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2023-08-06 16:11:34

How To Make Stickers with Cricut and Procreate (Die Cut & Kiss Cut)

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In today's video .

I'm going to show you how you can make vinyl die cut stickers like these as well as these Kiss cut sticker sheets at home using procreate on the ipad and a cricket .

I'll be using the ipad pro 12.9 inch .

This is a Gen 4 2020 model along with the gen two apple pencil .

The app is procreate along with cricket design studio .

The sticker paper we're using today is printable vinyl from the paper studio .

This comes in 10 sheet packs available at Hobby lobby .

The model , the cricket is the maker and the printer is a Canon MG 6200 .

As an artist stickers are a great way to connect with your fans and as a side hustle .

Of course , there's a lot of companies that you can order stickers from like red bubble or sticker mule .

But as an artist , nothing beats the feeling of making something yourself by hand .

Offer them for sale on your website , use them as Patreon tier rewards or sell them on sites like Etsy .

The possibilities are endless .

So if you want to see how I make these stickers and the process that I use , keep watching .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right guys , let's go ahead and jump into the video .

Then the first thing we're gonna talk about is how to make a die cut style sticker using procreate and the cricket .

I'm using this design .

Of course , this is something that I already made previously .

This was from a previous time lapse video that I had on the channel .

If you guys are interested in how to draw something like this using sketching and how to ink it , colors shadows , highlights , you can definitely hop back and watch one of my previous videos .

I've covered that a lot in previous videos .

This one , I'm gonna keep it short and kind of just use this premade one to save some time .

We're just going to talk about how to prep a finished design before you get to this part starting out though .

Definitely make sure you're starting with a large canvas .

This one's a 4000 by 4000 pixel , 300 DP I canvas , you want it big .

So once you start to scale these down , you don't lose any .

So the first thing we need to do is add a nice white stroke around our design .

So to do that , we're going to go ahead and add a new layer here .

We're going to drag and drop this layer down underneath this layer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

One of course , I've got all these layers merged .

So I've got these pinched together if you're using , you know , a different layer for lines and colors , shadows and highlights , just make sure that this is your very bottom layer .

Now , for our brushes , we're gonna go ahead and go into our calligraphy set and we're going to choose Monoline clicking mono line .

We want to make sure that our streamline on this under our stroke path is turned up to Max Monoline is nice because no matter how hard you press , the size of the line stays constant and streamline allows you to kind of remove the shakiness .

Since we're going to go around this kind of slow , we want to make sure our line does not shake .

So that's what Streamline is gonna do .

So we're just gonna go ahead and go around here .

Anybody watching this that might feel the need to comment .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I did a previous video about how to outline with procreates and the comment that constantly came in said doing it like this is a waste of time and I'm doing it all wrong and you need to actually just go ahead and duplicate your layer , fill that layer with white and do a uniform transform and drag it out and around .

And the reason why I don't do that is because that doesn't work .

So all the people that left comments before are saying that's how you do it .

They obviously have never tried it because with a complicated shape like this doesn't work , works with circles , works with squares but does not work with complicated shapes like this .

So there's that little tidbit of information for you .

Then I'm just gonna add these little side parts here where the whiskers come out like .

So , so there we go .

We've got our stroke here .

I'll turn off the background so you can kind of see what we're left with really nice white stroke around here .

So we're gonna go ahead and save this to do that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're going to go up to our Wrench icon and go to share and we're going to select P and G .

This is gonna save this with that transparent background .

Make sure your background is turned off and then we're gonna go to save the files and then wherever you want to save it .

I've got a new folder made down here called save files .

You can make a new folder if you need to up here and let's just change this to cats and we will save it and there we go exported successfully .

Now , we're gonna move over to cricket Design studio , ok ?

So from here we need to jump over to cricket Design studio .

You can download this from the App store .

It's a free download when you first launch it , you do need to set everything up .

So you will have to do machine set up and do the machine selection .

I've got the maker , it's gonna walk you through all of it , really self explanatory .

Everything sets up through blue too .

I can't show you here because it's already set up .

But like I said , super easy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So once you have that done , definitely come back and we can go ahead and get our cat uploaded into the program .

It's one thing I love about the ipad .

The fact it's got procreate and this cricket design studio in one , no need to transfer over to the computer .

You can do all this from the ipad .

So now that we're here , we can go down here to upload .

We're going to select that and we're gonna go to browse files .

This is going to bring up our locations on our ipad .

We're on , on my ipad and save files brings up our cat .

So we're gonna click on that guy there and you'll see the first thing that it shows is it brings up this version , which is the colored version , this one in the window here is the cut version gives you the silhouette we can hit next and you're gonna see that silhouette's there as well here .

What you're really looking for is to make sure that there's no dots outside here .

