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2023-08-06 16:14:08

The Best Way To Clean All White Nike Air Force 1s!

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What's going on guys , Johnny Bubble is here to announce another sneak giveaway .

This time .

We teamed up with Harrison Neville and Sneaker Knockers to give one lucky person a chance at winning a Nike dunk civil SB in their size .

Well , what a crazy holiday gift .

That would be all you have to do to answer you guys is real simple .

You must follow or shoot later on Twitter Harrison on Twitter and Sneak Knockers on Twitter .

Lastly , there's a link in the description below to the Twitter link where you have to go like and share and there's one final step that is in that Twitter link that'll tell you what to do .

But that's it guys .

It's real simple .

One lucky winner will be chosen on December 11th to win this pair .

Matt .

Can I , can I join this ?

I can't join this .

That's a dope pair guys , but good luck and happy holidays .

Peace .

What's going on guys ?

Welcome back to another shoot Care Academy video .

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I'm Johnny Bubbles and today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to clean up these all white Air Force ones using the N signature bundle and I will be telling you guys at the end of this video , how you can win one of our holiday boxes .

So don't miss out , let's get bubbly .

All right guys , for today's video , I am gonna put the left shoe on the floor and only clean the right one for before and after comparisons .

And I know what you guys say , we stage the stuff and we get the shoes dirty on purpose .

We actually bought these already used .

You can see the inside is looking super crusty .

So this is actually worn and I'm hoping I could bring this back to life even though the so it is a little yellow , not really worried about it , but the first step guys is insert your shoe tree into the shoe .

Now , what you wanna do is adjust it to your size .

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These are a size 8.5 .

So it's probably gonna be around here if that's not right , I'll go ahead and adjust it , but you wanna place them in just like .

So you don't wanna put them in this way , you can accidentally break this plastic .

So you definitely want it like this , entered it into the shoe and then press down on this handle here if it's too strong , just like it is here .

It might not be the right size .

This one's fine .

And as you can see , we went ahead and brought back the original shape and that's gonna allow me to get a deeper scrub in this crease as well .

So next up guys , remove the laces .

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All right guys , before I move on to the next step , one thing I do wanna recommend is if your laces are pretty stained in little spots like this , I definitely recommend getting another bowl with water and solution and just letting your laces soak in there while you clean the shoe and we'll just get back to the cleaning on these laces later .

Now , of course , next step guys is to grab your bottle of solution .

Pour a couple of squirts into your bowl and begin the cleaning using the soft bristle brush .

Yeah .

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All right guys , I went ahead and cleaned just one side of the shoe .

Go ahead and check that out .

Now , the reason why I did this is because I wanna show you guys the stitch lines on the entire shoe are super dingy .

So even if you just clean the shoe with just the brushes , you are gonna see some staining in the stitching , which is why I'm gonna be using the laundry system .

Hopefully , I'm able to get it nice and white , but in some cases , it does get stained , but I just wanted to show you guys that real quick and honestly , it looks pretty cool .

All right guys , I am done cleaning the entire uppers with the soft bristle brush .

I'm gonna go ahead and move on to the mid .

So using the medium brush and then lastly clean up the using the stiff brush .

So let's go ahead and move on to that .

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270.459 --> 368.109

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the is looking really nice .

The only thing is guys , it is yellow and that is due to oxidation .

So unfortunately , I can't remove it with the solution .

But if you wanted to see how to remove yellowing , go ahead and check out Vic's restoration videos .

He has plenty of those to show you how to remove the yellowing .

Now , guys , next step is to get that bowl that has the shoelaces soaked in them .

You wanna go ahead and just grab them and you can either rub them between your hands or take a soft brush , dip it in the solution and give it a nice scrub .

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Go to check out that le All right guys , and the last step is to grab the laundry bag .

You wanna go ahead and put the shoe in there , get the laces , put them in a little pocket .

Right .

Right .

Guys , the shoes are ready for the wash .

I'm gonna go ahead and grab my paws and I'll be right back .

All right , guys , I am back .

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I went ahead and let these shoes dry on the drying rack for about four hours and as you can see the shoe definitely cleaned up nice and crispy .

Now , one thing I do wanna point out guys is the stitching .

It didn't come back fully like I was hoping it would .

But unfortunately , when you deal with white stitching on any shoe , not just white Air Force ones , this is gonna happen and when you have dirt this deep , it's just gonna stain the material .

And unfortunately , there's just no way to get it fully clean .

But overall , I am super satisfied to see that this shoe once looked like this and is now actually wearable once again .

So don't forget guys that I did use rejuvenator signature bundle that you can find at rejuvenated dot com .

And now before I end this video , I was telling you guys early on how you you can win a holiday box and it's real simple .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All you have to do guys is go to rejuvenator Instagram like as many photos as you can come back to this , hit the comment section and just leave a comment that says like with your IG handle , we'll go ahead and choose a winner and contact you guys within 72 hours .

If you can't wait and you just wanna buy one , go ahead and head over to rejuvenator dot com .

We got them for sale as well .

I'm Johnny Bubbles guys and I'll see you guys next time .

Peace .


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