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2023-08-06 15:57:37


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Hey everybody .

So today I am going to show you how I make one of my new products .

Um So if you're familiar with my side , then , you know , I've carried wax milk , but they've been sold out for a long time and I just never restocked them because I wanted to revamp them .

They were just plain white little do I have one ?

I don't have one near me but they came in these containers right here .

Um about one ounce and I decided that I wanted to revamp them and add some color to them .

So I made a new product .

I actually did it yesterday for the first time .

I made two of them and it came out so cute and I should have held on let let me get one for you .

I am not prepared .

They are not prepared .

So this right here I made yesterday um pink sugar peppermint and it looks I like that and it smells so good .

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It's pink sugar mixed with um candy cane .

It smells really good .

And then this one is lemon lavender birthday cake and this is lemon and la lemon lavender mixed with birthday cake .

So I'm gonna show you how I make these and I do the drizzle on them .

Um , but yeah , so like I said , I revamp my wax smells and I'm gonna start carrying those .

Um I'm also still gonna carry these and I'm just gonna add color to them , make them a little more appealing to the eye instead of just being plain white .

So , um the candle dye that I'm using is from the flaming candle .

So I bought this big sample pack , you get 27 dye chips um for $27 .

So I thought that was a great idea .

I mean a good deal , but this is what they look like right here .

And you just um I take a potato pillar and shred some of it off of there and put it into my wax .

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So let me grab my wax and let's get started .

I'm gonna show you how I do it .

So I'm doing two colors .

Um So here's my wax .

It's already warmed up melted .

I already have the fragrance in here .

This isn't the green color that I was going for for my sage .

Um because I used one that was called ultramarine green .

And in the picture it looked like it was like um a sage , you know , sage green .

But when I put it in , in here , it became blue .

So then I had to add a green to it to get it to be green , you know , and then this one is clear because I'm gonna save a little bit at the end .

Um , after these solidify and I'm going to do a raspberry colored , um , drizzle over the waffles , you know , make it look like syrup , syrup , syrup .

All right .

So let's get started .

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Um , let me get a paper towel just in case .

And also I like heating my wax up in these glass , um , these Pyrex or this one's Anchor brand , but I like heating up in there because I feel like the glass retains the heat better than these metal ones .

Like my wax solidifies so quick in this one , I even have a smaller one .

and it just , it solidifies the wax very quick and I have to , you know , heat it back up on the stove .

Um and the devil boiler method to get it liquid again .

So let's get to it .

Let's put , yeah , we're good to go .

I still have my double boiler going in the back just in case it does solidify .

But I'm just gonna pour a little bit of the white right in each one .

I got some wax in there from another one .

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I pour some green trying to , you know , let it get cool so that the colors will stay separated and there's so much fun on this too .

Like like if I can't be creative , then I can't be I know , oh I should have put more in here .

So each one of these holds about three 0.3 ounces of wax , put some more cream on her .

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Of course , they're not all gonna be like identical .

Let's hop that one off .

Remember , I wanna save a little bit of the clear .

I want to fill them up and then I can always add more wax if I need to .

It doesn't take much to do the drizzle .

So I wanna kind of top it off and this is why you do it on top of parchment paper .

So there we go .

All of the wax is in there .

We're gonna let that solidify and then we'll come back .

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I have this much left and then I'll come back and actually might be more than what I need .

I really like them to be .

Oh , ok .

I think we're good .

Ok .

So we're going to let this solidify , let these solidify and then we'll come back and do the drizzle .

See you in a little bit .

Ok ?

We are back to unload these .

Um , I've already pulled the sides apart .

It's been about 30 minutes .

They're still a little warm to the touch , but cool enough to where I can unload them without them breaking .

Hopefully I don't jinx myself .

Right .

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So I'm going to flip it over and pull back slowly .

Yeah , that's one of them two .

It smells good .

I don't even think I told you all what this is , but I , I'm coming up with my own custom blend .

So this one is blackberry raspberry sage vanilla and it smells so good .

Of course , of course , it smells good .

Come on out and get them .

So here they are unloaded in that one .

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I got chipped on the side but it's ok .

I'll put some drizzle right there and cover it up .

So this is what they look like .

And actually I am happy .

Excuse me , I'm happy with the green like it looks like it's not sage but it's close enough .

It could be a little lighter .

I don't know how it's coming off on camera , but you know , and of course when you put um the candle dye into wet wax , it always comes out darker .

So like I always usually do a drip test on uh a white paper towel just to see what the color is gonna look like .

So let me grab my um , I'm sorry y'all , I'm just not , not together .

OK ?

And let's go ahead and drizzle drizzle and we're just gonna go back and forth like that .

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I'm just gonna do it all one edge right there .

I really hope I'm in the frame .

Where does this go ?

And I want it raspberry color drizzle because I feel like it's a brighter color to pop .

It adds interest , more interest to it versus it being a white drizzle and then the last one I might be out of the frame on this one .

So I wanna use it all up .

So while the wax is still a little warm .

I find that the glitter adheres to it better .

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Um , so we'll just glitter it on up , make it pretty , pretty high .

Let me not get carried away because you know how I do , you know , so this is what it looks like .

Break that off up , close in person .

So I'm going to let these cool off a little bit more before I put them before I , before I package them up the bags .

I'm using , I just had those bags so that's why I'm using them just to use them up , you know , but um , I'm probably gonna switch the bags that they come in because it's like those bags take up too much space when I'm shipping that point .

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But I also will do um , I also take a picture .

So that is it guys that is how I make my waxy waffles .

It's a lot of fun .

I hope you enjoyed .

Um I hope you'll check them out .

They'll be on my website um probably in a couple of weeks .

So the second week of June is probably when I'll do it .

Yeah , because I'm trying to make a whole bunch , get my inventory up um and all that good stuff .

So yeah , I will talk to you all later .

Thank you so much for watching .

See you in my next video .

Bye bye .


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