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2023-08-06 16:19:33

How To Clean DESTROYED Soccer Cleats With Reshoevn8r (Nike Mercurial)

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What's going on guys , Johnny bubble back with another how to clean video .

This time guys , it's something that's come highly , highly requested by you guys and that is a pair of soccer cleats and the cleat that we're gonna be cleaning today are these Nike Me materials that are in a fire color right now .

I don't play soccer , but if I did , these are definitely a pair that I would definitely want to pick up .

Now , I know they're not looking in the best shape , but I am gonna go ahead and clean these up guys with rejuvenator , advanced three brush sneaker laundry system and sneaker laundry detergent that is available at rejuvenator dot com guys .

So without further ado , let's get bubbly .

All right guys for this video , I am only going to be cleaning the right shoes .

So I'm gonna put the left one down here to show a before and after afterwards .

Alright guys .

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So the first step is remove the laces , right guys .

Now that the laces are removed , next step is to grab our adjustable shoe tree and adjust it to the size .

These are a size .

Let me see here .

Size is that size nine .

So it's gonna be probably about the sixth hole up like here in the middle .

Let's go ahead and try that out .

Not that the shoe tree is inserted .

Guys .

What that shoe tree is gonna help me do is apply pressure on this toolbox .

Now , this shoe doesn't really crease that much because of the material .

But in most cases , whenever you use a shoe tree , it's gonna help reduce decreasing as well .

So now I'm just gonna grab our solution here , pour a couple of small squirts and then I'm gonna start cleaning the uppers using the soft bristle brush .

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Right , guys , go ahead and check that out .

I am done using the soft bristle brush on the uppers and as you can see , they cleaned up really good with just that soft bristle brush .

Now , I do want to point out a couple of things , not sure how well you're gonna see it on camera , but this mesh area here is looking a little dingy and the reason that is is because any time you clean any mesh material , if you just try to scrub it , it's just gonna push dirt deeper into the netting .

So you really need that laundry system to go ahead , flush it all out , pull it out out and then when it dries , make sure it dries properly as well .

So it doesn't leave any water stains , but that should clear , clean up to like its white natural look or what I believe was white before .

And also these stains here .

Now , grass stains are super tricky .

Um , in most cases , they do tend to stain and don't come out .

So what I would recommend man is if you do play a sport like soccer or whatever , you need cleats for , if you want to keep them clean , clean them after every game , every practice to avoid having these stains .

But I'm gonna go ahead and move on to the out .

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So using the stiff bristle brush and then I'm gonna go back to the uppers and try using the medium brush to get some of the deeper stains out like on this back heel right here .

So let's go ahead and knock that out .

Now , there it is guys out .

So is all done , hit up and clean .

Now , I still want to point out that there is a lot of like green stains from the grass , which I'm not sure if the laundry system will get out , but I'm not too worried about it now to move on to the upper here on this mesh material .

Like I said , I am gonna use the medium brush to get some of the deeper stains out on this back hill here and on this little crease that it has right here as well .

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Bye there .

It is guys .

I am done cleaning the entire shoe .

The uppers look great .

The bottoms look great .

I'm excited to see what they look like when they come out of the wash .

But now guys , the next step is to grab our shoelaces here .

We're gonna go ahead and just dip them in our bowl solution and water all nice and soapy and then rub them in between our hands .

All right , guys , next up is to grab our sneaker laundry bag , gonna go ahead and just open it up like so put the shoe in , lock it up .

You wanna make sure you lock it in pretty good .

So that way the shoelaces don't come out .

What I like to do is if I am cleaning a smaller shoe , like this one is the size nine .

So as you can see , there's plenty of like slack here .

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I like to just tie these together .

Boom .

Now let's go .

Put these in the wash .

All right guys , go ahead and put this soccer cleat in the wash first step , grab your sneaker laundry detergent and loosen the cap , gonna squeeze all the way up to about an ounce .

Right .

There's a little line right here .

Go ahead and put that in your little detergent tray .

Close it up .

Now the settings you wanna use guys , it's gonna be a normal cycle .

Cold water .

Never delicate .

Go ahead and get that full rinse out .

Boom and we'll be back .

All right guys , we are back as you can see these materials cleaned up really , really nice .

Now , one thing I do wanna point out guys and I mentioned this earlier in the video was the grass stains .

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Unfortunately , that's just what happens with grass anytime grass gets on like any material , especially white and it stays there for a while it's gonna stain .

And that's unfortunate .

But overall , I am super satisfied with this cleaning .

I mean , you can see before and after even that uh grass stain , it definitely lightened up .

So it's not as bad as it was before .

But overall , it looks really , really good .

And remember guys , I was able to achieve these results with rejuvenator , advanced three brush sneaker laundry system and sneak laundry detergent that is available at rejuvenator dot com .

But that's gonna wrap up today's video .

Guys , go ahead and leave me a comment below .

What shoe haven't we cleaned ?

As you mentioned , this was one that was highly requested , um , to clean some cleats .

We went with soccer ones , but let me know what shoe haven't we cleaned or you haven't seen on our , on our channel and maybe we'll go ahead and choose that .

So go ahead and leave me a comment below .

I'm Johnny Bos .

I'll see you guys next time .

Peace .


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