Uh If you're doing the creation process , you might have some little faint lines around that you missed seeing and the cricket is gonna pick that up and want to cut around those too .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So make sure that you're looking out for those and then we're gonna go ahead and hit next from here .

This side is gonna be the cut image side .

This is the and cut .

We want to make sure that this side is selected .

This is going to send it to the printer first and then it's going to allow us to cut it .

So we want to make sure that that one is selected .

That's our sticker one .

We're going to call this cat and hit done and it's gonna save and there we go .

So we can go ahead and select this guy and hit insert and it's gonna put it on our canvas here .

So you'll see .

We've got the , this is all in inches , the dimensions of everything here kind of zoom in a little bit here .

We're gonna select him and of course , we need to make him quite a bit smaller .

I wanna get probably about six of this guy on a sheet .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So gonna do probably about , let's see when we go three down , probably about there .

We'll see here in a second .

Uh So we've got him , let's go ahead and go to our actions and let's hit duplicate .

Then we're gonna select him , slide him over right there and you'll see the lines , let you know that everything's in place .

And then if we just drag kind of highlight both of them , we can duplicate those again , we'll drag those down here .

Make sure there's enough gap in between here , even though uh you know , you can see it here .

You gotta think that white line is gonna be there as well and then we're gonna duplicate that one and drag that one down , making sure we got enough room for those lines there .

Ok ?

So we've got our six heads here .

Let's go ahead and go to make it and check and see if these are gonna work .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Sometimes if you've got too many on a page , it's gonna want to print out on double pages , you know , page one and page two and we don't want that , but you'll see it works here .

One thing you will notice when you kind of play around with this , this black line is basically how the cricket determines where the paper is at and where to cut at .

That's kind of like a guideline that it sees .

Uh this will not fill up the entire page .

So you're not gonna be able to use this entire white section .

So we've got everything set up like we need to .

So let's go ahead and hit print and then it's gonna ask for your printer .

So we're gonna go ahead and select a single sided color .

This is really going to depend on your printer right now that we're over to our printer .

We're going to throw our vinyl sticker paper in face down .

Like , so then the cricket design studio , we're just gonna go ahead and go to print .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

Now that we've got our sheet printed , we need to attach it to the cricket cutting mat .

Really important thing here is to make sure this top left hand corner matches and goes right and centered in there as the sheet comes down the page .

You want to make sure it runs perfectly with the line here and then perfectly with the line on top .

If anything is off during this process , it's going to affect how the cricket cuts your lines and everything might not be lined up perfectly on the cut .

So it's really important to get this as accurate as possible .

Now that we've got that on there , it's ready to go in the cricket .

You'll see here , our cricket machine is ready , the load button is flashing .

So what you need to do is make sure the mat slides into the guides there on the left and right and hit the arrow there to load .

Let's go back in the cricket studio and finish everything up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

First thing we need to do is set the material and you'll see if you go to all materials , there are just an absolute ton of presets in here to speed this up .

Let's just go to the search bar and type in sticker and you'll see these come up .

You're gonna be using sticker paper a lot .

So I would recommend going ahead and hitting that star there .

That's gonna allow that to come up in your favorites and let's click on that and you'll see it adds the sticker paper in there .

We've already got everything loaded .

So now we just need to press , go on the cricket and start to cut .

All right .

So we are ready to cut .

All we have to do is just hit the flashing cricket logo here and everything is gonna start .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , now that the cutting process is finished , we just have to hit the flashing arrow button to unload the sheet from here .

We're gonna turn the mat over and we're gonna kind of bend and peel the mat back as we keep the sticker sheet flat .

Like .

So our stickers are stuck on the mat .

Next , using our scraping tool , we can get underneath the stickers and just pop them right off the mat .

Here's a close up of how the dye cut stickers turned out as you can see these things really pop color accuracy on this paper is just fantastic .

The cuts are just super clean .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can just see how well that stroke forms around there and just how clean that cut is just really , really nice and the backs pull off super easy too .

I really like the vinyl that stickers are made out of .

It's very flexible and it's just got a really nice professional feel to it .

So next up , we're gonna talk about how to make kiss cut sticker sheets .

These are gonna be a sheet , a collection of stickers .

When you peel off the sticker , the back remains intact to the whole sheet .

And I've got this cute little Kawai sushi that we're gonna work with here .

So you can see this time around .

I've got all separate layers .

So I'm gonna make a new layer and drag it underneath here .

Once again , white selected and calligraphy Monoline selected with Monoline turned to streamline .

Let's go ahead and add the stroke right now that we've got our stroke added .

We want to go ahead and turn our background off and then we're going to go up to our Wrench icon .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're going to go over to copy canvas now that we've got that selected , we're going to go back to gallery and I've already got this kind of started to save some time .

You'll see .

This is my sticker page here .

