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2023-08-07 14:41:47

Making Butter Chicken Faster Than A Restaurant _ But Faster

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Today we're making the fastest butter chicken .

Let's begin , but faster this year where we find a way to make your favorite foods as fast as we possibly can .

Today , we're making butter chicken .

Someone's gonna order it , go and get it and I'm gonna make it before they get back .

Start your engines , place your orders and let's make this .

Shall we butter chicken ?

20 minutes ?

OK .

Recipe on the website .

We should probably be counting the time that it takes for them to order because technically that takes time too .

Look , I'm right .

Washing my rice .

Oh , there's no rice in there .

You always make time for washing your rice water in .

I used the pressure cooker on the last episode which uh , taught me a lesson .

This is the one way to make rice really fast .

OK .

Manual .

I'll put it for three minutes .

I've never had butter chicken .

Not one time to be honest , I just found out what it looks like .

I think I will like it .

OK .

We're gonna cut our chicken into bite size pieces .

What does that mean ?

Uh Are you able to bite it ?

Uh , it does not , that's not a good reason .

So single stroke slices make this a lot faster , but you gotta have a sharp knife .

So , so in here .

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Mhm Cashmere Chili Turmeric , the recipes on the website that was cumin .

That's masala salt .

And finally we're gonna add some ginger , taking too much time .

This , we can take time for normally you would let this marinade .

But do you think we have time for that ?

We can kind of find out what happens when we skip some of these standardized processes because I normally marinate this .

So I'm curious how this will affect the recipe .

Should I drive faster if it's faster on y'all , we're gonna cut our onion , onions are done .

Oh , look the sun's here .

Ok .

Garlic .

Good old fashioned slice that is done .

But you need a pan , but a deep one makes sense .

Ok .

Turn it up .

Ah , always use , gee , whenever you're making butter chicken , please .

I think I should give me a flash costume and go , go pick up the food and flash costume .

Oh , like this ?

Oh , my God .

Ok .

Problem solved .

Just waiting for this to melt .

Oh , wow .

This ski smells great .

We've said this several times on this channel .

Having everything near you , right ?

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I've got my tools behind me down here having that stuff near you .

Having all your pots pans associated with your movement .

Sats is the key to your speed .

Ok .

We're coming up to temp .

We can have a little jazz moment .

If the wise and the character wins again , I'm gonna switch the car mode to the sports mode .

We're on econ mode right now .

Saving gas .

We're starting to smoke here .

I'm gonna add my cheek .

Oh , I see the problem .

This induction is only heating the center of it and not the outside of it .

So that's good .

That'll be really helpful for this and by helpful , I mean , literally not at all helpful on you like that wafting into my moles .

I'm gonna overcrowd the pan right now because I'm in a hurry .

Don't do this another waiting period , like jazz moment .

You know , I feel like we're losing right now .

It could be the weather .

I'm not feeling like a winter right now .

We got some nice color going on here .

We need a little bit of water area of effect here just to get her started .

I'm flipping the chicken .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

I'm a little concerned with the fact that only the center was hot .

It turns out just this circle heat stuff .

I should have known that the eggs right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's crunch time .

What can I use to press this ?

Ah , I don't wanna keep flipping it over and over and over because we're gonna finish it in the simmer .

Right .

So we're weighing it all down with this flat even sea .

Hopefully that works .

Let's get the vibe check at this place .

It's like a whole construction thing going on .

It's a gas station where you can't pump gas .

Oh , ok .

That's enough string for the day .

I gotta get a move on on this .

There's a lot of simmering involved with this recipe .

So transfer is literally no color on that .

I just don't , don't look at it .

I feel like every time I watch cooking shows and they say they sear something .

This is usually what it looks like .

So if you have a little bit more time to sear it properly , please , onion and garlic in and then we're gonna season that using it with salt .

So the salt is really important in terms of speeding this up because that is what's gonna draw the water out of it is got a little saute .

Wow , that smells great .

Wow .

All right .

These bad boys need to soften lid this real quick and the parking sucks about this dude don't know if he can get out , he can get in .

So whenever you're waiting for stuff like this , you can do other things like you can start cleaning or just getting things out of the way , right ?

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Like clear your workstation .

I gotta take the order at the rice , the chicken back to the crew .

We go , hey , look at all that water .

Not gonna add our spices .

Got more masala , more cashmere chili , more turmeric fere powder .

A little bit of suy Woogie and last but not least a little bit of garlic that I forgot earlier .

Whoops , we just picked up the food .

What ?

Oh my God .

I'm uh , ok .

Oh , how is it ?

They said 20 minutes .

It's only been 10 minutes .

It did .

It's been 20 minutes .

Well , then we're just gonna blend this right now .

Ok .

I'm gonna need a blender .

I hope this gets cooked all the way through .

All right , onions going in and with the tomato sauce that looks pretty good .

Actually heat back on .

You know what ?

I'm not even gonna reduce it .

I'm just gonna go ahead and add my cream .

I can do this .

Uh , chicken just gonna , I'm just gonna throw it all in .

Right .

That's our only option right now .

Maybe I was getting a little too cocky .

A little bit of salt .

What ?

Josh coffee ?

We'll stir that together nicely .

This is how I would never ever make butter chicken .

Good Lord .

It doesn't look terrible though .

So the butter chicken is simmering .

We're in a good spot right now because we just need to simmer this for five minutes .

Lid is going on .

That's hot .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

10 minutes .

You got 10 minutes to wrap it up .

Two 0 10 00 , we got this .

I didn't have to do all that .

I think this shows two things .

You can always take the sort of artisanal approach and take your time with it and like really crank it out and make it every element perfect .

But as you just saw , I threw everything together really quickly .

In a huff and it's still kind of working and that goes to show that there are no rules .

We'll clean up your space .

It's always , this is , go get this , go get that .

It's never , what do you want to make faster ?

I really don't have any concept of time .

I think that it's been like five minutes and it's been like four hours , Scott .

I'm gonna die so soon .

I'm just gonna wake up and be like , wow , it's been a couple of years and like , Josh , you're 75 .

0 , look , this doesn't look bad for skipping .

Pretty much every single step .

Not bad .

Taste the sauce and it's seasoned perfectly .

Chicken's cooked .

This is done .

It's been 14 minutes and look , it's somehow thickened .

I don't know how that's possible .

I think that there's a cooking God out there and I think it's watching over me right now and it's already done .

Kendrick's probably telling some funny joke that Kendrick gotta love Kendrick eat off last bit .

We have some cold butter , two tablespoons and stir that in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There's a piece of cilantro on my spoon that went in there .

Sorry about it .

Let it emulsify in and get nice and rich and creamy .

Beautiful .

We're done .

Oh , my God .

Oh , God .

Damn .

And they're five minutes out and they can eat my buttered chicken rice and make it look nice .

You know , we have the time we've skipped every single rule I've ever had .

I might have learned myself something here .

Cilantro you for butter chicken .

25 to 28 minutes to make this butter chicken on the fly as quickly as humanly possible .

It looks right .

I usually prefer the sauce to be a little bit more velvety smooth .

But , you know , I'm not opposed to this , the light , the sun's going away because the sun's like , all right , show's over , but not yet .

We still have to wait for them .

Show time doors I can get .

Now it's time for the blind voting round .

Oh , too small go kick drink .

Yeah .

Number one .

So we got a best 4 to 5 except for one person .

Ulysses , even if it was 50 50 because the other one was still good .

We still made a delicious butter chicken .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But more importantly , it reached the heights you would desire in a butter chicken simply faster .


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