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2023-08-08 12:47:20

How a Modern Man can Tie His Scarves

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I'm Alexan Lewis .

And today we are at trunk clothes on Children's street in Marle to look a little bit at the different ways men can tie their scarves .

Well , it's important for the time of year we're in , obviously , most men are starting to bring out their scarves collections or single scarf that they may own in London in a style city .

For gentlemen , you know , we have to contend with our Italian and our French counterparts who are also here who seem to be a little bit more , perhaps , you know , adjusted to the various ways they can tie a scarves where it's so much more part of their entire flair , their style dress .

First , one of the first options with this lovely passer Drake's scarf is the most classic , which is the scarf itself is folded into two and the looped end goes on one side and you simply pass it through .

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And that is probably the most simple method there is and you can close your jacket over like that .

Very simple .

No hassle , easy .

A second way you can do it is with a similar scarf .

The same scarf .

In this case , if you start with one end quite short and you have that , you bring that in here , sort of sitting anywhere on your chest and the longer end you wrap around all the way .

So it's sort of nicely snuggling around your neck and you just stick the other end there and close up your jacket again .

It's not so tight around your neck .

It's just sort of a little bit more flair with this one and it's still keeping your neck nice and warm .

A third option .

Simple again and very classic is simply to just take the scarf and place it around your neck and cross it over on your chest and close up your jacket .

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And usually with your jacket , it's gonna stay in place and um , crossing it on your chest is adding a little bit extra layer of warmth on your chest there to stop any sort of wind or cold air going through there .

If you just have it hanging down , it sort of moves around .

I like to personally tuck it in when I can , but you can also , I notice some of the other forms wear it out of a jacket .

This one is maybe a little bit more complex but very akin to something you're probably used to doing every single day , which is tying a tie .

So I like to have a longer end and a shorter end again and I pass it over and around as though I was doing a tie and then I just go through there and this one has a little bit more playful .

It sort of has a little bit more of a long flare to it .

It doesn't really sit against your neck .

It's keeping the back side of your neck warm as opposed to the front opening there .

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If you're wearing a tie , you could still nicely frame the knot of your tie with the knot of your scarf and you can either tuck it in or you can leave it out .

We're gonna go with a larger thicker scarf , something more like this nice checked scarf here .

A little bit more warmth and a little bit more bulk with it as well .

What we may want to do another option is again , starting with a shorter end like this , you wrap it around and then you can tie it in the front like that .

So you're getting a little bit more security from the scarf being tied .

You're getting a little bit more flair and sort of volume from the top part there and you can still hold it in with your jacket .

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One way that I'm not a very big fan of is perhaps if you have a longer scarf or with this one , when people just throw it over themselves like this .

To me , this is a bit more of a sort of a children's way of doing it and a little bit more feminine .

Whereas the other ways are a little bit more masculine people also just do this , which is the same sort of thing .

It's not really doing anything .

It's almost like you're wearing a shawl , which is probably something more like your mother might be wearing than yourself .

So that was a handful of ways that you can tie your scarf .

Um , as I said earlier , everybody probably has their own way of tying their scarves .

So , experiment , find your own style or use one of ours .

OK .


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