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2023-08-09 10:00:02

Oxi Clean Demonstration- White Converse Shoes

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What you're seeing here is a white Converse shoe previously white .

I recently was in some wet grass that had been mowed and um , they got a little bit toasted and greened out .

So I figured this was a wonderful opportunity to show you this bucket that'll be used to use Oxy Clean .

So we can see if this will save my old green shoes .

The first step in this is to take off the laces .

We want the laces off so that the cleaning solution can equally uh distribute itself on the shoe tongue there .

Actually , you know what , I'm gonna go ahead and try something I've never done and throw in the laces too and see if we can whiten those up with Oxy Clean .

Why not ?

Next thing I'm gonna do here is take out the sole of the shoe .

One soul firmly in hand .

We're going for two souls , two souls are mine .

Now that I've done that , I'm gonna turn my water on hot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The directions for Oxy clean mix until completely dissolved .

Use warm or hot water , do not heat or boil , do not mix a seal container soak for best results .

Um It'll also say , say things like uh scrubbing and all that , but we're just gonna soak now that your water is as hot as possible .

Put it in your bucket .

This is the bulk sized oxy clean came with this scoop .

I'm going to handle with my hands here .

I'm taking the clumps .

It's not like chlorine or anything , so it's OK to handle with your hands .

Um It's all right .

I'm gonna fill in uh some more oxy clean in my scoop just to fill in the gaps that were air in my clump .

Gathering there , it suds up pretty nice .

I'm realizing that I didn't have anything to stir .

I guess we could use the shoe .

It's going in anyway .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's not like I'm anything I'm trying to get this .

This is hot water .

So I'm trying to out .

Ok .

Yikes still hot .

So the goal is to completely submerge the object .

And so I realized I needed something to weigh it down in this situation .

A jar of water um was really nice .

All right , perfect .

Nothing is poking out .

Also .

We're gonna throw in the laces just to see what happens and we'll check in tomorrow .

All right , I did let it soak for more than a day .

Just a couple of hours more .

The laces actually came out really nice as you can see right here .

Um It was surprising , got a bit of a tint of maybe green to this in the water .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Much better .

I don't , you know , I'm not expecting this to be paper white here , but what a difference you can see , you can see there's something in the water that's green , take it out what a different dump this water .

So at this point , the goal is to rinse the object as much as possible and try and get out of as much of the oxy clean that's within the fabric as possible .

So just rinse it as much as you can .

I'm gonna even use some light scrubbing to it and , uh just kind of remove everything from it and just repeatedly rinse it .

So obviously , these shoes are pretty wet .

We need to dry them further .

I'm gonna go ahead and dry mine outside since it's very hot outside and very bright and the sun will be on them all day .

I'm gonna throw them on this hook .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna throw them on this hook and hopefully some of the flower scent will absorb right into the fabric of that shoe .

Right again , it's like 95 degrees today .

So I'm gonna let the uh 8,000,001,000 degree temperatures do its thing dry these puppies out .

So at the end of the day , this is what you get .

The results are very good if you have to deal with any grass stains or really any stains , um , that are protein based sweat , uh , grass , apparently you want to get some oxy clean .

Even the laces came out good .


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