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2023-08-09 10:10:14

Coconut Curry Chicken #TastyTuesdays _

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So this Caribbean pod dot com vibe up in the after a five hour flight from San Francisco .

I was out there .

I did a thing out of the youtube over there .

Um So many people I met out there that are familiar with what I'm doing in the show .

You know , this thing is big man , while I was out there , someone requested a coconut curry chicken recipe .

Now we just did that curry corn .

So I don't want people thinking gosh , boys stick on this curry thing .

No , this is requested .

Now , I may have done a coconut curry chicken before but this even if I did this one here is gonna be a little bit different .

You're gonna enjoy this one .

So vibes it up man , coconut curry chicken .

Here .

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I have about 3.5 to £4 of chicken , chicken legs with thighs and it's been cut up into maybe about 1 to 1.5 inch pieces .

You want something with bones and you want something um cut very small .

Now , here's the thing .

This recipe also works great with chicken breast .

Um cut up in small pieces .

I know a lot of people have questions in regards to cooking chicken breast , curry well , curry chicken breast and it becoming dry .

This recipe here um works great for that .

It helps to , to have it nice and moist , but I have that chicken there .

It's been clean .

Um Most of the fat and all the skin has been removed .

I'm gonna go in with some salt , fresh ground black pepper and later on you will see me also add some tomato .

I also like adding ketchup to this .

Yes , everybody has an opinion when I do that .

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But trust me , the acidity in that tomato will help this curry .

I assure you you don't have to question that I have here about a third of a scotch bonnet pepper that I just gave a rough chop to and it was the bottom third .

And the reason why I did that is because I'm gonna get some heat , but I won't get that raw heat from the seeds and the white membrane surrounding there , wash your hands with soap and water immediately after or you will pay the consequences for my garden some fresh parsley I have here , I think it was two large scallions .

Now , if you have Caribbean green seasoning , which you would have already made from previous recipes , feel free to use it in here instead of the fresh ingredients that I'm using it just so happened .

I have this in the garden and I like using it some fresh thyme .

Just gonna get rid of the woody bottoms on the tender stems .

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I'm gonna go directly in there with , I'm gonna give that a stir and allow that to marinate for about two hours .

Now , if you wanted to add a bit of curry powder to this , you can certainly do so and just give it a good stir .

I would say maybe about half a teaspoon of curry powder will be great in here .

I'm not a fan of adding it while I'm seasoning the chicken because I like to cook out the rawness of the curry powder .

I have about a tablespoon and a half of vegetable oil heating on a medium flame .

Um , as it comes up to temperature here , I'm gonna turn my heat all the way down and I'm gonna go in with some diced onion .

And I want my heat low because I want this to sweat soften up and start releasing flavors without actually burning .

And I've got here about four cloves of garlic that I just smashed with the back of my knife .

Got a tiny piece , a herb there .

Let's give that a quick stir .

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And I know a lot of people are gonna start complaining .

You gotta stop using a metal spoon .

Cris Well , here's the thing , my kitchen , my rosary .

So I'm gonna let that go for about three minutes on that low heat just to develop those flavors .

Here's what I'm gonna go in with three Cottam puds .

I just want that to sort of fragrance , every fragrance , everything there , give that a quick stir and the cardamom pot is totally optional .

If you have it , you can put it to use .

I was in my spice drawer and I saw it .

So I thought , hey , why not ?

Let's put that to use .

Um , if you also want , you can also put a little bit of all spice works great .

I'm gonna go in now with my favorite curry powder .

You can email me and ask me the name of this and all I would say it's my blend cook that down another three or four minutes because we're trying to cook that rawness .

As I mentioned earlier , the rawness out of the curry .

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Now you will notice it will go darker , it will go a bit gray and of course , the kitchen will have that lovely fragrance of all the spices which makes up a good curry powder .

Um Here's where now I'm going to do things a little bit differently and that is adding the coconut milk in here .

I'm gonna crank up my heat now because I want to bring that up to a boil .

Can see the bubbles starting to happen there .

So I'm gonna give it a stir .

Are we gonna reduce it now to sort of a medium flame ?

And we want this to reduce all the way down to form that rich coconut curry base that we're talking about ?

Remember we didn't go in with the chicken yet .

The other thing I forgot to mention is if you wanted to start off with coconut oil instead of that vegetable oil , you know , that thing will work .

I as well .

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It's been going now for about about 12 minutes or so on that medium heat .

And you're gonna start seeing the oil that we started off with and the natural oils from that coconut milk , we really want to reduce this down every so often .

Give it a stir to pick up that stuff from the bottom of the pot .

We don't want to burn the curry .

And remember there's natural sugars in that coconut milk which , which , which may want to tend to burn as well .

I want to reduce that further until we see a bit more of that fat at the top .

So all we , we're left back with is the fat from the oil that we started with .

The natural fat from the coconut milk and the solids from the coconut milk and the curry powder .

Here's where I'm gonna crank up my heat to and I'm gonna start going in with that seasoned chicken that we have there .

Add about one cup of water into the bowl that you season the chicken with and , and re marinated it with .

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We're gonna come back to that in a second , but give this a good stir to make sure you coat all the pieces of chicken in that coconut curry goodness that we started off there with .

Now I am using chicken with bones .

If you're using chicken breast , you will need to adjust the cooking time .

I just wanna sort of sear the um , the chicken funny to give her that rich curry flavor .

So the heat is still on high and we're gonna keep an eye on things .

You will notice that I added the rest of that scotch bonnet pepper into my pot .

Now that is optional .

I want it hot .

I want it spicy .

And I know well , my daughters , they eat spicy food as well .

So we're just gonna continue stirring that we don't want that curry to burn on the bottom of the pot .

And we really want to sort of sear the chicken .

So the curry attaches to it .

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It's been going now for about seven minutes and here is where I'm gonna go in with those , that bit of tomato from my garden .

That's just some cherry tomato I have in the garden there .

And also the water that I told you guys to .

And so that bowl with that , we marinated the chicken one .

Give that a stir .

You want to pick up any bits on the bottom of the pot and we really want to bring that up to a boil .

Now , it's come up to a boil now .

So I'll give it one more stir just to make sure we pick up anything from the bottom of the pot there , as I mentioned earlier , I'm going to reduce my heat and I'll put the lid on there , slightly a dry .

You're gonna see a bit of a space there and we're gonna cook that for at least 15 minutes .

It's been going now for about , uh , 15 , 20 minutes or so .

There's still quite a bit of gravy or sauce on the bottom there .

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And on camera it may look soupy , but I I assure you it is getting nice and thick .

I am going to turn off my stove here .

You can adjust this to your own liking .

You can cook it down some more .

I am eating this with rice and I want a lot of gravy .

The other sort of personalization I would recommend doing is to um taste it for salt and adjusted accordingly .

I have here some fresh cilantro if you have shadow Benny , the shadow Benny , but Cris Caribbean pot dot com , probably one of the best coconut curry chicken .

I was about to see shrimp that you will ever have .

Um do leave comments below .

I try my best to answer comments and questions and stuff like that .

The 1st 24 hours after the video goes live .

Remember to hit that thumbs up and check out all the ingredients down in the description and I'll post the printable recipe on Caribbean pod dot com .


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