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2023-08-08 07:09:03

Jason Markk Care - How-To - Essential Kit

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Hey , it's Jason , founder of Jason Mark .

And today I'm going to talk about our essential kit .

This is our signature kit that comes with the four ounce premium cleaner as well as our standard brush .

The cleaner goes a long way .

You don't need a lot and this little four ounce bottle will clean up to 100 pairs of shoes .

It cleans and conditions .

So as a natural conditioning property , which is noticeable , especially when you're cleaning an all leather sneaker like this one , after you apply the solution and wipe it down , you'll see the leather being more supple and is more supple to the touch as well .

Our standard brush has synthetic bristles that with a little tougher bristle .

That's great for areas like mid soles and under .

So and for all other sneakers like this one , if you're going to be cleaning delicate materials , you want to be sure to use our premium brush .

Our premium brush comes with a softer hog bristle .

It's not sold in the essential kit , but you can buy it separately .

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So today I'm going to demonstrate how to use this product , our essential kit on these Air Jordan one Royals .

So what you need is the premium cleaner .

You have the standard brush .

You need a bowl of clean water , some microfiber towels and a dry brush .

And I'm going to be using the suede handle brush from our suede kit .

This has a soft ho bristle and you just want to use this dry .

So the first thing that you want to do is always start off by dry brushing the shoe .

So take the soft bristle brush and just give it a once over the entire shoe .

And what this is doing is is just removing any top layer dirt or dust that might be on the shoe .

So that when you go and hit it with the solution and water , it just doesn't embed deeper into the material .

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Once you've done that , want to take your standard brush , your solution , you dip the , the bristles into the water , apply the solution to the bristles , get back into the water and shake out any excess and you're just gonna start scrubbing .

I scrub in like circular motion .

And if you have the time , you know , it's always great to remove the laces .

So that way you can get into all the little crevices .

But for the sake of , you know , this video , I'm just gonna show you how to do it straightforward .

So a little bit more solution back into the water , you see it starts to foam up and that's what you want our solution .

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It's completely biodegradable .

It's derived from natural oils , coconut and other natural oils .

You don't got to worry about , you know , damaging the material with the , with the solution because it doesn't contain any harsh abrasive or , or chemicals .

It's completely natural .

And like I said , that natural conditioning property that comes from the coconut and you'll see as soon as I wipe this down , you'll notice the leather just really being conditioned and that , that really helps to extend the life of the shoes as well .

Take your towel and just give it a good wipe down .

And you can see on that leather , you could just visibly tell that it's conditioned and that's like one of the , the , the one of the things about our solution that I feel most people don't know .

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And it's like one of my favorite things because not only is it making the shoe look amazing , but just knowing that it's , it's conditioning that leather and it's gonna prolong the life of the shoe .

That , that's amazing to me .

So you can see it cleans up really nice already .

But if you , if you really want to give it a nice clean show you a little trick .

So what you can do is you take the microfiber towel and you're gonna take the brush handle , just place it under the towel and you wanna wet it just a little bit just like that .

I even apply a little bit of solution straight onto the towel .

And this is great for Mid Souls in like stubborn areas where it just , it , it won't come off with a good brush .

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So you want to take the towel and you just want to apply a little bit of pressure and work it just like that .

I find at times I'll go over and over with it with a brush and it's just , sometimes it won't pick it up .

Sometimes it will , but at times it won't .

And this trick works wonders .

So you can see here , you can see all that dirt that it's picked up and picked up a little bit of the , that's why you don't want to apply too much pressure , but it picked up a lot of the dirt .

And the great thing about our original solution is that it's great for deep clean .

So , if you've got a stain that's really embedded into the material , the original solution is the way to go our r to foam .

Our ready to use foam cleaner is great for like quick and easy cleans .

But if you've got the time and you know , you've , again , if you've got that deep inset stain , the original cleaner is definitely the way to go .

So I'm just going to keep working this mid soil here .

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It's got , these are , these are well worn .

It's a great looking shoe .

I love , I love when the shoe is worn and it has that character .

All right .

So I'm gonna continue to clean these shoes , got some stubborn stains on the MS .

I'm pretty confident I can get them out .

I'm gonna show you the afters , but I want to thank you for taking the time .

Be sure to check out the other videos and stay tuned for more .


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