip .

Check it out .

If you intend to be an owner builder and you're doing a job similar to this one , then you're going to have to learn the simple art of tying a tight string line can be that hard .

Surely , just wrap it around like that and then I'll tie it off by doing a double granny , do sheep shank trucky , not hang .

I'm just , that's it .

Look at that too easy .

Yeah , that , seriously it's a bit loose .

I'll tighten that up .

Yeah .

It must be something a bit easier than that .

I've got it right here and that's it like that .

Ah , how do I tighten it ?

Uh .

Right .

Uh huh .

Yeah .

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Hm .

It must be a simple away .

Now , the reason for the video is that if you're ever doing something like a slab layout , putting up roof trusses or even laying floorboards , you'll be working off string lines and the tidy , you can get them , the better it is some guys like the method of simply making a loop with your finger and twirling a line around it half a dozen times , get that loop there and place it over the nail .

You can then pull that as tight as you want .

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And as soon as you get the tightness you require , just pull it back up against that nail , give the string a couple of wines and there you have it and to loosen it just reverse the process , you finish up , bang all done .

Now , personally , I'm not a big fan because after a period of time you finish up with a very twisty string line .

Now , the method that I prefer is to get your string and just wrap it around the Nile once .

Now you can pull that as tight as you like .

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And when you get it to where you want , which is like that there just wrap the string around the nail four or five times , then bring it down under that string over the top and bang you are done and to release it all you have to do is reverse the process .

How simple was that ?

So there you go .

So there you go .

That's how you tie a string line .

Great tip neckers .

Well , I hope you enjoyed and found that video useful and as per usual , a big thumbs up is always greatly appreciated .

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Alrighty , it's 8 a.m. and My cup of tea is well overdue .

So till next time I'm out of here .

Cheers .


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