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2023-08-07 14:09:13

Best Way To Tie A Ribbon On A Package

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Hey , everybody today , I wanna show you how to wrap a package with ribbon .

It may seem intuitive .

It is not , there is a better way .

So the traditional way you go , you know , crop , flip it over to the backside .

You can see it's the backside .

I got my tape and then cross your ribbons .

Like so and then bring them to the front to tie .

But like this makes your package kind of wobbly .

Your package doesn't sit flat .

It makes it really unattractive I think , especially if you're talking about having a big fat ribbon , then the bump underneath can be really , really large .

So I'm gonna teach you a better way .

So give yourself an end , say like mine is actually , I've got a thing right here .

It's probably about eight inches um for a nice , you know , little bow .

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It's not terribly long .

You could make it longer if you like and then so hold it still on the front wrap underneath .

So now you've got both ends on top , then cross .

So I've got my tail end here and then you can kind of hold this end with your thumb over here while you wrap underneath and bring it here .

OK .

So now you can kind of get an idea of how long both ends need to be .

So I've got scissors here .

I'm measuring to make sure that both ends are about the same .

Yes .

OK .

So I've got one end , the first end anchored .

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This one's kind of loose , you're gonna take it and slide it underneath that edge and you can actually slide it underneath that one too .

So it kind of started over here and you can go completely underneath and then you've got a solid anchor point , it kind of keeps itself in place while you tie a knot .

So we've got not flat , cross on the back , which of course you can shift , you can shift it around , so it's off center .

But from here now it's easy to tie your bow .

So I just actually this one is slightly longer than this one .

So I'm going to use this one as my base loop and then wrap with this one .

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This also helps you keep , if you have a face ribbon like a velvety ribbon or something , something where the ribbon itself has as a right side and a wrong side , it'll help you keep the right side up because the ribbons are always flat and they never cross and top of the boat .

So , OK , so I'm gonna do this again with another package .

Um I'm prepping for a photo shoot , but um one of the things that I really love about this is that you don't end up wasting any ribbon .

Um Quite frequently you end up , you know , like with your ends are too long or your ends are too short .

Um Something like that .

So you never end up with ends too long here because you never have to gauge how long your end needs to be .

You can actually measure how long your ends needs to be .

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And here's another tip you can also take before you cut the second end , flip it underneath with your finger and then you can hold it up while it's anchored to the other ribbon .

So you know how long to cut it and then just let go of the end that's still attached to the spool and pull that out .

So I've got this , I'm gonna tie that knot , everything is anchored and in place and again , flat on the back .

There you go .


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