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2023-08-07 14:20:19

How To Kiss

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It's honey .

How to win .

Misty .

Thanks .

Kissing .

It's important to do it right .

But it's more important not to do it .

Wrong .

Kissing is an audition .

It's your application to the university .

If your goal is to matriculate , you can't flunk your way in as with anything sexy .

There are more don't than dos .

Let's get started .

Number one preparation do brush your teeth and don't forget to brush your tongue .

If you're in a pinch , you can freshen up a little with some gum .

Don't be gross .

If you haven't brushed your teeth today , then guess what ?

Your mouth smells like a toilet .

Cheers me when it comes to poo .

Breath brushing is flushing and candy is nothing .

Number two getting the green light do pick the right moment .

Pay attention to body language .

This is the tricky part .

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Some signs that your partner will kiss you back are pulling closer .

A relaxed expression .

Glancing at your mouth .

Don't ambush kissing is not a ninja move .

No Murphy .

The approach do pick an angle and go with it .

Don't go straight on or your noses will collide and I by phone making contact .

Do keep it gentle and responsive , especially at first .

Yeah .

Especially responding to what they throw back at you is key like batman combat challenge .

Even if you attack first next you must counter a little lip nibble is good .

Don't kiss too soft and definitely don't kiss too hard , soft and mushy can be unpleasant , too intense and you're gonna hurt somebody .

Number five , your tongue don't use it too much .

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It shouldn't feel like you're cleaning their face or cleaning the inside of their mouth .

You're not a cat and you're not a dentist .

Do use your tongue wisely , do use your tongue gently .

Number six , your hands don't go straight to looting the valuables .

Kissing is not a diversion just because their mouth is party does not mean it's ok to trash the place downstairs .

Do use your hands to touch your partner's face hair or pull them closer .

Keep a high strikes out .

Number your eyes don't keep them open the whole time or close them too soon .

Open eyes conveys a lack of trust or worse shows that you plan to eat them like a snake , close them too early and you could be giving out concussions , not do open your eyes every now and then to make sure you're still kissing the same person that they are a person and that there aren't cops or parents or babies or a dog watching or something .

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No breathing do breathe through your nose .

You can also come up for air by kissing their neck or their ears .

Gentle .

That's by the ear can be very sexy .

Don't breathe through your mouth during a kiss that's called CPR .

If you're inflating and deflating their lungs , as you're giving them a kiss , you're doing something wrong .

No , no .

What , what the moisture don't slobber on them .

Saliva has digestive enzymes in it .

It's not attractive unless you plan on digesting someone try to keep your spit indoors .

Swap spit .

Don't spread spit .

Do do .

There isn't a do no spit numbers and keep it up .

Here's the best part after 10 minutes or so , you can throw all these rules out the window , open your eyes , breathe through your mouth .

Get gravy because now you're probably having sex .


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