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2023-08-08 07:05:30

How to make Fluffy Yeast-Raised Waffles _ Cupcake Jemma

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Hello , you lot .

It's me and I'm here at the Crumbs and do Shop in Soho .

And today I'm gonna be sharing with you a really yummy brunch recipe .

Now , this recipe was given to me by a friend of mine in Kansas before she knew that I didn't actually own a waffle lion .

It's a yeast raised waffle recipe , and it's really , really tasty .

And now that I am in the possession of a gorgeous , shiny new waffle machine , I can make it for you and share the recipe with you .

So I'm really excited about doing that .

So let's go .

So the main difference between this waffle recipe and a lot of other waffle recipes is that the raising agent I'm gonna be using is yeast rather than bicarbonate of soda or baking powder .

This produces a really lovely , pillowy fluffy waffle , much , much less cakey than a normal waffle , which I prefer for breakfast .

It just seems a bit more appropriate .

So the first thing I've done is to warm up 350 millilitres of milk because the yeast needs a little bit of warmth to activate , and I'm using dried active yeast .

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Um , and So what we do at the beginning is activate it by putting a little bit of milk into a bowl .

So I'm gonna put about 30 millilitres and then Sprinkle it with my yeast .

So that's just a round a teaspoon of yeast .

Um , and that'll be plenty .

And just give it a little mix with a whisk .

So I'm just gonna sit that to one side to do its thing .

And next up , I have two small free range eggs .

I've already separated them .

I've got my yolks in here and my whites here .

And first of all , I'm gonna just beat my whites until they're reaching a stiff peak .

Right , That's perfect .

So I'm just gonna put that to one side .

I'll come back to that later , but for now , I'm gonna turn my attention to my egg G .

So they're in this bowl , and to those I'm gonna add 60 grammes of sugar .

And then I have 85 grammes of melted butter .

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Yeah , and then a splash of that warm milk .

So 20 or 30 millilitre would be fine and then beat that all together , and then once that's really well mixed .

I'm just gonna get the yeast mixture from earlier back and put that in the vault along with a teaspoon of vanilla and a good pinch of salt .

And give that a little mix .

And now it's time for the flour .

So I have 300 grammes of plain flour , and what I'm gonna do is add a bit of that .

Give it a mix , add a bit of milk , give it a mix and so on until I've used up all my flour and milk .

Bye .

Doing it like this will ensure that you end up with a really nice smooth batter and you don't have any lumps of flour in it .

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Right ?

So my flour is all in and my milk's all in .

So now I need to put my eggs in , and this is gonna add a really nice lightness to this batter .

So I'm just gonna gently fold it in using a spatula , and by folding this in really gently , I'm gonna ensure that I don't knock out all the air from the egg white .

So I end up with really lovely , fluffy waffles .

And once all the egg white is nicely folded in , I'm just going to leave this to rise .

And so I'm gonna cover it up with Cling Film and leave it in a warm place for an hour and it should double in size , and that's when I'm gonna cook it .

My waffle mixture has been rising for an hour now , and it's doubled in size and it's looking really fluffy .

So it's time to get cooking .

Now I have this waffle machine .

You might have a slightly different one .

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So the main thing is to check your manufacturer's instructions , and the most important thing is to make sure it's completely hot before you start .

Really , this is really important .

Otherwise you're gonna end up with a couple of really horrible limp waffles .

Start with .

So for now , I'm gonna open my waffle machine because it is already and I'm gonna use a half cup measure , um , to scoop out my dough .

You can use a ladle if you want .

The main thing is to not put too little in and not put too much too little .

You're gonna cook the bottom , but not the top and too much .

It's just gonna all explode .

I found that this is quite a good amount , so scoop it out and just pop it right in the middle of your waffle pan and then put the lid down and wait , and it'll take about three minutes .

And really , there's no way of knowing other than looking at it .

So every now and then after about three minutes , just give it a little peek .

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Now , after three minutes , they should be lovely and golden and so carefully using a wooden utensil .

Nothing metal and scrapey .

Um , just gently lift them up .

This waff lines nice and nonstick .

So I didn't have to use any oil , so they should just come off quite easily .

So that's two delicious waffles down this mixture makes about eight waffles , so just keep going till you've made them off , right ?

So that's all my waffles are made , and I really love these for breakfast and brunch .

And one of my favourite things to put on them is a bit of really thick , creamy Greek yoghurt , some fresh fruit and some maple syrup .

And I'm gonna do that right now .

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And there they are , my delicious yeast raised waffles .

I cannot wait to eat these , so I'm gonna have to do it right now .

Mm mm .

what I love about these waffles is they're not too sweet .

They're kind of bit more breakfasty , which means that if you really wanted to put a really naughty topping on it , it could handle it quite well .

But I really like it .

Quite simple , because I'm simple like that .

Anyway , I hope you've enjoyed this recipe .

I hope you give it a go and impress all your friends who come and stay around with these delicious waffles .

Um , I will be back next week with another recipe .

And if you do make these in the meantime , then please let me know by tagging me with the hashtag cupcake .

Gemma .

And don't forget you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on the link .

I'll see you next week .


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