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2023-08-08 06:58:32

Bhatkal Chicken Biryani Karnataka Speciality - By VahChef @

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Yes , hello .

Welcome back to another session with your was chef at dot com .

Today we're going to learn another Biryani from the coastal region of Karnataka , very popularly known as Baal Biryani .

Dear friends .

This is going to be very unique because we're going to add tomatoes in this and also it's not going to be that spicy .

So let's learn how to make this biryani for this .

Take some oil in a biryani , honey add whole masala and belief add onion .

You know , we are not going to brown the onion but we're just going to them add salt .

Now in this , add some turmeric , green chilies and ginger garlic paste .

Once the raw flavor of this ginger garlic paste is gone .

Look at this onion .

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They have sweated , they become slightly soft but not brown in this add tomatoes .

Now these tomatoes , once the biryani is done , these tomatoes will be disappearing .

You know , after you add the tomatoes also add chopped mint chopped coriander chili powder and uh masala or if you want , you can also add a Biryani masala into this .

OK ?

Now mix all of this and now in this , add the pieces of chicken , OK .

In the Hyderabad , the Biryani , when we make , we usually add little bigger pieces of chicken in this .

They cut a little bit smaller but whatever uh pieces you add is OK .

Now , just mix all of this in this .

We don't add yogurt or anything , but we may want to add a little bit of water .

You know , if you are making a little larger quantity , you don't even need to add water .

But if you're making small quantity of biryani , you can just add some water into this .

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Not too much , just one cup of water should be good enough and just spread the chicken in this , just put the lid and let it cook on a slow flame .

Now , we're going to cook the rice .

Now , in this hot boiling water , add just one or two tablespoon of oil salt and the water has to be slightly salty because in the Biryani , the rice , we are going to spread on top .

So we still need a little bit of salt in rice to make it taste good .

And uh if you want , you can also add some jira jira .

But today , I'm not adding anything in this hot water , add rice .

Most of the times we cook the rice till it is 75% .

And you put this hot rice on top of this chicken , which is almost uh coming to a boiling point and you're going to seal this and we're going to let this rice cook in the steam .

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And when the rice is cooked to 100% it almost is twice the size of the 75% cooked rice .

You know , I'm going to create one session just explaining you how to cook the rice , 75% and detail explain how to recognize what is 75% cooked or what is 80% cooked .

So that part we're going to do in another session .

So , you know , after this , if you want , you can add a little extra and uh that will make your biryani even more tasty .

And you know , just some saffron just on top .

This will give a very nice uh you know , for a Biryani usually in style of biryani , they don't add saffron the way I'm adding here .

This is more like a and uh other style of method .

But you know , if I don't add this , I don't feel it's like a Biryani .

So I'm just adding laugh we Hyde about this .

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We have a tough time when we go and eat Biryani outside because the way they cook the rice is what will be very disappointing at a lot of places .

You know , you want the rice to be like pearls , the way you know , this is going to turn out and you know the stages of uh how the rice will develop is very important .

Once you understand that you will be able to make your rice perfect , you know , a lot of times people write to me that the rice is never perfect .

It is either less cooked or overcooked on this .

You know , just Sprinkle some lime juice .

This is good that will give a very refreshing flavor .

Put the lid on and in fact , I'm going to put the dough and kind of dumb this uh but they just put the lid on and cook and it's up to you , you know how you want to cook when you put the dough and put the lid on your rice will become even more perfect with the steam .

Now , you know , just we're going to open this uh lid and we're going to check , look at this , you know .

Hm .

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You know , we Hyderabad is , we are very particular about our Biryani .

So , you know , they make the rice a little more softer than this .

But even this , you know , it's in between the and then the Hyderabadi Biryani and look at this , you know , once this is done , ah , the aroma is super , super laugh and look at this chicken and the rice .

See , whenever you make a Biryani , one thing is very important that there are three colors .

One thing is a brown , one thing is nice , golden yellow and the other thing is white when you have all these combinations , that's when the Biryani is awesome today , I've got a very good friend of mine , Mr Pravin Sula .

Please say hello to our friends .

And , um , he is a great foodie .

I'm telling you not one restaurant , he's got multiple restaurants and he's got a speciality .

Biryani restaurant in Fremont , California .

It's called Biryani Ball , isn't it ?

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Yeah , Biryani Ball in Fremont , California .

And we're going to give him because when I told him that I'm going to make a Biryani in which we're going to use tomatoes .

He said tomatoes .

Yes .

So , can you please taste our Biryani with tomatoes ?

That tomato is organ ?

You can enjoy the nice flavor of uh tomato with the rice .

It's of how about you ?

Yeah , me too here .

Ah , amazing .

Isn't it amazing ?

Yes , dear , friends .

This Biryani , we made a little bit combination from Hyderabadi as well as we made sure the rice is perfectly like pearls and the masala is nicely flavored with tomatoes .

If you like tomato rice , I'm telling you , you will thoroughly enjoy because this is a great combination between tomato rice and a good Hyderabad biryani .

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I hope you enjoyed today's session of learning this Biryani , but do not forget is all about inspiring others to cook .

So please post your recipes and cooking tips at dot com so others can benefit from your great cooking .

Thank you .


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