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2023-08-06 16:18:46

The Proper Method to Unyellow Sneakers

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What's going on youtube ?

Welcome back to the channel .

My name is Robert A K A pretty boy , Rob and we got March Premium here making his official debut on Shoe Care Academy .

How you feeling , bro ?

Feeling good , man .

Let's get right into it .

We have an intense project , talk to us about it .

So we got the Jordan five with the icy .

So definitely a hard pato on yellow .

We got the Jordan thirteens with the rubber pods and the Jordan twelves with the rubber out .

So man , all these things are looking cooked .

Are you sure our so vibe is gonna bring these things back to life .

I'm confident .

Well , I got faith in you and I got faith in our product .

So with all that being said , let's get right into it .

Let's go right mark .

Since this is your first episode of Shoe Care Academy , let's just break down a little how we do things as well as if this is your first video ever watching .

We only clean or do one shoe for before and after purposes .

So with that being said , let's go ahead and grab our right shoe and set those aside I know at the beginning you did say those Oreo five were gonna be the most challenging .

Correct .

Yes , sir .

The icy bottom .

Well , what's gonna be the most easiest one ?

Probably the Jordan twelves .

All right .

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Well , I guess I'll do this one .

A little fun fact .

I have never done so in my life .

So this is like you could say how to apply .

So for Dummies , since I've never done this by default , you're stuck with both the two .

I'm gonna be doing this one .

We can get started , but let's go ahead and talk about what we need to get this done .

So first and foremost , you're gonna need solar revive to apply .

So revive , you're gonna need a paint brush .

Got that as well as Saran wrap .

This is gonna keep the sol revive fresh while in the UV setup and gloves to protect your hands from any harsh chemicals .

We got those as well .

All right , looks like we have all of our products ready .

Let's talk about how we're gonna get this thing started .

What's the first step ?

Let's get started , throw some gloves on , get the solar crack in and we'll apply it to the rubber portions of the sneakers , right ?

We got all the tools we need to start this solar process .

However , before we get started , what's the first thing we gotta do to this out ?

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So you wanna make sure you scrub it with a stiff brush and solution So if you don't get your essential kit , make sure you get that or even a signature kit , all of our kits are gonna come with all three of our brushes .

So you'll be straight however off camera we went ahead and scrubbed these shoes , make sure they were good to go so we can get straight into applying it .

What's the first step ?

So the first step is you wanna figure out what you're gonna be icing and what you're not , you're gonna wanna stay away from any premium materials or anything that is not hard rubber .

So essentially uh you don't want to put it on the leather upper suede mesh only the yellow surface .

Yes sir .

So not the traction areas .

You don't wanna avoid any colored areas or anything that is not white rubber , right ?

So specifically for this sneaker , what I'm gonna be oxidizing is essentially just a yellow rubber , gonna avoid this traction area , avoiding the red jump man as well as these inner panels .

Correct ?

Yes , sir .

What about for that 13 , this 13 ?

You wanna be very careful , the suede touches the rubber panels .

You do not wanna get any soul revive on that whatsoever .

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And on these Jordan fives , there is no rubber um touching the suede but you wanna be careful with the pain and mid so no soul revive on that .

Ok , cool .

So appreciate you dropping those gems essentially we could get started .

Correct ?

Yes , sir .

Alright .

So we got those Oreo fives hanging out over there .

You did say that was gonna be the most challenging one .

So let's talk about that .

Yeah .

So you do got the icy bottoms which is gonna take a lot more sessions versus the rubber .

So not that it's harder , it's just more tedious .

It can take a little more time .

Exactly .

Alrighty .

With all that being said , essentially we can get straight to applying it .

Correct ?

Yes , sir .

Well , break down that process .

How are we gonna do it ?

You're gonna get the sole revive and apply it to the rubber portions that you want on yellow and cover it with and wrap .

Cool .

I got mine .

Do you got yours ?

All right .

I'm still a little nervous again .

I've never done this before .

So why don't you start it off and show us how it's done now that we got a clean surface to work with , we're gonna be applying it to the rubber portions of the sneaker .

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So mark , it looks like you're applying uh some light even coats to that shoe .

But how much do you actually have to apply ?

So if you're gonna want a thin coat , you're gonna wanna keep in consideration that it is a liquid and it will turn into condensation in the UV setup .

A very thin coat that's evenly distributed .

So how many coats would you say ?

Just 11 per session , one coat per session ?

And for this shoe , how many sessions .

Do you think this one will take in the Light Box ?

1 , 12 hour session , one 12 hour session that's gonna work on these pods .

How about this ?

12 right here .

I probably want 2 , 12 hour sessions just to be safe .

A lot of the yellowing does clear up in the first session , but you might see a little bit afterwards .

All right .

Well , I think I got what to do .

I'm just gonna apply my so vibe all over this sneaker while you're working on that one .

I'm just gonna hop on this one .

Good luck .

Don't mess up .

It can come out of your check , man .

I think mine is about to look better than yours .

How's it going over there ?

I don't know , bro .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm concerned legitimately what you got going on over there , man .

To me , what am I doing wrong ?

A couple of things ?

You , you , you don't wanna spread it but you wanna tap it to where it kind of spreads it evenly versus someone like tap tapping rather than stroking .