This is a 3000 by 2400 pixel canvas 300 DP I , so let's go ahead and open that up and basically , I pre loaded all of these in .

Now , we need to go up to the Wrench icon and we need to go to paste .

This is gonna load this in and then we're just gonna go ahead and shrink that down and fit it in here at the top .

And basically , that's what I did with every single other one of these on here , just basically added them in and then moved them around and got them resized .

Now , we've got a really nice sticker sheet that's ready to send over to cricket .

So let's go ahead and turn off our background color So we're left with that transparent background .

Let's go up to our Wrench icon .

Go to share once again , wanna share it as a PNG .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then once again , we're gonna save it to our files , save files .

And let's just call this one sushi .

Well , there we go .

Done and save .

That's gonna save to our files .

Now , let's go back over to Cricket Design studio .

Let's open this up .

Once again , we're going to go ahead and start a new project just like we did before .

We're going to replace our old project that saved in there .

So we've got that done .

Let's go ahead and upload our sushi here .

Once again , we're gonna go to browse files , upload our sushi here .

And once again , we just need to walk through these steps making sure that everything is perfect .

You'll see that there's no extra lines or anything .

We are good to go .

So let's go ahead and hit next .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Once again , we need to make sure that the print and cut is the one that's selected .

The green needs to be around that .

Let's just save it as sushi and safe .

Let's go ahead and select our image .

We're gonna shrink this down just a little bit .

Bring it up here into the corner .

Once again , you don't want to get too close to the corner because you don't wanna have that edge of the stroke chopped off there .

So we'll shrink it down here .

Just a little bit more .

It's about right there .

And then let's go ahead and once again , go to our actions and duplicate .

We're gonna bring this one down .

We're just gonna do two per page on this .

Let's gonna make it .

And once again , we're gonna make sure that this fits all in one page .

We're gonna make sure that it doesn't take two pages and you'll see that this does actually take two pages because it's not fitting on one .

So let's go back one more time here to our canvas and let's delete this one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We'll shrink this one down just a tad , then we'll duplicate it and move it down again .

We'll see what we're left with here .

Like I said , sometimes it is a back and forth process to make sure that you've got it sized correctly and there you'll see they are both on the page .

I wanna make sure that they're both kind of away from each other .

Once again , we want to be able to cut these in half .

So there we go .

The black binding box here .

That's what the cricket's gonna read to know exactly where everything's at .

So let's go ahead and continue .

Our printer is already selected .

So let's go ahead and print now that we've got our printed sheet , we can go ahead and attach it to the cricket mat once again , making sure that it's in the corner and lined up perfectly with those edge lines .

So now we need to make some changes since we're switching from Dy Cut to Kiss cut and that's gonna come in with our material setting .

So we're gonna click that go to all materials again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if we type in wash , it's gonna bring up washy sheet , we're going to select that one .

What this is gonna do is gonna allow the blade not to go all the way through the entire paper .

It's gonna leave that backing intact .

Now that we've got everything loaded , we can go ahead and go back to the cricket and press .

Go .

All right now that our sheet is printed .

Once again , we're ready to peel this thing off .

Like I said previously , you want to roll the back of the mat rather than the paper itself .

And you'll see this time , the stickers are not peeling off onto the mat .

And this is the difference between dy cut and kiss cut and we are left with our sticker sheet like this next up .

We wanna go ahead and cut these out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we've got the official cricket paper cutter here and we're just gonna use the black lines as our guide for where to cut .

And here you'll see we're left with two super cute sticker sheets .

When you go to remove these from the page , they're going to have the sticky part ready to go since kiss cuts are just light surface cuts and don't go all the way through your material .

So there you go .

Two different ways to make awesome stickers at home , using your ipad and a cricket .

All right guys , that's it for today's video as always .

Thank you for watching .

I appreciate it .

If you like today's video too , if you got some value out of it , make sure you give it a thumbs up .

Subscribe to the channel .

If you haven't already and hit the bell for notifications , you can get alerted when I post new videos and I'm sure you're probably sitting there thinking to yourself .

OK , here's where he's gonna tell me where to go to buy his stickers .

This is one big sales pitch and that's not the case .

This video is just for information .

It gets you thinking about a different way to make money with your art .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Honestly , I've got nothing to tell .

I've got no website to share because I'm redoing the entire way that I sell stickers right now .

So this is not a sales pitch .

There's nothing to sell .

It's just to give you guys some information .

But there is one website I will send you to and that's over to Facebook to join the group .

Keep creating a learn draw , share art community .

I will link it in the description below .

It's an art group I started over there for like minded artists who can share their work , meet new friends .

It's an awesome place to be and want you guys to join if you haven't already as for me , I can be found online BJL dot com as well as on Instagram and Twitter at BJ Dell .

So until next time , keep creating .


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