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2023-08-06 16:03:11

How to - 5 Ways to Tie a Skinny Tie _ Eva Chung

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Hello and my name is Eva .

If you guys didn't know and I know this is a content that's a little different from my normal content because most of my content is catered towards , I guess women like me or maybe some males too .

I just know that most of you guys are females out there and I know it's different .

But you know what , let me know down below is that you guys know how to tie tie because I feel like a lot of guys don't know how to tie tie , which is why I put this video up first off and second off .

If you're a girl watching those , hey , you can maybe impress the guy by being like I know how the tigers are or I can tie your tie or the new tire tie that might hurt their feelings actually .

But you know what I mean ?

You can always impress guys by doing that .

Plus I don't know if it's me and another girl and that's a whole new world that I don't know about .

But I don't know , I just didn't know that there were so many ways of tire tie until Daniel told me which by the way , he is the model for this video .

So please can we give him a big thumbs up and let him know down below that .

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He did a really good job because he had to tie these ties without a mirror .

And that is a little crazy to me because it's like you don't even know what they look like .

You're kind of trying to adjust it even though you can't see what's going on down here .

So please please let me know down below if he did a great job .

Actually , just tell him that he did a great job because I think he did , especially since tying each no was done in one take .

So good job to him .

And if you guys are new to my channel , my name is Diva , as I said before and this channel is all about beauty , fashion lifestyle .

And if you guys are interested in food or gaming , I have those separate channels as well .

But please give me a big thumbs up because we worked really hard on this video and did a really amazing job and subscribe if you haven't .

Other than that , I will see you all later .

Bye bye .


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