Yeah .

So it's kind of distribute it a little bit more evenly and then just put some more on your brush and you're gonna wanna avoid any colored rubber areas .

You could go back and wipe it off a little bit is not gonna kill it and it's only gonna be in there 12 hours .

But if you are doing a icy bottom that has colored rubbers , you're not gonna want to keep it in there for more than 24 hours .

It is gonna start causing negative effects .

Thanks for the info .

I'll work on that right now .

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All right .

Now that we applied soul revive to the soles of the sneakers , we're gonna apply plastic wrap to prevent the soul revive from drying out .

Let's get to it .

All right .

So I get a little bit of plastic wrap enough to cover up the sole of the sneaker .

Just place the Jordan face down , cover it .

Make sure the Saran wrap sticks to itself .

So don't go nowhere .

Bam , bam .

Thank you , ma'am .

Now that we're all done with the playoffs , we're gonna get the Jordan Thirteens and wrap them up .

No .

However , I did mention earlier , this is gonna be more of a prolonged process .

We are dealing with a translucent soul which can be a little bit more time consuming .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And for that reason , we're gonna be applying less soul revive for longer periods of time .

So let's get to it on the plane .

So up to the light box , we're gonna be leaving them in here while monitoring them until we get the desired results .

Yo , yo , yo , you finished .

Yes , sir .

First session of many .

Hey man .

Well , that meeting was very important .

I definitely appreciate you holding it down .

What are , what's the like next steps are we working on ?

Yeah , so we're just gonna repeat the process .

We just did um about 2 to 3 times for a couple of them and we'll see where we're at from there .

We're pretty much it right for right now .

Yeah , right now .

Right now .

Yeah , we're good .

We're gonna leave them in there for about 12 hours .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We'll check on it every couple of hours .

All right , then .

Well , we'll see y'all in the future .

Ladies and gentlemen , we are back .

We got all three sneakers in front of us .

They are oxidized .

Gonna have Martin break down how we got these results starting with the thirteens .

We started with these Jordan thirteens .

Definitely got great results .

We did a total of 1 12 hour session .

Ok .

So a cool little day project for those .

Yeah .

So it did go in there throughout the day .

By the end of the day , they were out um same with this one .

by the end of the day , we did do one more session .

That was a total of 2 12 hour sessions in between sessions .

You do wanna make sure you are reapplying Solvi .

Yeah , these things are ready for playoffs , give it to them last but not least we have these Jordan five with the translucent .

So definitely a little bit more of a tedious process .

It took 6 24 hour sessions .

You do wanna make sure you are monitoring the sneakers every 12 hours to ensure no soul revive drips onto the delicate uppers .

I do wanna mention though we achieved the results using our indoor set up the big 2000 .

However , the average person is probably not gonna have this .

Correct .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if you don't have the indoor set up , you can use the sun , which is another option because it does have UVS raised .

You just wanna make sure you do it correctly and less sessions .

However , if you do want to build your own very indoor set up , you go to a Shoven dot com , hit the tab that says vic tools and we got it listed out in a little Amazon affiliate tab that builds out all the steps to make that proper indoor set up .

But if you don't want to build that set up , mar tell them what else they can do .

You guys can also get your shoes shifted in to get taken care of by your shoe care professionals , whether it's a clean or a non yellowing .

We got you .

I know that's right .

But quick question for you boss , if they're gonna send their shoes in to get solar vibes , typically , how long does that process ?

As we saw this one took 24 hours , this one took maybe 48 hours and this one took a lot longer .

So on an average , what does that turn around time ?

It honestly just depends on make model and condition .

Um It definitely does vary .

You will get a consultation whether that is email or a phone call .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So with that being said , it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks , just depending on how yellow your sneakers actually are .

We will definitely keep you posted again .

If it does go over that two weeks , our customer service team will be contacting you and letting you know , step by step where your shoes are in the process .

It is about time for us about .

But before we dip , I gotta give some love to mark how long you been with the company ?

I've been with the company a little under a year now , under a year , but I gotta give him his flowers man .

This dude is low key like Vic's protege .

Yeah , definitely look up to Vic .

He's definitely a great inspiration in the sneaker restoration game .

A lot of great customs have came from him .

Why don't you give us one fun fact about yourself , dog .

One fun fact about myself .

I started with the rejuvenator executive Club .

If you're not sure what the executive of club is , it is a business in a box .

It's everything you need to create your own brand powered by rejuvenator .

Essentially , you will receive all of the cleaning equipment to start your own cleaning company .

So basically you started watching the channel and now you're on the channel .

Yeah , I came a long way from behind the screen .

Now I'm in front of the camera .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's a big difference , full circle moment from my man .

Mark premiums .

Make sure you guys show him some love in the comments down below .

Let us know if you wanna see him some more .

I mean again , he's Vick's protege .

So these shoes , we just vibe them .

They may need some love .

If you guys wanna see Mark Premiums , put his premium touch on these fives , the twelves or even the thirteens .

Let us know in the comment section down below .

But with all that being said , it is time for us to bounce .

My name's pretty boy , Rob .

We got March premium .

Don't forget to like comment , subscribe .

Y'all know the vibe we out des .


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