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2023-08-07 14:23:20

'THIS' Is How To Get A Girl To KISS YOU! Do This And She Will Want To Kiss You (MUST WATCH GUIDE)

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guys should not always have to make the first move When it comes to kissing .

Ladies can and do make the first move all the time .

So if you are wondering , how do I get a girl to kiss me ?

The video is here to help .

Today I will be showing you nine ways that you can make a girl want to kiss you .

Sometimes ladies really do want to be the first ones to make the move .

But they just need to be shown some signs so that they don't get turned down .

Stay tuned .

OK , so you've got to look the part ladies like it when a man looks the part .

If you are going to meet up with a lady , make sure you have shaved .

You might not know this guys , but stubble is actually really hard and painful against a lady's face .

So just seeing it on your face will make her feel more cautious about kissing you because , well , yeah , it could hurt .

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It also makes it seem like you haven't put much effort into your appearance , so make sure to shave before any date or outing with the lady .

And she will love the thought of your soft skin against hers .

It will make it much more likely that she will want to plant a kiss on you .

You must also dress nicely .

It's understandable if you are on a date that is on a beach or a hike that you would be wearing shorts .

If you are going out to the movies going out for dinner or I don't know bowling , then , yeah , you should dress nicely .

Basically , it's important to look the part on the date .

This one actually make you more retracted , which means your crush is more likely to lean in and kiss you .

Brush your teeth .

If you would like a girl to kiss you .

Keep up Amazing dental hygiene Guys .

Girls can pick up on your dental hygiene just from sitting across the table from you .

They can smell your breath when they get close to you .

So yeah , if it smells clean , they are going to be more likely to kiss you .

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If it smells anything other well , they are less likely to want to kiss you and yeah , that's just not what you want , so make sure to brush your teeth , use mouthwash and freshen up your breath with gum , you need to drop hints .

You get nervous when speaking to a girl that you like , right ?

You might wonder .

Does she even like me ?

Does she even want to kiss me ?

Well , guys , girls think the exact same things .

If you want a girl to kiss you , she needs to understand how you feel .

You need to make it obvious that you like her so that she's comfortable enough to lean across the table and kiss you .

And to do this , you need to be dropping in some hints , monitor your body language and make sure that you are displaying open body language , anything that isn't you being closed off like this .

So move in closer to the lady , touch her arm or her shoulder , maintain some good eye contact and flirt where appropriate .

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She will pretty quickly piece together that you like her .

And yes , she will want to kiss you be in the right environment .

You are less likely to be kissed during a mini golf date than you are at a romantic dinner .

If you want the girl to kiss you , you need to make sure that you are in the correct environment .

It has to be screaming .

Romance is here a candle at dinner , a picnic on the beach or a romantic walk in the moonlight .

These are all very romantic dates .

They would naturally lead to a kiss because you are flirting .

You are close to each other , and you are able to maintain strong icons .

And if you want to make it extra special and drop a hint that you like her , which could lead into a kiss , you could take a bunch of roses or any form of flowers to your date or even a box of chocolates .

Look at her lips .

Now this all comes down to body language .

You need to send her signs that you are interested .

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So to do this , look at her lips while she is talking .

Not all the time , though .

You just need to remember to maintain eye contact , but every so often your eyes can drift down and she will notice what you are doing .

She's gonna pick up on it , so you also need to be drawing attention to your own lips as well .

Ladies are deeply attracted to a man's lips .

We just don't really talk about it so you guys probably never knew .

There is just something about them that we like so occasionally You can lick your lips or you can leave them slightly parted .

Make sure you smile to show them off .

And if you are both really close and flirting , you could bite the side of your lip as well .

And that starts to ramp up that sexual energy .

Now the girl simply will not be able to resist your lips .

And she will .

Well , she's gonna be leaning in very close to kiss you .

Pay attention .

If you would like a girl to want to kiss you , she needs to feel important to you .

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She needs to feel like she has your full attention .

It could be easy to lose concentration or attention .

When you are in a busy restaurant , you can find your eyes staring around everything in the room .

And this is really off putting .

And it makes the other person think , Why am I even here ?

So , guys , make sure to give her your full attention , nod when she speaks and relay things back to her that she has said so that she knows you really are listening to everything if she mentions that she has a brother , for example , bring it up later by saying so .

He told me he had a brother .

But how old is he now ?

This is going to deepen that connection .

This will make her feel like she is the only girl in the room at that time with you .

And yet she is much more likely to want to kiss you .

Touch her face Now , guys , you can only do this when it is appropriate .

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This means you should have been dating a while before you jump into doing this one .

Maybe you have been on three dates and flirting quite a lot .

Well , then it might might feel natural to start touching each other .

And if you are in a private area and some flirting is going on , you could pull her face gently towards you or just make eye contact and touch her face gently .

That romantic kind of stroke of the face she might lean in at that point to kiss you simply because , well , she will not be able to resist that charm anymore .

Remember , though , gentlemen , if she does not want to kiss you , please .

Please , please .

Please do , Do not force it .

If it feels right , naturally , then go for it .

Compliments .

Ladies simply love to be complimented .

They really do .

So give your girl some genuine compliments so that she can gain that confidence around you .

Now we did touch on this a little bit earlier on .

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If you are feeling nervous , then it's possible that she is feeling it , too .

Try and make it easier on her by making her feel comfortable around you , and that makes you feel a little bit to actually talk aloud .

Compliments such as I like your hair or you look so pretty tonight are all great ones .

Just make sure that they really are genuine compliments , and it will make her feel so much better important .

Don't overthink it .

We can all overthink things from time to time , and that's perfectly normal .

Normally , though , if we do overthink things , it makes us much more nervous .

And then we appear less ner natural .

You want to be as natural as possible around the girl that you like .

And if you are giving off nervous energy , she might think that you actually don't like her .

It could even make her so nervous as well that she doesn't even want to get close to you to kiss you .

So you need to chill out a little bit .

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The best way to kill that overthinking is to formulate a plan .

Make sure you have a strategy in place .

Think about the points mentioned above and think about some ways that you can work them in .

Also , make sure to plan a date that is appropriate for the outcome that you would like .

And here is a bonus point .

Be confident , guys .

If you want a lady to kiss you , you need to be confident your confidence will radiate around the room .

And the lady will think if he is confident , then well , I shouldn't really be with him .

And it will encourage her to take that leap of faith and kiss you .

If you create the right environment with things that you say and through your open body language , well , it's fail proof .

If you take these points on board , gentlemen , the girl that you like will want to kiss you in no time .

If you think I missed something from today's video , let me know down in the comments .

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Have an amazing day .

See you soon .


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