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2023-08-08 12:46:07

Easy 5 Ingredient Eggless Oatmeal Vegetarian Vanilla Waffles

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Ok .

I am making oatmeal waffles .

I've been making these for about 20 years and they're so easy .

You , you will not believe it .

And I make them for company and everybody loves them and they're just really simple .

So let me show you how you can do it two ways .

You can either take your oats and put in a dry blender and just blend them into a flour and then add your water to them .

Or it's , I have a family of four and I usually do about five or six cups of oats .

Right now .

I'm doing four cups of oats .

I don't have a particular exact recipe because I wing it every time .

Ok , I started with the four cups of oats in my blender .

And then I have some honey here and I just put in you .

I have found you need the honey to make your waffles turn brown .

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I don't know why .

It just , they don't turn out when you don't put some sweetener honey .

And I usually do honey .

Um , so that was probably about two tablespoons and four cups of oatmeal .

And then over here I have , um , a couple of teaspoons of vanilla .

And then I have some Himalayan pink salt and I put about a teaspoon and then I just put some water in here and you'll see it just , I just put it into a certain point right about right to cover it and it barely covered it .

Got it nice and water low .

See what's gonna happen .

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These oats are gonna swell after you blend them , you're gonna let them sit for about 10 minutes and as they sit , they're gonna get thicker and you're gonna add more water to it until you get a nice thick batter .

So it doesn't really matter exactly how much you get in here right here .

Um , yet .

So now I'm gonna blend it .

It's gonna be loud .

Hang on .

Ok ?

So now you have your batter and it's , it's a little thin .

I can already feel it moving around .

So I , I can tell I've been making them for so long .

See , it's a little thin , but guess what , after this sits here for about 10 minutes , it's gonna get thicker and it's gonna be probably perfect .

And if it gets too thick , you'll just add a little bit of more water .

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And then I put it in my , my waffle maker , uh , for about , um , I set a timer for my waffle maker for about seven minutes .

So I have a Belgian waffle waffle maker here and I have another thin waffle maker here .

And , um , so you'll see I'll just let it heat up real nice .

It still has the red .

So I'll wait till it turns green and I'll pour in there , but just let it sit for 10 minutes and get your batter nice and thick .

And then I'll show you the waffles as we go .

So you can see , it's a nice , thick consistency and I'm , it's ready to pour into my waffle maker .

The longer it sits the , you know , it'll keep getting thicker it and at one point it'll stop getting thicker .

It'll just get to its thickest , thickest part .

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So you might have to add more water to it as you go .

But this is it .

Here we go .

I'm ready to pour it .

Ok , I'm gonna pour it in with one hand here .

I can do it .

I kind of pour them in round so they fit on the plate because my husband and the kids will eat my , my kids especially will eat a whole round one .

So , and then I will just set my timer for seven minutes and we will have a waffle .

The timer is almost done .

They've been in there for seven minutes .

So here in 54321 , they will be done .

Let's go chat .

Ok .

Yep .

Perfect .

Check out those waffles .

How does that look ?

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Nice brown waffle ?

You will love them .

I hope you try them and they're great .

They're easy to make quick .

Very , very quick .

I hope you have a great breakfast .

Bye bye .

You can see right here they fit on the plate perfect , ready to devour top and devour and nobody's in here right now .

So I'll cover it until they come in .


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