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2023-08-06 15:33:11

How to Respond Quickly _ English Conversation Tips _ Learn to be Spontaneous

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I'll bestow the energy to be super fluent in English .

No way .

I'm just kidding .

But I'll definitely tell you the super quick tip , which will help you respond in English quickly and fluently .

Well , there are a lot of students who come to us with the same question very often that I understand English thoroughly .

I am well versed with the grammar rules .

I have no problem understanding the basic words , even the advanced words .

But the problem is I have hard time responding to people when we have two way conversations , especially with the people who are a fine communicator .

Presumably you have not tried this method .

Hey , how are you doing ?

I'm doing great .

I hope you too .

Since when have you been working in this company ?

Well , I have been working in this company for the last five years .

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So , how much time do you have to complete that project ?

I have 56 months to complete this project .

I guess you have understood what I'm talking about .

Oh , yes , I'm talking about following up with a question .

Well , 80% of conversation are day to day life .

We have just two way talk .

That's right .

So if somebody asks you a question and you think that I take a lot of time in thinking and then answering , well , follow this matter , follow up with a question when somebody asks you , how are you ?

You reply , I am fine .

Why do you do that ?

Just because you follow up with the question , right ?

Since when have you been working in that company ?

I have been working in this company for the last five years .

So this way , I'm just following the structure of the question .

This will definitely make you super fluent if you just listen to the question carefully and then you would just apply the same formula , same grammatical structure and just answer it like piece of a cake .

All right .

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So start following this method from today's serve , have conversation , have fun while having conversation and answer the way question has been asked to you .

We'll be meeting soon in some other videos by then .


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