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2023-08-07 14:13:26

How to Tie a Weaver's Knot

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Hi there , I'm Hal and I don't know about you .

But if you're weaving , sometimes you're doing a lot of other things , you just find a need to tie two pieces of string together .

So I , I don't know about you , but I somewhere missed that whole lesson in the boy scouts , not tying guide or something .

So , what I'm gonna try to do is show the way that I use what is called a weavers knot .

There may be a variation on a true weavers knot , but it works and it's easy to do and you'll find that it makes a fairly tight knot and you can use it in a lot of different circumstances .

So , if you want to follow along , why don't you get two pieces of yarn or , or the still thread have two different colors ?

I think it'll make it easier when we're tying the knot and looking at the loops that it makes and then we'll see if we're successful with that .

So if you're ready , why don't you get your two threads out and we'll begin ?

So we've got our two different threads here to make it easier for us .

So , first of all .

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We're just gonna grab our first thread , put it between our thumb and index finger with a short tail going out .

And now we're gonna take our second thread and we're gonna slide it behind and capture it between her thumb and index finger .

So we got a nice little L here , her right ankle and oh my fifth grade teacher be grinning ear to your nail in geometry term .

But I digress .

So , what I'm gonna do now is we're gonna take this bottom of this thread and we're going to loop it around my thumb and we're gonna bring it in between those two threads .

So think of it is we're gonna bring it between the two bunny ears .

So gonna grab the thread loop helps to kind of grab , hold to it and pull it between the two threads .

So you can tell I've got , still got my original vertical .

I still got my horizontal , but I've got this loop and that loop is really important because that's where the nod is going to occur .

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So the next we're gonna take that original thread that was going out on that uh horizontal and I'm gonna just stretch mine out a little bit because I think it'd be easier and I'm gonna take it and I'm gonna slide that underneath that thumb loop that we created .

I'm gonna pull it through and I'm gonna go ahead and grab the two threads at the top , pull on the bottom now and look at that magic .

We've got a nice tight knot .

Now .

Why don't we do it again ?

And I'll , this time , I'll make it a little quicker and a little tighter for you .

So let's just break .

I , that's , I did say it was a strong knot .

All right .

So ready to begin the first thread between your thumb and index finger , take the second thread and bring it behind the first thread .

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So you form that L next , you're gonna take the bottom thread , the vertical thread gonna loop it around your thumb , kind of grab it between your thumb and the index finger and pull it between the two threads .

So between the bunny ears .

So now we've got the loop , we've got a vertical , we've got our horizontal and everybody's happy .

So I'm gonna pull out that thread again just to give myself a little longer piece to work with .

Now take it and slide it underneath that loop .

However , you can get it under there , it's fine .

Once you have it through that loop , you still have essentially that beginning .

L now we're gonna grab the two pieces of our original thread .

Come back down here and pull on her tail and we've got it once again , you got it .

Not , don't tie yourself up in too many .

Have a good day and we'll see you next time .

Bye .


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