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2023-08-06 16:20:00

Caramel & Masala Popcorn Recipe - 2 Ways _ Lockdown Special - CookingShooking

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Today , I am sharing this very simple and delicious recipe of caramel popcorn and check popcorn .

Hey , foodies , welcome to cooking shooting .

Let's begin .

So we will begin with the popcorn itself .

Here .

I have round variety of popcorn which is mushroom popcorn .

You can also use the regular variety which is known as butterfly .

Anything that's available can be used .

If I'm using half cup of it , we will heat up a card high in high flame as we are going to pop the corn .

At first , the flame needs to be high , add oil to it about two tablespoons and then we will add the popcorn also begin stirring it .

The oil should be enough to coat them really well .

So here I'm adding one more tablespoon of the oil in total .

This is about three tablespoons of oil stir this with a big spoon and we are going to cook it until it begins to get lighter in color .

Only about 30 seconds .

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Guys , after about 30 seconds , you will notice how these are getting lighter in color .

Now spread them in a thin layer so that all of them pop and we are going to cover it with the lead , keep the flame high .

And in about one minute , all the popcorn will be popped .

You can also make the recipe with the act two popcorn .

If you want to just that , you have to be careful when you are coating it .

And the music is paused here .

Our plain mushroom Gourmet popcorn is ready for making different flavors .

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We are going to now open the lid a little bit so that the steam can escape , turn off the flame and let the steam escape so that they get crunchy .

Here , you can see the popcorn is looking amazing .

Now , we are going to take it out into two bowls as we are making two flavors .

So the popcorn is divided .

Now we are going to make the salted caramel popcorn at first .

So for that heater packet high in high flame , we are going to make caramel .

So you have to be very careful here .

I have half cup of sugar , add it in and heat it up in high flame .

If you are making all caramel popcorn , I mean , if you are making caramel popcorn of the whole batch , then you have to use one cup of sugar .

Basically double the quantity of the popcorn kernels make a thin layer as I'm doing right now of the sugar and let it melt in high flame .

Be very careful guys as we are making caramel , this is hotter than boiling water .

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If it comes in contact , it will be very bad .

Keep stirring it , especially at this stage where the sugar has begun melting .

And if the sugar crystals are sticking to the spoon , then you can use a knife and break them apart .

We want the sugar to melt evenly .

So at this stage , you can keep the flame medium and then begin stirring it and cook it until we get a sunny golden type of caramel .

The color of the sugar should be Suning golden .

This looks great .

Now you can see there is no more silver crystal and the color is also sunny golden .

Now we are going to add butter which is one tablespoon and a little bit of salt .

This is two pinches of sal or basically one teaspoon .

Now give it a stir , keep the flame low and we're going to cook it until the caramel starts foaming .

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You have to be extremely careful guys , it can be dangerous after about 30 seconds or so .

We are going to add baking soda here .

You can see the baking soda quantity is one a teaspoon or basically two pinches .

Now you can see bubbles are there in the center .

We will turn off the flame .

The caramel is forming .

If you cook it anymore , then you will get a burnt flavor .

The flame is off , add the baking soda and give it a stir , see how it is forming up .

Now , the caramel is ready .

We are going to add the popcorn and then stir it at first , it will feel like the caramel is not getting coated at all , but don't worry , keep stirring it patiently .

And in about one minute , all of the caramel will be coated .

You have to start from the bottom because the caramel is at the bottom .

Here , most of the popcorn pieces are coated .

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Now , I'm taking it out into a plate so that it can cool down .

Don't touch it right now , guys , it is way too hot .

You can use two forks and then try to spread them so that they don't stick together .

We will let it rest for about 10 minutes after that , it will be party time .

So after 10 minutes , our popcorn is ready and it will be very crunchy right now if it feels like they are stuck together , don't worry , just try to break them apart and with a light hand , they will easily separate .

And by the way , if they are stuck to the plate , don't worry .

After about five or 10 minutes , they will easily open .

So here our chicky popcorn or salted caramel popcorn is ready .

Let's enjoy .

The first variety is ready for me guys .

I have to make the second variety also for you guys .

Let's make the male the chat popcorn for that year .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I have a bowl in this .

I'm taking 1.5 teaspoons of Charred Masala , one teaspoon of Pudina powder or dry mint .

You can skip this if you don't have it .

We basically dry the extra leaves at home in sun after one day .

It looks something like this .

I'm also taking 1.5 teaspoons of red chili powder because I like it very spicy , same quantity of salt and we will mix it .

So the dry powder is ready if you want the popcorn to be extra crunchy , just Sprinkle it and you can enjoy .

But if you are like me who enjoy sour and spicy taste , then you can squeeze one lemon and then mix it with the lemon juice .

Only corn is that the popcorn will get soggy after about 15 to 20 minutes .

So you have to eat it immediately .

So after mixing the lemon juice here , you can see the consistency is looking kind of liquid .

We will add the popcorn and then mix it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Our spicy popcorn is ready to eat .

Now , let's enjoy .

So that was the recipe for popcorn two ways .

Do share it with your friends if you liked it .

Homemade version is the best guys .

See you soon with one more video .

Bye .

Take care .


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