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2023-08-08 12:46:23

Old Fashioned Buttermilk Waffles Recipe...The BEST!

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Hi guys today on and cook we are making some good old fashioned old school style buttermilk waffles .

Oh my gosh .

You guys , these waffles are hands down the best I've ever had there .

Boom .

I said it .

You're gonna love them .

Let's go .

Ok .

We're gonna start by adding our all purpose flour into a large bowl and then we're gonna whisk it up to get nice and light and powdery .

Now we're gonna throw in a little bit of sugar to kind of sweeten it up a bit .

I'm gonna add in some salt .

Alright .

And get in their salt salt .

Where are you ?

So , OK , there's our salt .

Then we're gonna throw in a little bit of baking powder .

Actually a lot of baking powder because I want this to be like fluffy and stuff .

So go ahead and whisk it around .

Make sure you get it well combined .

We don't want to have any pockets of saltiness in our waffles .

No , not happened .

Next .

We're gonna make a little well in the center of our bowl and this is our dumping ground for all of our wet ingredients .

Ok ?

We're gonna throw in some butter , milk we're gonna add in a little bit of regular whole milk and you can use all whole milk if you want to .

But I gotta use that butter milk .

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You guys , you have to .

It's the southern way , darling .

We're gonna throw in a little bit of melted butter , some oil .

OK .

Next we're gonna add in some egg yolks , throw in those egg yolks and then we're gonna add a little bit of vanilla extract .

You can put some cinnamon in there if you want to .

You know , now we're gonna mix it up , mix it up .

Well , it's ok .

If it's a little bit lumpy , it's supposed to be , you know , that looks perfect when it's all mixed in , add in some stiffened egg whites .

I just got my mixer and I just beat those egg whites until they were nice and cloud like , ok , go ahead and start those in there but do not start it too much .

You guys .

Ok .

Don't be too rough with this because then you're gonna have those tough waffles that has the texture of those pink hair rollers .

Mm .

Mm .

We don't want the foam hair roller texture waffles .

That's not good .

Ok , here's my waffle .

I , I'm using black and Decker waffle and I love this waffle on because it doesn't make Belgian waffles .

Ok ?

It makes regular old school style waffles , right ?

I'll put the Amazon link below in case you wanna purchase it .

I'm gonna grease it up and then go ahead and pour on that luscious batter .

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Close it up and let it cook and then when you open it up , beautiful golden homemade buttermilk waffles .

Go ahead and plate these bad boys up .

Serve them up immediately .

Now , normally I don't stack the waffles up like this because it kind of makes them soft and I like to keep the outside nice and crisp .

But you know what works just fine .

Go ahead and make your second batch .

This makes about three sheets of waffles .

You can double the recipe if you need to and look at them , aren't they gorgeous ?

Oh my God .

It's like perfect waffles for company .

Ok , perfect .

Companies come in waffles .

They also freeze well as well .

I like to brush them with a little bit of butter and then go ahead and pour on all that syrup .

I like a lot of syrup , honey .

Mm .

A lot of syrup .

You can use homemade syrup .

I've got to get that recipe up on my blog .

I know I said I would do it .

You guys , I'm so slow but this is my favorite store .

I syrup .

This log cabin .

I love this stuff so good .

And let's go ahead and dig in the outside is nice and crisp and the inside .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look how fluffy it is and I have a ton of syrup on there , but yet it's still nice and fluffy and soft on the inside , which is like epic .

For me when it comes to waffles .

Ok .

Beautiful .

Oh , and they're so good .

Oh my gosh .

My husband says these taste just like Roscoe's waffles and I'm like boo honey .

They taste better , darling .

Don't forget you can find this recipe on my blog do cook dot com going on over there and check it out .

Thank you guys so much for watching later .


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