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2023-08-06 16:00:46

How to Tie a Cape Necktie Knot

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

OK .

I'm coming at you guys with a new knot .

Now , if you see if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram , you've been seeing this knot , I call it the cape .

Uh I seemingly made it up myself .

I'm not sure .

Uh But I'm not naming it after myself because I might not have made it up myself .

It's hard to find a knot if you don't know what it's called , you know , because I've looked for different knots and I see them but like , I don't know if it's official or not , but I've never seen this one .

So maybe , maybe I'm the inventor .

I hope so .

Let me know if you find it , link me to it because I'm curious who came up with this ?

I mean , it's hard to believe that somebody didn't invent it yet , but we'll see .

This is another knot that tied , it is tied with little end .

So get your little end .

Put the big end , my left side right here , I'm reversing the video .

My left side , put it at your belly button maybe a little bit lower than your belly button .

OK ?

Pinch that off .

First fold .

Pretty basic .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You go up and then make a triangle like this and then go around the bottom .

OK ?

And then you're gonna go up through the back .

Now , this is exactly , that's actually exactly how the Eldridge starts .

You gonna go around the back , but now , instead of going up and through , you're gonna go up and down , OK ?

And now you're actually going to put this through here .

OK ?

So I'm gonna pull it back a little .

All right .

So I got this loop .

See this loop right here behind my fingers .

I'm gonna put the , the little end through that loop .

So I'm actually tying a little tie back here and then you tighten that up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then what happens is you got this kind of a cool looking top and then you have this little thing coming out the back like a cape , you get it and this , I really am a big fan of the way this looks .

I think it looks really intricate and interesting and it's like what's going on with that tie ?

It's cool .

So you got this little back thing going .

And I just think it's awesome .

I've tried this with uh all kinds of different ties .

It doesn't work that well with ties with stripes because same with Eldridge problem , the stripes get in weird directions and it starts clashing up here .

That's , it's not good but with straight ties or ties with light patterns like polka dots , I think this would be really great and it's very catchy .

I've got a lot of compliments on this .

You guys , uh , check it out .

Tell me what you think .

Thanks for watching .


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