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2023-08-07 14:24:55


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All right .

So when it comes to sneakers in general across the board , there's nothing more essential than a pair of white shoes , they're super important to anyone's wardrobe , whether they're a beat up pair with a little bit of character or a fresh clean pair .

So for this video , I teamed up with Adidas originals who make some of the best clean and essential white sneakers , in my opinion .

I absolutely love their classic and also contempt models .

They just make great white sneakers across the board .

I'll break these out in a second and there's also gonna be a look book that'll feature 3 to 4 different outfits .

Just my personal take on how I like to style white sneakers .

There's so many different ways and in my opinion , there's no right or wrong way .

This is just my personal take on it and how I prefer to wear these Adidas styles .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You may do something completely different , that's all good .

But hopefully this video gives you some ideas or inspiration on how you can rock your Adidas .

So let's check this out real quick .

I'll keep it very brief because I'm also gonna put these on feet for the look book .

We're starting things off with a fresh pair of Continental eighties .

A lot of you have probably copped a pair by now if you haven't , this is definitely one of the better essential , affordable sneakers .

That's also a great thing about most of these Adidas models , they're obtainable .

The price is very reasonable .

There's not much I'm gonna tell you about these that you don't already know .

This is the original color way .

I already have four pairs of these and the next two that I'm gonna show you .

So hyped on these , man , you don't even know .

I'm really one of the only people that get super hyped on basic essential sneakers .

It's not all about the color , it's not all about the hype .

It's about wearability for me .

Can I wear this shoe a lot ?

Is it gonna go with a lot of my outfits ?

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But not every white sneak is dope .

You gotta pick the right models out this shoe right here , man .

This might be my favorite new Adidas model .

The sc premiere is such a solid addition to the Adidas Originals line .

You know , I'm big into the Stan Smith .

I like the continental 80 .

But when I saw that these had dropped , forget about it .

I've got the original color weight .

I was immediately sold on this shoe , nice quality leather .

I totally dig that chunky mid soul .

But one super nice thing about this particular sneaker .

This is from the home of Classics collection and you can check that out .

I'll link it for you guys down below as well as all the sneakers in this video .

They pretty much did a simple take on their most classic and contemporary models .

The leather on this shoe man .

Super nice .

I don't want to get going too much on this sneaker .

You will see it .

Let me show you one more though .

This is the rivalry low .

This shoe is totally my style .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It also has that chunky sole just like the sc premier does .

It's sporting that same color way .

A pure white on top of an aged looking sole .

The shape is also really nice .

It's got this almost aggressive stance to it .

And of course , just like these , the leather is super premium , same style on the tongue where it's leather , it has the shoe size there as well .

And I , I just really like these two .

I'm telling you , you probably won't see many other people on youtube feature these because they probably think they're too plain , but that is not the way I look at things .

Sneakers like this are super important .

You got to have them in your collection .

So let me show you how I plan on styling these , it's the summer right now , so it's warm weather , but you know , wearing white sneakers year round is something that I definitely do .

So let's get these things on feet .

I hope you guys enjoy it .

I'll catch you in the next one .

Peace .


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